There are pirates’ bodies all over the ground, and the Royal Guards have changed their clothes one after another. It is indeed the truth that people rely on clothes, horses and saddles. It is almost the same as the real pirates when they wear pirates’ clothes and put some dirt on their faces.

Tang Niu turned around at this time and has become a ghost dragon. Liu Junyi’s technique is really bad. Even the facial scar is almost the same. Tang Niu conveniently picked up the giant iron fork from the ground. "This thing is not light! What if Tang Niu pretends to be a line and leaks? "
"Brother Tang was born in the greenwood, and his way of speaking is somewhat similar to that of the ghost dragon. It should be fine to have us around."
"all right"
"I found a large group of people in front of my Lord!"
"Go and see"
Lin Fengshan walked out and dressed up as one piece. A Royal Guards quickly moved the body to an inconspicuous position and hid it. Lin Fengshan came to the periphery of the forest and shook his body and jumped to a high place. From a distance, there was indeed a whole team of people coming in this direction.
Lin Fengshu’s eyebrows are wrinkly, and the number of the other side is quite large, and the camp is neat. From a distance, you can vaguely see that the other side is not wearing an adult. It should be a samurai, but this time it is completely different from the samurai who met before.
"What about adults?"
"Bring Don Niu Jiao here."
Tang Niu has turned into a ghost dragon with a scar on his face and walked out from the inside with a giant iron fork in his hand. It’s a pity that Tang Niu is a big figure, but it’s worse than the ghost dragon. It’s a bit awkward to wear black clothes and leave blood on his chest. It’s also treated.
Lin Feng jumped from the surface, Lu Jun and others also walked out of the jungle and confessed a few words of Tang Niu nodding. "Don’t worry, Tang Niu is good at this bluffing trick."
"Let’s go"
Windson followed dozens of people with a wave of his arm. Windson took one look at the clothes. The only flaw that is easy to see is the boots and knives. Pirates wear mostly damp-proof sandals and rubber shoes. The Royal Guards wear uniform flying fish boots and uniform embroidered spring knives.
"Change weapons quickly."
A dozen people turned around and went in, and quickly came out with the pirates’ weapons and quickly distributed them to the people in front. At this time, those people were very close to the Woods.
Dally at the front of Tang Niu Lin Feng, Li Hu and others, respectively. As the people appeared, those Japanese warriors flashed their weapons and their legs split in an instant attack formation.
"Mom, it’s your general who asked us to help you now!"
Tang Niu yelled and shouted loudly. Those Japanese warriors should not be able to understand these words when they frowned. A man came out of the second row camp and looked at Tang Niu. "What is the cabinet?"
Tang Niu laughed. "Funny who doesn’t know that I am the biggest ghost dragon here!"
"It turned out to be the ghost dragon pavilion. I’ve heard a lot about it. We told the former general that there was a ghost dragon king who was willing to help us realize our great wishes." The man was still a little hard to understand when Lin Feng found out that he was talking. One person in the camp kept staring at Lin Feng.
Windson don’t show his color, but I’m sure this man doesn’t know himself. What exactly is he looking at? What did he find? Windson turned his eyes elsewhere and went to that one with an iron fork in his hand.
"General, what didn’t arrive? Have you forgotten the original agreement?" Tang Niu deliberately said this, and Lin Feng told Tang Niu that as many shogunate generals as possible could curb these people and let the other side tell the truth at the same time.
This really played a role when the man looked at Tang Niu with an irate look and hurriedly smiled. "The general is deploying the second step plan, and the ghost Long Jun can rest assured that the General Pavilion will definitely step on this land personally."
"The second step plan? I didn’t notice this when I made the agreement! "
The man burst out laughing. "Of course, we believe that the ghosts and gods, Long Jun, will force the border troops to take the road according to the orders of the watery emissary. We have achieved our goal. See, now we can boldly enter the big place, and soon this place will become our jurisdiction."
Tang Niu suddenly changed his voice. It should be that he didn’t control Lin Feng and hurriedly coughed. Tang Niu took a deep breath. "This should be my ghost dragon. Don’t forget that this was when the general promised me that the old man would not be robbed of his benefits with his brothers."
Windson noticed that when Tang Niu’s look changed and he shouted the word fart, the man’s eyes flickered. Tang Niu was clever and knew how to find a step for himself. This reason is not bad. Listen less, it is the way it is.
"Don’t worry, if the general promises you, you will definitely do it. You can rest assured that it is a beautiful place with a vast population!" The man finished looking at the dense forest and the distant mountains and fields, and his eyes showed greed.
"General Kojima woke us up when he came. Long Jun should have a secret to tell us."
