Mundus’s remnant days in Alcatraz’s sinister castle have been rapidly deduced, and the root cause of evil thoughts has been figured out. He has spared no effort to exert a large amount of evil spirits to search for heaven, prompting thousands of evil spirits to deduce, and as far as he is concerned, he will succeed, a cold voice will penetrate through the evil influence wall of the castle and come in.

"Don’t go in again or you will be at your own risk!"
This sound is very calm, and at first it sounds a little cold, but it is not too special.
However, it is this sound that makes Mundus amazing that he can cross Alcatraz layer by layer to defend against tearing. Does it need to be repaired?
"Are you afraid of the consequences if you dare to violate the majesty of Alcatraz?"
Mundus residual day suddenly felt that this moment was destroyed after deduction. His whole person felt that his heart was shocked and he was almost vomiting blood by the demon soul itself. But even so, Mundus’s majesty was still displayed, and it was hard to see that the wave was scattered and Mundus was profound.
"I advise you to take care of yourself. That threat to you is not far away."
What makes the remnant sky angry is that the broken wave should have dissipated directly, but it was strangely combined again to respond to his words.
Residual days look very dignified. It is definitely not unusual for the other side to have such a great avatar. Alcatraz’s defense is not as good as that of the pick array, but it is by no means an ordinary master who can send God into it.
However, Cantian’s temper has always been tyrannical and cruel, claiming that even if the other party showed amazing strength, he still did not flinch. "Ridiculous threats can worry the emperor?"
The sound is still insipid, only four words are revealed, but these short words make Mundus’s residual body shake, not only showing disbelief, but also taking a step back, sitting on the throne, gradually showing gloomy and dignified worries, and looking more and more intense!
Those four words are-foreign demons!
Similarly, the mysterious old man in the world also received a spirit force, and I don’t know if it was waiting for the old man to suddenly stop looking for a plan.
Solve the situation that many masters are eyeing up. With a wave of his left hand, Chu Yun casts a strange injunction to suppress the temporary seal of leaving the body, which makes him unable to breathe.
Because when the evil thoughts expanded, Taikoo Master and others had already calculated that Chu Yun’s direct seal effect would not be too good, and the seal might also encounter the impact of the evil thoughts.
At the moment, many masters have been sent by Chu Yun to temporarily seal the land, which is also convenient to check his injury and physique.
Chu Yun shook his head and sighed after looking at the distance.
Then Chu Yun also gradually relieved his brow and was gradually replaced by self-confidence, but the words in his mouth kept going through the landing and talking to himself like a treasure.
"The degree of physical atrophy is about 30% and the muscles, bones and bones are not as good as before. It takes five years to practice again."
"It will take four years for the meridians to wither, eliminate the blood stasis and bruises in many parts of the heart pulse, clean up the bruises and repair several meridians, reshape the odd meridians and open the heart pulse, and recover the major vein segments."
"Knowing the sea completely disappears, Yuan Shen is extremely shrinking, three souls and seven spirits are unstable, and it takes ten years to rebuild knowing the sea, expand Yuan Shen and stabilize three souls and seven spirits."
"It takes two years to repair the nerve center and restore the memory when the memory is partially missing and traces of psychic powers are tempered seriously."
"It takes one year to repair the laity and cultivate the foundation, and it takes about twenty years to break through and return to the immortal when there are too many physical injuries."
Say that finish these Chu Yun look weird sigh with emotion "such progress or practice separately cannot be repeated at the same time, add up to a total of forty years-"
But Chu Yun immediately shook his head and said, "Forty years is just a flick of a finger for me, but it’s too long for this small one. He has less than a year left in Shou Yuan."
Chapter VI Special Techniques
"Forty years is too long to wait until then, and Lu Li would have died long ago-"
Chu Yun muttered as if he were thinking about countermeasures.
"And this little new injury and old injury hit Shou Yuan, and if you don’t make moves, you will be sacrificed if you don’t make moves."
Chu Yun’s words are very interesting but not too worried.
At this time, when he was in a coma, he groaned in pain, which was obviously before the severe pain that swept through him.
Hearing that sentence and seeing that lotus flower seemed to arouse Lu’s centrifugal injury, which accelerated his aging, and at the same time, the curse was stronger and accelerated to devour Lu’s vitality.
"Go against the fate of variation and curse how different you really are-"
Chu Yun hesitated, and the corners of his mouth still muttered as if he had experienced some kind of ideological struggle.
Is it dangerous to save Lu Li? This is hard to say for sure.
"Just let me think."
Chu Yun’s eyes are dignified and his hands are folded, which seems to be really serious thinking.
"So-suffering is only thirty times that of ordinary monks, but the recovery speed is dozens of times higher. Blessed are you-"
Chu Yunyin sounded more than 30 times more painful again, and I don’t know whether it’s a blessing or a disaster to be away from home-
It’s been three months since time passed.
There’s a ten-foot-high mountain rock on the banks of Qinghai Lake, which stands out suddenly, but when you look closely, there’s a person hanging.
Now it is already in the summer, and the weather is very hot. The scorching sun is shrouded in a fiery atmosphere.