With the closure, this great power will never come out again, and no one knows whether he is dead or suppressed.

Seeing this, several people can’t help but take a breath of air conditioning. It’s amazing that a monk with a bad fate can directly fly away. Life and death are uncertain. Can he still have a life if he is a monk with a destiny? Is this the innate Lingbao power?
Others don’t want to think about it, but the truth is in front of them. This baby that makes several people move is simply a peerless killer. Whoever touches it is unlucky.
"A fool knows that Lingbao is in danger and wants to take it away directly." Another hand changed his mind when he saw such a scene. He quickly pointed his finger at the virtual and repeatedly scratched the dark cracks and appeared next to the reincarnation mirror. This piece was cut directly.
"Go!" This great power didn’t take the reincarnation mirror, but this one, so as to avoid touching the reincarnation mirror and causing this innate spiritual treasure to bite back.
This method seems to have played a reincarnation mirror without any overreaction.
"No, this man will leave with the treasure." The monks who observed the situation saw that this method was effective and could no longer sit still. They rushed out to stop this monk.
Li Yan also rushed out at this moment, but his goal was not the reincarnation mirror, but the will of the reincarnation emperor that was shaken by the reincarnation mirror.
In an instant, the monks disappeared from the hall and went after the reincarnation mirror on the first and ninth floors. It seems that this reincarnation mirror needs to compete here, and then slowly find it. I can’t help but worry.
"Li Yan, why don’t you chase it out?" The Four Emperors found that Li Yan didn’t leave the meaning and immediately couldn’t help but nu way that he also wanted to jointly seize the reincarnation mirror like himself.
Li Yan replied, "It is necessary to be in such a hurry to let them compete for a while first."
At the moment, the Four Emperors have an impulse to strangle Li Yan. This is a group of great competitions. Once they succeed, let alone rob them. Even people can’t see the outside world. It is even harder to find a person than to ascend to heaven. But at this moment, he can see that Li Yangen has no idea to rob them.
"What is it that depends on yourself? Li Yangen can’t infer from common sense that this is not an angry time to stare at the reincarnation mirror first. Besides, I have informed my father by special means and I don’t know if my father’s busy body can come." The Four Emperors had no way to flash and disappeared into the hall.
At the moment, the hall is left with Li Yan Xiaoru Dong Ge and his brother, the old monk Dong Ge, who doesn’t seem to want Dong Ge to get involved in this matter, and has been stopping him. Others are either chasing the reincarnation mirror or looking for the body of the middle emperor.
Li Yan stared at the reincarnation of the emperor without saying anything. Emperor Yan himself rolled with the sun and the golden flame, and the emperor condensed it.
"My will will make you swallow me, and my strength will become stronger again." Emperor Yan growled and stretched out his hand directly to grasp the will of the reincarnation emperor.
The reincarnation of the emperor seems to be unconscious and generally does not resist, so that Yan Di can really grasp it and at the same time, Yan Di can really swallow direct power.
Li Yan feels that the will of Emperor Yan is rapidly expanding and becoming stronger. It seems that there is amazing power in the will of a little reincarnation emperor. It is not because he absorbed the will of the dead emperor at the beginning.
Soon, the will of the reincarnation emperor completely disappeared in the sun’s golden flame, but the real body of Emperor Yan became clearer and more solid. The flame body gradually faded and actually formed a flesh like a real person.
"I’m stronger again." Emperor Yan himself laughed with his arm. The original vague face became clear with this laugh. This emperor Yan himself is Li Yan.
"Successfully condensed out a true body of Emperor Yan." Li Yan felt the surging power in his heart, and he was immediately pleased to achieve something with the will of the two emperors. It was really difficult for this avatar to practice.
"The real strength of Emperor Yan’s body is not to fight for the monks, but to make the monks have the second and third kinds of rules. I have successfully condensed the first statue of Emperor Yan’s body, so I can try to seize a kind of rules to transform myself."
His eyes flashed and his mind immediately thought of Yingzhou Raytheon.