This time, I have been peeking at the man inside. If I didn’t wear a Japanese samurai garment root, I couldn’t see that the man was Japanese. It was not only Lin Feng, the samurai in front of these people, but also Lin Feng and Tang Niu.
Secret! What’s the secret? Since it’s a secret, I’m sure I won’t easily tell people that the ghost dragon is dead. Even if it’s not dead, I won’t tell myself the secret. What should I do now? If I can’t tell the secret, I’m just telling these people that I’m pretending to fight. I’m not afraid that the only worry is that I can learn more secrets from these people.
"Roots have no secrets"
At this time, Tang Niu’s cheating when he was walking in the Jianghu was over. "The general said that all of us would be honest with each other and would not hide anything. How could there be a secret? I know I have told you everything. Don’t you believe me?"
Tang Niu’s face sank on purpose. The man in the camp suddenly laughed. "So that’s it. I must have made a mistake."
Lin Feng listened and breathed a sigh of relief. This man is very scheming. Tang Niu is also a mistake. If he hesitates or makes up a secret at that moment, the other party will immediately see the flaw.
"Did the general tell you what to do next after dealing with the border troops? Hundreds of brothers can’t waste it!"
"Ghosts and gods Long Jun rest assured that the general’s order has been handed over to Moist, so that she will definitely meet you and have something inconvenient to stay."
The man said with a wave of his arm behind the camp with forward this moment including Tang Niu all eyes rested on Lin Fengshen is war or otherwise going to this moment Lin Fengyi read.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-two Ambush
Windson didn’t move until those people passed by and then entered the dense forest in front. Soon, there was a gurgling sound inside. It should be that blood was found. The blood hasn’t been done yet. There are Li Hu in it. Those people can just find a reason to get along.
"Brother Lin, why didn’t you do it just now?" Tang Niu clenched his fist and could see that he had just tried his best to restrain his emotions, which was really not easy for Tang Niu.
"It’s not that you don’t do it, but you can’t do it!"
"What is that?"
"This team is not simple in fighting capacity, and it should not be. The Royal Guards have been fighting all the time in the past, even if they suddenly shot at that time, they still can’t take advantage!"
Windson say that finish behind a few people nodding to kill the enemy is important at the same time to establish a life foundation to ensure brothers.
"Then what should I do? Just look at these people and our land is wanton?"
Tang Niu’s eyes are really staring like a cow, probably because of dressing up. At this time, that face has become particularly horrible and ferocious.
"Of course, I won’t inform Ernian to take Feitian camp people and follow them. I must find these people’s foothold."
A man turned around and returned to the jungle. At this time, the Japanese samurai had already passed in the Woods, and Li Hu said that he had found a group of separated border troops who had just fought a battle. It may be because of just now that these people did not doubt it.
"No doubt?"
"No, it was a person who came and asked for a while and then passed."
Li Hu said windson eyebrows a wrinkly these people are really not simple. It is very likely that they have guessed that the mystery inside is not moving. "Inform Ernian to come back immediately."
Lin Feng suddenly changed his mind, and one person turned and ran out of this decision. It was only a short time before and after that. This kind of thing rarely happened in Lin Feng’s body. It was almost a matter of words, but it was a direct change at this time.
"They have seen our identity because we underestimated our opponents."
"It’s impossible"
Lin Feng nodded. "Sometimes I also think that we have achieved perfection, but there is no flaw. Unfortunately, we will never be what those people think. We can guess and be right or wrong."
Tang Niu said, "My Lord means that they have always pretended that I said it was correct, which is not too cunning."
Lin Feng shook his head. "At the very beginning, they should be suspicious. Later, you answered the secret very well, but whether there is a secret in it or not is clear until they find blood in the jungle."
"Blood! The Li Hu brothers answered that there was no problem. "
"It’s a pity that the blood in the jungle hasn’t dried yet, which means that the fighting should have just passed. The border troops in this area have disappeared soon, which is equivalent to controlling the pirates. If you really kill people like this, will the pirates clean up the bodies besides robbing property?"
Windson say that finish all nodding "that being said, adults who think of things may not be able to think of"
"They can."
Windson eyebrows locked in this difficult opponent, especially the one who probably saw the flaw long ago and never said it. How deep is this person’s talent? This kind of person is bound to be a terrible opponent once he succeeds.
"Brother Lin, why don’t you chase?"
Figure shaking Liu Ernian figure from the dense forest also saw a face of gloomy forest air, Tang Niu and others at this time the atmosphere became a little depressed.
"If something goes wrong, those people should have discovered our identity. It will be more dangerous if we follow the past at this time."