Tongbei Boxing, an ancient boxing in China, belongs to the family boxing. Tongbei Boxing was first introduced in Hongdong, Shanxi. It pays attention to the footwork such as throwing, slapping, piercing, splitting and drilling, and the good leg methods such as walking, walking and serial steps, such as hooking, kicking, hoofing and bouncing, swinging your arms and wrists, swinging your shoulders and arms, slapping lightly, recognizing the exhibition flexibly, separating the virtual from the real, exerting force on your back, and making the cold play crisp and quick, and being tenacious!

"You know the goods!" Wang Xiaoli cold hum 1.
Looking at Wang Xiaoli, Liu Chi’s face would be a little bit. At ordinary times, it’s just that he let Wang Xiaoli, but Liu Chi is also very important outside.
"Wang Xiaoli you guys aren’t dead yet? I have to stand out from you? " Liu Chi shouted at Wang Xiaoli.
"Call me Wang Dali!" However, Wang Xiaoli yelled fiercely, but his body quickly stepped back and retreated behind Liu Chi.
This woman is still very clever and knows that there is a gentleman outside.
Looking at Liu Chi and Wang Xiaoli is really a good match!
I didn’t know their story until several years later, a very old story.
Wang Xiaoli claimed that Wang Dali was born in a martial arts family, and Liaodong was also a famous family. He had a famous company and industry, but he was a real martial arts family.
Tai Chi Tongbei Boxing, the name of Jiatong Tongbei Boxing, was indeed a kind of boxing that left a vein in Liaodong, the arm saint of that year.
Wang Xiaoli likes to practice boxing and practice since he was a child, and he has developed a doorway. He is fascinated and has a tendency to be obsessed with martial arts.
As a result, at the age of 30, she has no husband’s family, and she goes out every day to be a woman’s family.
However, their family is very powerful in the local area. Although Wang Xiaoli has caused a lot of things over the years, he has not suffered anything.
However, seeing that the daughter is over 30 years old, her parents are naturally anxious, so the horse gives Wang Xiaoli a blind date. However, every time she goes on a blind date, Wang Xiaoli always has to compete with others. She has been practicing martial arts since childhood and is the most authentic Taiji Tongbei Boxing. She can’t get close to her. Every blind date will be bruised by her.
Finally, the parents had no choice but to ask her, "Daughter, do you want to get married or not?" Who are you going to marry? "
Wang Xiaoli replied simply, "I want to marry, but I have to be a man to beat me!"
So two years ago, there was a vigorous contest in Liaodong to recruit relatives, which turned into a hot spot in the media and internet
Nowadays, the society competes to recruit relatives! How fresh!
But it did happen.
Besides, Liu Chi left Chenjiagou in one fell swoop. First, he wandered around Henan, Shanxi and Hebei provinces for two years. When he was in northern Hebei, he heard that someone in Liaodong had a contest to get married, and the woman also made a pretty one-handed through boxing.
Liu Chi came out to find someone to fight and improve his Tai Chi style.
So he heard the news and went directly to Liaodong.
When I arrived in Liaodong, I found out that the place where the tournament was held was full of spirit, and I went straight to the tournament the next day.
When I came there, Liu Chi didn’t talk nonsense and jumped into the ring and fought with Wang Xiaoli.
Bang bang bang …
First, the two of them tried each other out. After more than a dozen strokes, Liu Chi found out Wang Xiaoli’s way, so he seized an opportunity to move the road and beat the road straight into the middle door, and then he directly put Wang Xiaoli down in the ring with a stroke.
At that time, Liu Chi was not as young as he was when he played with me two years ago. After two years of experience and constantly looking for someone to learn from, Liu Chi’s fist naturally won’t let go of killing people, so the momentum of boxing also came out and he became proficient in playing. My family’s play and Taiji Kung Fu made him more and more close to the quality of Tai Chi.
So that he Tai Ji Chuan back into a killing fist!
So he can turn over Wang Xiaoli!
After Liu Chi finished playing, he pondered a lesson, jumped into the tournament ring and left. Wang Xiaoli quit, and Wang Xiaoli’s parents quit even more, so Liu Chi became a relative with Wang Xiaoli in a fog.
After the marriage, the two are destined to get along more sweetly.
Li Zepu held the Asian Black Boxing Competition. Liu Chi and Wang Xiaoli, two martial arts idiots, naturally won’t miss it, so we met on the cruise ship.
Chapter 76 Beauty looking in the mirror leg
Real Tai Chi borrowed Tongbeiquan Tongbeiquan, and later borrowed Tai Chi, and evolved a set of small ring short strokes from the great combination and fierce boxing. There are large combination and small ring short strokes, which is Tai Chi Tongbeiquan.
After Liu Chi and Wang Xiaoli got married, they brought out the best in each other, and their kung fu has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past two years.
A month ago, Liu Chi suddenly realized that a set of frames was too big. Suddenly, the bark of a big tree was smashed with one punch, and at the same time, his fist was covered with sweat and the trunk was covered with holes.
Liu Chi gave birth to a dark energy!
"Go to Q city in 2008, and the two of us will be taller again!" Liu Chi is still arrogant and his personality has not changed.
"anytime!" How can I be weak in the second place?
Then Liu Chi left with Wang Xiaoli.
I was tired after meeting so many acquaintances, so after Liu Chi and Wang Xiaoli left, Rollin Wang and I walked towards the cabin.
The evening dance was very grand. Boxers, rich people and some nobles from all over the world came to this cruise ship with a curiosity.
It’s not that they haven’t seen or bet on boxing!
However, in the past decade or so, the top ten boxers in the world have never been named by China people. Martial arts has been a kind of performing martial arts, and even if there are rare real martial arts players, they will soon make a sum of money in boxing and then disappear.
China’s martial arts is so famous in the world that it is said that it can’t fight boxing.
Muay Thai, on the other hand, is famous in the boxing world.
This time, Li Zepu held the Asian Black Boxing Competition, which was also a publicity of China Wushu. All the international black boxing managers also came to this cruise ship.
Focus War Wu Chengjun VS Lu Lang Both are China Wushu, and these managers are all coming for them.
China Wushu is amazing, but there is no trace of it in the world boxing circle. Whether China Wushu can be played has become a question not only for China people but also for the international boxing circle.
After the dance, I felt very heavy, because Li Zepu gave a performance of unified martial arts routines and was criticized by players from all over the world. First, my heart was full of anger.
It’s strange that you don’t get angry when you think of treasures and practice things since you were a child and are said to be worthless garbage.
The next day, the boxing match was official, but the next day, all three games were normal. There was nothing to watch and I didn’t bet.
On the third day, a boxing match between a boxer from Shaanxi who practiced Hongquan and a boxer from South Korea who practiced Taekwondo aroused my interest.
The red boxing player walked around the Korean with a door closed.
Don’t think it’s untrue to walk around each other before fighting in martial arts. That’s a big mistake. It’s called checking the enemy!
Observe the enemy from his opponent’s every move, roughly judge the characteristics of his skill and depth of play, and so on, so as to know what you know and know yourself.
Someone will ask, how can you tell the depth and playing characteristics of your opponent?