At this time, he brought back a brainwave and Wen Jun Yu Sunyuwei’s Lingqing had indeed told her that she would accept her disciples.

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, her family will move to Daoqingguan.
Taoist Yun-sheng went back to Daoqing Temple when they went to Jiufanghai City.
See Lingqing three people didn’t come back until now at this time and couldn’t help but ask, "Is the Lord being stumped by something? What took you so long to come back? "
When Taoist Ling went to Jiufanghai, he knew about it, but less than a month later.
This time, it took so long. He contacted Laoshan several times and there was no news. That’s why he asked.
"Is really delayed, but this time there is also a windfall" Lingqing nods.
He didn’t elaborate, and only after the dust settled in the future would the world affairs in Shanghai be revealed to his brother in Laoshan on a small scale.
Back to the view, I saw Linghong and others, and Lingqing checked them out.
Practice requires double cultivation of life, not saying that sex is like enlightenment.
Want to practice life and realize the leap of life.
It is necessary to transfer the energy of heaven and earth from the body so that we can improve ourselves through these energies.
No matter whether a person or his biological body has some to turn over energy, energy.
The coming energy is called meridians and the coming energy is called acupoints.
Some naturally miraculous creatures have special meridians and acupoints that belong to their own race, not to mention for the time being.
Because the human body has the most twelve meridians, odd meridians and 365 acupoints.
Therefore, the human body is closer to the Tao, which is one of the main reasons why many monsters need to be humanized.
Moreover, these meridians and acupoints are unobstructed, and there is no need to use force and magic to create anything.
So-called luck, pulse, qi, body, acupoints, congealing points, refining orifices, and forging Daoji are more about transforming them to be more suitable for practice and practice.
Without exercise, the meridians are like a natural stream, and the orifices are like a pool of water.
Because the amount of gas and energy generated by biological movement is very small, the primary meridians and acupoints of the organism can withstand it after they are finished.
Even if it is unbearable, the excess energy will be discharged through perspiration and other means, and it will not break the meridians and burst the acupoints.
However, when practicing biology, the long-term bad habits of biology will lead to the displacement and obstruction of meridians and acupoints.
Therefore, this is the first step in spiritual practice.
Is to correct it and exercise to save energy.
This is equivalent to digging and strengthening the original streams and puddles to bear more energy.
After combing the meridians, exercising well and doing a good job in water conservancy projects
It is necessary to put away the energy generated during exercise and come to meridians and acupoints.
Forcibly collecting energy in this way will cause great pressure on.
Therefore, it is necessary to gradually activate the pulse to make the meridians gradually adapt until they reach their own limits.
In this process, if you grab too much energy, you will hurt your body, delay for a few days, and destroy your foundation.
However, if you don’t try your best, will you be able to delay the practice?
Grasping moderation is also one of the main elements to judge the qualification of spiritual practice.
At this time, Ling Hongcai, Ling Hongyou, Man Jianjun and Miao Chengzhi were four people.
After more than a year, through persistent practice of Wuqinxi and the abundant vitality in Qingyun Mountain, the spirit fruit in the green emperor’s spiritual house.
It’s just a week now, and Dinglu is preparing for luck.
This step can’t rely on what others say. If Lingqing wants to, he will always point out that Linghongcai and others can definitely complete this step in the most efficient way.
But it will also make them dependent and lose their understanding and control of themselves.
If you don’t fall, you will hurt.
They still need to explore for themselves.
After all, every step since stepping into practice must be able to master this degree.
Practice is your own business, and it is not advisable to rely too much on others after all.
Lingqing will know how to give directions, and after several people’s practice doubts and praises.
I left the Taoist gathering pace to make Linghongcai and others go to their respective busy places.
It’s normal for them to hand in their hands and then they will go their separate ways.
"Brother Dao, I wonder if my four uncles are still comparable?" Lingqing looked at four people from the back and brushed the dust in a cutting and asked the road flyover Gathering pace.
"At the beginning, I looked for lighters and helpers according to the concept.
The four people were chosen because they are honest and honest people. "
Road flyover gathering pace smiled at a man’s door and said, "Since the mountain, I have been diligent and diligent in my management."
I never miss my lessons every morning and evening, and I also study Taoist classics in my spare time.
Over the past year or so, I have really cultivated some rhymes. "