The quickest way to seize the power of rules is to absorb the gods and spirits, and the power of rules is the purest and most powerful. Once Emperor Yan succeeds, he will have two kinds of power of rules: thunder and fire.
And Yan Di’s real body can condense up to four corresponding four directions, which means Li Yan can have up to five kinds of rules.
It’s scary just to think about it.
However, it also means that Li Yan must win three more gods if he wants to make great achievements in the cultivation of this magical power, which is simply a point of no return.
"You have to stutter step by step to plan the Raytheon deity in Yingzhou," Li Yan said. "But later, if you want to condense the second and third Yan Emperor, you have to find the will of the emperor. This is another problem. No wonder Yuan Xiang will say that this magical power is difficult to practice, but if you want to practice successfully, it is not only possible for enemies at the same level to fight even if they go beyond the level."
"Did the children succeed?" Little Ruche asked.
Li Yan said, "There is nothing for us to do now, so we can go out and see the situation outside. Those people don’t know where they are chasing the reincarnation mirror at the moment, but we can try to find it. Often, the emperor’s body can’t find nature. Even if Dong Ge and the old monk have no place to go after leaving here, they can come to my Yingzhou. Li Yan still has a few elixirs in his hand, which may help the old monk to continue his life."
And he left the hall with Xiaoru.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and fourteen Changes in one hundred
To be honest, Li Yan thinks it is impossible for a short time, and he doesn’t want to stay here any longer. To return to Yingzhou as soon as possible is to return by long way directly.
Soon Li Yan came to the exit, but it was not yet the moment when the sun and the moon met, and there was no way for the exit to appear, but it did not hinder the great power of the reverse life, because the great power of the reverse life could be torn and would not be blocked
"Hey, are you going back to Yingzhou with me or do you have your own plans?" Li Yan asked
Steal postscript hey hey smile "anyway, I also have nowhere to go, just go back to Yingzhou with the scholar brother."
"Then I’ll be leaving. I’ll visit you in Yingzhou." Dong Ge said, and then the old monk next to me didn’t say much. He took Dong Ge directly and tore away and disappeared into the distance.
But Li Yan, who touched the old monk’s light, didn’t need to tear it up again. He left this with Xiaoru and the thief.
As soon as I went out, Li Yan didn’t worry about flying directly to Yingzhou, but looked at the cabin where Yan Wang lived. One hundred years later, it was a pity that Zhang Gaofeng wanted to have grown up. The cabin had disappeared and people went upstairs.
"It seems that the monk named Zhong Zhi’s destiny didn’t come out?" Asked the thief postscript
Li Yan said, "That’s true. I haven’t seen him come out of the reincarnation mirror world, but at this moment, the reincarnation mirror world has disappeared, even though he is dead. Of course, there is another possibility that Zhong Zhi has left this one step ahead."
"It’s possible that the handmaiden didn’t see him enter the reincarnation hall and didn’t even seem to want the steps," Xiaoru said
Li Yan laughed. "Zhong Zhi came to help out at my command. He is not interested in the reincarnation of the Emperor. If he can save himself, it is natural to leave. Let’s go back to Yingzhou."
"Children and so on" XiaoRu suddenly shouted at this time.
I was about to leave Li Yanshen and suddenly asked, "What’s the matter?"
Xiaoru pointed to Heaven. "Uncle, have you found something more in heaven?"
Li Yan looked up at the moment, her eyes suddenly solidified, and there were several huge planets. These planets were very close, and even here, you could see the planet, mountains and cities. These places were almost filled with the whole day.
"What is this?" The thief’s face was frightened. "Brother Scholar, this looks like a monk’s life star, but this life star is too big. There are mountains, rivers and lakes on it, and people can live there."
"What has happened in this one hundred years …" Li Yanke felt that those huge life stars have many horrible smells, even if they have to be terrified, and this is still a part of more breath strength and almost all of them are against life.
If the scenery in front of us is not very familiar, everyone will come to another world.
"When we were away from this period, something absolutely happened here," said the thief. "The scholar brothers hurried back to Yingzhou to ask your lady what happened."