He kissed her intently and affectionately, with one arm around her waist and one arm behind her head. She was not allowed to think about other things in this meeting. Maybe she was used to light water. Such enthusiasm almost made Xiaoxiao unable to cope. Her face turned redder and she kissed passively.

Duan Fei suddenly picked her up easily and strode to the bed.
Fei Xiaoxiao shyly grabbed his skirt. Recently, it seems that you are especially staring at her in Duan Fei’s eyebrows, and her voice is getting lower and lower.
He chuckled and approached her, caressed her shoulder and slowly faded her clothes. After all, I am a man.
Clothes faded, revealing her white and tender skin for the time being. He smiled and gently stroked her palm, which caused Xiaoxiao to shudder. She was dissatisfied with Jiaochen and took the initiative to reach out and untie his skirt. In Duan Fei’s slightly surprised eyes, she rolled over and pressed him, raised her eyebrows and smiled charming like a stirring demon. She was close to his handsome face, whispering with some dumb voices and not closing her eyes.
With a smile on his lips, he closed his eyes in accordance with the words, and felt a pair of bony little hands slowly swimming straight to take off his bondage. She tried to kiss him, kissing him all the way to his neck and collarbone and finally to his chest.
Duan Fei’s eyebrows twitched uncontrollably, and his cheeks changed slightly, and his earlobe was even more red.
Xiaoxiao took off her clothes while kissing hard. She stroked her body and really said that she was not jealous. She didn’t see how he maintained it at ordinary times, but his skin was really good to touch and feel, and it was quite elastic, which made her reluctant to let go and be able to hold her hand there.
Duan Fei snorts, which aggravates the body. Although the little woman is very heart-warming and hard-working, she is disorganized, which makes him unbearable and even more difficult to suppress. He just opened a gap and immediately came to Xiaoxiao to exclaim that he is not allowed to open his eyes.
How dare she let him see her when she is doing something so shameful?
Duan Fei nai closed his eyes again, but his hands slowly tightened.
Xiaoxiao clings to him and rubs against him, feeling that his changing face is red, biting his teeth and taking the initiative to sit on his body as soon as he enters the instant, she almost loses her scream and quickly bites the back of her hand to prevent herself from being so humiliated in front of others.
The two of them have been intimate for countless times, but she still can’t adapt, especially right and wrong look a little thin, but he is not weak at the top of the bed, which even makes her unable to stand it.
Gradually, I realized that my physical strength was not good, but my breathing became heavy.
He opened his eyes and looked at his cheeks. Xiao Xiao put his arms around her and turned her over. Let me do it.
Looking at him Xiaoxiao nodded shyly.
Ah, I have to move so that she can bite her lip and hold the bedding with both hands.
Duan Fei’s face has not changed, but it is still light and almost sacrilegious. Looking at her eyes, it has become hot. His every move makes Xiaoxiao want to scream, and the strong rhythm has taken her to the clouds.
At this time, he turned her over and held her slim waist with both hands and entered directly from behind.
Ah, no, no
Such a shy gesture
The tightness in the back makes Duan Fei move more intense.
Mm-hmm. Xiaoxiao’s breathing is getting heavier, and her body pleasure is slowly accumulating. That bone-eating feeling is almost killing her.
He was getting faster and faster, but he stopped when Xiaoxiao was about to climb the peak.
Xiaoxiao one leng red face cried across to twist back not sad watched him why stop?
Duan Fei hooked his lips and smiled with his perfect face, which instantly made people addicted and lost.
He hugged her slender waist and let her pick it up personally. His back was slowly moving against his chest, and his hands were wrong. Holding her chest was not full but pointed and soft.
Ah, this tight posture awakens Xiaoxiao’s nerves again. She can’t help but take the initiative to cater to his tilting head and blurred eyes. In the spring, someone has to hug her arms and kiss her lips gently. She feels like this. They will never be separated when they are together.
The strong feeling of non-ego attacked xiaoxiao again, and she helped him to be jiaochen. Don’t torture me again.
Duan Fei gently picked her brow to press her on without leaving any strength to stand up.
Xiaoxiao climbed his shoulder with both hands and tried to suppress it, but in the end, the strong pleasure still hit her.