As Xiao Zhang sensed a huge and violent surge, he handed it out from the giant coffin.

The size of the giant coffin soared rapidly.
Feet can’t help but be violently inflated, entangled like a rope that can’t bind things, and earned by layers.
Xuan Bing’s ivy hood has also been impacted by great power and expanded rapidly.
If it is Xuan Bing hood, even it has been broken through layer by layer at this time, but the ivy-based Xuan Bing hood has a lot of toughness, and Xia Qingyu keeps mending Xuan Bing’s ghost Xi Lan’s illusion. The strong man has already jumped on Xuan Bing hood and incarnated the pure wood attribute to strengthen the ivy.
Palace Xiaoli Tiangong Yungan constantly shines, affecting a large array of forces to strengthen the siege of Xuan Bing’s green vine cover
And Sun Hao has rushed out of the ten-foot distance with Hades’ post.
But the more you rush towards Sun Hao, the more you can realize that Luo Mei said that the same sex repels each other, and there is a huge repulsive force on the ground that seems to push Sun Hao to the sky.
Hades put a lot of pressure on him, and when he was rejected, Sun Haochong’s speed suddenly slowed down.
If the last forty feet are in a normal state, Sun Hao can arrive in an instant, but it is estimated that there will be no shortage when needed now.
Sun Hao’s forehead exudes a little sweat, and his mental strength is high. He hopes that he can surround Luo Mei’s large array and complete the return of Hades’ post before it collapses.
Burying the sky can bury the sky, and even the real person is immeasurable.
The volume of the coffin soared to a great size, and a huge red Xuan Bing ball appeared in an instant.
Ivy was stretched to the maximum, and cracks appeared in Xuan Bing.
Xiaozhang’s wrist and ankle also cling to the giant coffin.
The red light Xuan Bing giant ball seemed to pause for an instant and then "boom" a loud noise. The Xuan Bing ivy hood finally reached the siege pole and could no longer be trapped in the coffin. In the huge explosion, the Xuan Bing ivy hood crashed like fireworks in full bloom.
A huge air billow shock came.
There is a bright red cloud that looks like a mushroom.
Xuan Bing’s flying green vine breaks, Luo Mei instantly breaks through the siege and will soon appear in the burial day market for hundreds of millions of years, and then she will be free.
It seems that this moment stops.
At this moment, Sun Hao is holding a post of hades and hurtling towards the party.
Xiaozhang wrist fracture involuntarily flew back to Sun Haofei.
The clouds in the Heavenly Palace were lifted high by the huge air billow, and six people presided over the law. Then the real person qi qi spouted blood and retreated a few steps to barely float in the middle.
A grotesque figure rose slowly from the huge mushroom cloud.
The man bowed his head and pushed the explosive cloud, but he couldn’t see his face clearly, but his body gave people a strange feeling. He was wearing a strange robe with different colors and patterns on both sides.
From the front, he is in the shape of an out-and-out male monk.
But from the opposite side, it seems to be another young girl.
What a strange shape Sun Hao glanced at it in a hurry, and then he still rushed at it with the post of hades. Luo Mei has appeared and is about to face a war. At this moment, Sun Hao forced himself to stabilize his spirit, tried his best and prepared for the battle
On one knee, I bowed my head and knelt down, and Luo Mei laughed happily.
How can he be unhappy after waiting for years of planning and finally getting what he wants to restore his life?
Sun Hao rushed to twenty feet again when there was a height of about twenty feet from the ground.
Los incarnations have ha ha Chang smiled a wick sweet kung fu.
Laughing, Luo’s charm slowly stood up and glanced at Corleone, eventually setting her eyes on the monk who was besieged by herself.
Seeing the face of Luo’s charm, then the face of the real person also changed slightly and sighed "what a strange race"
At this time, the left and right faces of Luo’s charm, like his different clothes, have two completely different expressions and eyes, and men and women are born with a pair of yin and yang faces
What’s even more outrageous is that the two halves of the face don’t seem to be constantly changing, and sometimes they become square faces and melon faces, while the cherry mouth is small and the blood basin mouth is big.
Half of the body is rough and the other half is delicate.
The figure seems to be constantly changing in the freeze frame.
The only constant of the whole person is that the blood gas rolls and bursts into the sky and laughs as if it gives a violent breath.
Sun Hao willy-nilly continue to rush.
Palace Xiaoli fought back the churning of qi and blood, and the platform of Tiangong Yungan forced the eccentric Luo Mei to settle down.
Los incarnate laughed and shook his head. Six arms stretched out, three thick and three slender.
A stout hand suddenly raised his hand to Tota and soared like Tota, holding the heavenly palace and laughing in his mouth. "* * Prison day? It’s a joke to see how you can break the prison for me. "
The broken word export hand caught the Zhongyun Palace with a wave of his hand and threw it away like a stone.
* * The friar in the prison’s large array was instantly broken, and he was involuntarily thrown back by powerful forces.
Xiaoli, the main array palace, felt that his throat was sweet and black at the moment, and he involuntarily fell from the middle school.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, thank you for giving me freedom." Luo Mei laughed and strode across a slender hand and suddenly reached out. The transient was as long as a snake grasping at the palace Xiaoli.
Seeing that Gong Xiaoli dodged, he would be caught by Luo’s charm, and he was paying attention to the whole battlefield, Sun Hao’s gods moved to "save lives with wisdom and delusion"
Of course, the body is still rushing with Pluto’s post.
Los incarnations broke through Xuan Bing’s green vine cover and then broke through the * * prison array to attack the palace Xiaoli, which was extremely short, but Sun Hao also rushed out of the ten feet again.
Only one foot away, the ground is clearly visible. At this moment, Sun Hao can’t save people, but he can make idiots do it.
Wisdom chi body flash disappear in situ.
Once again, I have come to Palace Xiaoli’s side, pulling Palace Xiaoli’s intellectual body instantly and faded.