When Jin Xiuqing came back from the outside, the peacock king Yuan Shen was almost half-breathed, and the guru realized that there were more than twenty kinds of alchemy methods before and after the two of them. If they were not fighting each other, they would not let the peacock king hang up.

Just finished refining the gods and decided to print Gollum. It’s your turn to throw Yuan Shen, the weak peacock king, to Enlightenment.
At the same time, Jin Xiuqing has pushed the door and purred. What’s wrong with him?
To take over and continue to toss about Peacock King Wu paused because of Jin Xiuqing’s entry, which also made the nearly collapsed Peacock King finally find a chance to speak.
I confess. I confess everything
Come on, you bird can talk. Gollum was surprised.
Wu is also attached to the road. Yeah, why did this bird recruit both of us as soon as Aunt came back? He hasn’t seen this bird confide half a word for a long time. Does this bird know that Aunt is more powerful than both of us?
Peacock King with Kuqiang voice, two great gods, you never gave the novel a chance to speak.
Although Jin Xiuqing didn’t see the means of Qianwu Gollum to deal with Peacock King, this remark sounded like a rough guess.
All right, little Gollum, stop it and hear what he can do.
Finally, the opportunity to confess and be lenient. In the eyes of the peacock king who has suffered a lot, Jin Xiuqing is simply the embodiment of the savior of heaven at this moment.
By the time Jin Xiuqing’s voice fell, the peacock had already told a white story about the situation like a bamboo tube.
You are the sun god, the peacock king Gollum, staring at the weak peacock king with incredible eyes. You dare to call yourself a god at this level of strength. If we, the immortals in the purple mansion world, can’t wipe out all the millions of gods on your own?
Apparently, peacock king confessed
But in his heart, there are still some things that don’t mumble. The Yuan God knows that the fire is beating two times to express anger. The Taoist God is not the strongest among the sun gods, but the twelve main gods are the strongest among the gods.
Let’s talk about it first. What is the status of the man who sent you to deal with us among millions of gods? What is his true identity in Japan? That is, where can I find him?
Although Gollum likes to play around, his problem hits the nail on the head.
When I saw Gollum asking, an ice flame rose from my palm inadvertently.
Where does Peacock King dare to think about other things? I wish I had an extra mouth. But when he responded to these questions, he revealed how much he proudly inherited the Japanese demon Wang Qi, the serpent’s blood, the deity of the Lord God, the king of the gods, and the nephew of the emperor.
The first chief of staff of the Japanese navy, he deserves to unify a million gods, hold heaven and earth together, and be the only one with great power.
Disambiguation is very good, but the millions of gods you call are just a group of Shan Ye goblins who arrogantly call them. Is it possible for this kind of frontier to talk about it? It is really laughing off the fangs of others.
Li Yueling, dressed in black, swept into the central garden suite with a huge fairy aura. His knowledge was clear, but he wanted to hide what the millions of gods claimed to be for a while.
Good to Jin Xiuqing enlightenment guru they a surprised to hear peacock king talk but can’t help but show up.
Yue ling
chief of a gang
Jin Xiuqing realized that three different names and three same excited sounds sounded together at the moment when Li Yueling appeared.
When the old man met each other, he had a lot to say. Li Yueling was also excited in his heart, but he didn’t want the peacock, a bird man, to watch and suddenly waved his hand, which involved the boastful bird man in the sleeve.
Aunt, little guru, Brother Sun, haha, it’s really glad you came to find you all once in a while.
Li Yueling’s hearty laugh seemed to have great appeal. Jin Xiuqing walked forward and hooked Li Yueling’s arm with a cool smile. My Yueling finally came back to see her aunt. Do you know how much my aunt missed you over the years?
Aunt Li Yueling embarrassed scratched his head and said, I’m not coming back. This time, I want you to return to the purple mansion with her if you don’t want to.
When I get to the first nephew, I’ll find you a fairy handsome boy or kidnap Yue Lao directly and ask my aunt to call me so that I can see my future uncle as soon as possible.
You’re a fairy, and you’re still so poor. From Li Yueling’s teasing words, Jin Xiuqing felt the warm smile of the past.
Boss Gollum finally waited for you to come back. When you take Aunt Xiuqing to heaven and earth, you must convey Gollum to me. Li Yueling looks seven points similar. He leaned close with a snot and tears and just squeezed into Jin Xiuqing’s Li Yueling way
It’s my fault. It’s really unkind to Gollum these years. Now that you’re in Mahayana, it’s hard to soar, but it’s only a matter of time before I return to the world again. How can I forget you? In Li Yueling’s eyes, even if Gollum is now in human form, he’s still the lovely sleepy little demon before, and it’s very kind to hook Gollum’s shoulder again.
Boss, it’s good to remember Gollum. Gollum is amazing now. Don’t believe me, do you ask him something or do Gollum give it to him?