The angel waited for the monkey to calm down before saying, "It seems that the Great Sage already knows the story."

The monkey was silent. He felt that he was once again being played by the venerable master, and he despised him and asked, "What can I do for you?"
The angel still kept smiling and said, "Let me take a message to the Great Sage and the unborn child will get rid of you."
After saying this, the angel didn’t turn his head away, leaving the monkey alone in a daze. He recognized the jade emperor’s meaning. The child naturally had to take care of himself, otherwise his conscience would be uneasy, but he couldn’t take care of the child himself.
Suddenly, the figure of Lu Yu flashed through my mind. After all, Lu Yu’s teaching level has been recognized by the three worlds, and he also knows that Lu Yu has several little nephews. This child is teaching several children as well as teaching.
So the Monkey King came to Luoxia Mountain with his own thoughts to visit Lu Yu, a good friend.
Chapter five hundred and twelve Set out
After listening to the monkey’s words, Lu Yu had a guess in his heart. He looked up at the sky and passed through the thick clouds. Lu Yu seemed to be able to see the jade emperor sitting in the hall of wonders.
I’m afraid it’s also the thought of this statue in his calculation, so he couldn’t help thinking about whether this is the so-called fear of famous pigs and strong ones.
I walked into the jade emperor unconsciously, but in this way, I was not a famous pawn in the three realms. I couldn’t help but sigh when I thought that I had gradually walked from a weak life to today.
"Give birth to our brothers. You must help me this time. You also know that it is more common for me to take children to teach my disciples. Yang Jian and I are kind. If I can’t teach his nephew well, I won’t lose face and I can’t go to heaven in the future." The monkey grabbed Lu Yu’s arm and begged.
Lu Yu looked at the monkey show. This guy is still so shameless in front of himself. If he wants to beg for something, he will be so stubborn and never give up. But then again, I am afraid that Lu Yu is the only one who can see the Monkey King in the Three Realms.
"You have told you many times to think twice before you do things. These great powers in the three realms are proficient in calculation one by one, and if you are not careful, you will fall into a trap." Liu Yu said grumpily.
"alas! Drinking spoil the broth. I’m going to give up drinking after I’m old. "The monkey sighed and said that he also knew that if he hadn’t been drunk, he wouldn’t have lost his vigilance and fallen into the calculation.
"Now what’s done is done, but I should accept it." Liu Yu also said lightly that he knew it and couldn’t blame the monkey. After all, the respected mind was deep and calculating. If he really calculated, I’m afraid it would be hard to escape.
Well, it’s not just an extra brother for him and the monkey. Anyway, I’ve already received several brothers, one more than one.
Monkey smell speech face a look of joy, he knew that Liu Yu had never talked, and since he agreed to this matter, he would naturally try his best, and he could also rest assured that he was a stone.
So I pulled out Liu Yu before and pulled him out. "Then don’t go and get my nephew. I know the way and just follow me."
"What’s the hurry? It didn’t take long for the baby to take care of it?" Liu Yu asked with a smile
The monkey suddenly froze. He didn’t think so much, but when he thought about a bear child who didn’t know anything, he felt that it was more than a passive smile. "What should I do?"
"Of course, it is to save his father’s life. There is no mother. How pitiful it would be if he lost his father."
The two men walked together in clouds, and soon they saw the towering Huashan Mountain, like a sword straight into the earth, and the rain and fog covered the top of the mountain, which made people look unreal.
At this time, however, Huashan is covered with dark clouds. For his sister, Yang Jian will eventually be cruel, but for the man who tricked his sister, he will not have a good impression and wish to dismember ten thousand pieces. If it were not for his own sister, he would suffer from this.
People are selfish. At this moment, Yang Jian has already forgotten her sister, but if the fairy is not moved, which mortal can get close to her? It’s just because of the number of red bears and stars.
Liu Yanchang gawked at the fierce Yang Jian. His heart was cold, so he was still a family of three. He never thought that his wife would be caught and crushed Huashan in an instant, and he could hold the child here and wait for the fate judgment.
At this moment, he hates himself so much that he is weak. If he can be stronger, he may be able to change this fate.
Holding the child in his hand tightly, he stubbornly looked up at the serious face in front of him and asked angrily, "Is it wrong to love someone?"
The gods in the sky are silent about this question. If they can’t answer it, they can also answer it. Is it wrong to love someone? Love is the foundation of humanity. Heaven loves love. These gods are used to heaven and earth, but they understand humanity.
Yang Jian looked at Liu Yanchang’s handsome face and had to admit that this small white face was really good-looking. No wonder it was able to enter his sister’s eyes, but he was so angry at the thought that his sister would suffer so much.
"People and gods have other people’s laws and laws. You shouldn’t mess with my sister," Yang Jian said coldly
Liu Yanchang, however, said, "I don’t know what dogma I am. She really loves each other and is willing to join hands for life. Our world struggle is not harmful, but every day we can’t."
These words are the same. It is a conflict between humanity and heaven. Even saints can’t do anything about it, let alone they look at Liu Yanchang coldly and ask angrily.
"Heaven and earth are cruel to all things. Don’t you understand the truth? It’s not difficult for me. If you can pick me up, I’ll leave you alive. If you can’t pick you up, go to reincarnation." Yang Jing stared at Liu Yanchang and said.
At this moment, he is really killed, mainly because he is afraid that his sister will not be affected after she gets out of trouble. It is better to kill him in the future.
The words sound just fell and Yang Jian shot, and he didn’t use his own strength to punch out a powerful force. He swept away to Liu Yanchang with a strong wind, and several trees were uprooted.
Liu Yanchang, an ordinary student, has seen such a scene that he was transfixed. It is consciousness that protects his child in his arms.
第五百十三章 宝莲灯
Yang Jian’s face showed a weak smile, and he was actually like that uncle before he knew it.
With a gentle wave of his hand, the powerful force made Liu Yanchang roll around, but even then, he still firmly protected the child from any harm.
At this moment, his figure reminds Yang Jian of his father’s back, and his mind is full at the moment.
He gave Liu Yanchang a cold look and said, "Get out of here and don’t let me see you again."
It was said that a gust of wind hit Liu Yanchang, and when the eyes were able to see things, it was already far away from Huashan. A closer look at a small village not far ahead revealed a sparse peach forest. Several families were located in the middle of it, and the smoke from the kitchen rose to an idyllic scene.
Liu Yanchang held her child with tears in her eyes for one night, and her happy family became what it is now. Her beloved wife was taken to Huashan, but she was able to save her life if it weren’t for the blue gentleman.
Once upon a time, my eyes were higher than my head, and I always felt that I could make a difference in this world. I was very proud to win the favor of my wife. I never thought of absolute power, but I didn’t even have resistance, which made this once proud student feel depressed.
Looking down at his arms, the child was born not long ago, and the little boy was sleeping soundly, with a cute little face and a smile on his face, sleeping soundly.
Liu Yanchang looked at the child who was seven points similar to his wife, and there was a trace of tenderness in his eyes. This is the continuation of his own life with her child. He gently touched a child’s fleshy face and gently moved his mouth but did not wake up.