I’m sure it will be even more shocking to try the man with severe facial paralysis with the ferret. Chiba crossed her mind.

Aside from Yakushi Kabuto’s ten words, who just suspected that now he immediately turned his face and regarded the research results as his own pride
If Chiba wasn’t him, BOSS Yakushi Kabuto really wanted to give him a hammer.
Stop water nodded and recognized Chiba’s words, and his face returned to normal, but his eyes still lit up with a hint.
"How much dose do you feel, but let you start another deity!"
Chiba asked, this is the most important thing. For the illusion of stopping the water, it is a strategic weapon that can instantly turn a shadow enemy into one of their own.
Take a look at the mantra orochimaru and you will know how abnormal this ninja is.
This is an illusion that can unlock the transformation of filth.
Although it is ruined by the group, it is still the strongest illusion!
Stop water shook his head and said, "I’m not sure. Although it has relieved my pupil, it’s far from enough. This illusion consumes too much. I feel that ten bottles less is possible!"
"Ten bottles?"
Aside Yakushi Kabuto exclaimed a shake head wry smile.
"What’s the matter?"
Chiba strange asked
Yakushi Kabuto spread out his hands with a pair of abilities. "This small bottle consumes a lot of experimental reagents. If we have sufficient financial resources, even if we know the mass production of the Chinese formula, it will take a month!"
Hear Yakushi Kabuto complain chiba frowned thoughtfully.
"What is restricting the agent capacity? ! Machine? Cultivation cycle? Medicine? Or him? !”
Mantra orochimaru eyes a slight cold way "no! There are a lot of column cells in raw materials, but most of them are cloned cells unless they have living bodies such as wood leaves! "
It’s a little difficult to hear the mantra of orochimaru in Chiba. It’s really difficult to handle this.
It is not a problem to be able to solve the problem with money.
Chiba can’t tie Tianzang or Yamato the wooden ninja, or steal a piece of meat every day. It’s very abnormal to think about it.
Chiba bullet way "you first such production to experimental research still don’t stop to living things I do something! We’ll talk about it later. "
Knock, knock, knock
Then there was a sudden knock at the door in the laboratory.
Chiba opened the door and saw red beans.
The girl’s sexy and pretty body hangs a cicada’s head in front of the door and her hands are constantly fiddling with her skirts.
"what’s that matt, dear? come in!"
Chiba looked at a pull and hugged the door.
Red beans took a deep breath and looked up from Chiba’s arms to look at the spell. orochimaru’s beautiful eyes shed complex eyes and bit her lips. "Teacher!"
Red bean still has a knot in her heart. She has always been bitter about her teacher orochimaru’s defection.
Since Chiba completely solved the problem of her mantra from her neck, she has heard about the mantra orochimaru, but she has never got up the courage to meet her as a teacher.
Today, I followed Chiba to Yinren Village and Red Bean finally came in.
What with spell orochimaru dozen hello.
Mantra orochimaru’s cold expression has not changed, and he nodded to show that he knew it. He lowered his hands and shook slightly.
Like Sasuke, he is a man who recognizes that there is no place for superfluous feelings, but seals up his feelings like a cold machine.
Everything is alive for the purpose!
Hongdou’s tone is calm, but her heart is not calm. She hates this feeling, but it is much better now, at least not like when orochimaru defected just now. Her heart is betrayal and help.
At this time, the red beans breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed all over.
"Well, let’s just let it go. orochimaru will make persistent efforts to achieve more results …"
Chiba encouraged them or not and then left.
Mantra orochimaru and other scientific research maniacs continue to immerse themselves in the experiment.
Of course, the eye drops were also taken away by Chiba.
This Chiba has given it a resounding name, orochimaru brand eye drops. Well, ignore Chiba’s poor naming ability, at least it’s bad enough to catch up with four generations of eyes and shadows.
This eye drop can’t be industrialized for mass production.
If it reaches that point, Chiba can be sold as a business. Imagine how many myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism eyes there are. What a big market it is.
At least the amount of money!
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Hohzuki Suigetsu
"hmm? ! Who is this little guy? !”
Chiba looked at the mantra orochimaru with a five or six-year-old white-haired child came up and asked curiously.
"His name is Hohzuki Suigetsu, and he is a descendant of the Ghost Lantern clan in Wuyin Village. Because of the coup in Wuyin Village, his brother participated in it and he also fled."
Spell orochimaru cold face no expression casually explained.
"You are Hohzuki Suigetsu. It’s a pity that your brother Hohzuki Mangetsu is on the wrong team. Otherwise, the ghost lamp clan is really perhaps the rise of his generation. !”
Chiba watched Shuiyue with great interest. Now he is still a kid, even younger than Bai.
"What? ! You know my brother? !”