Time didn’t really stop, and a lot of blood flowed out along the two wounds before and after Emperor Xuanyuan, which quickly soaked his shirt. The red part is getting bigger and bigger …

Up to now, Nan Yunqing finally stabbed the most happy sword!
There are still many spectators who feel happy, just because Xuanyuan Huang is too damn.
While others. Only felt the shock and panic. Emperor Xuanyuan was their spiritual leader, and now this spiritual leader is going to fall.
Between heaven and earth, only one creature has the most complicated feelings. He felt happy, but he felt a little sorry, and his thoughts flew to many years ago …
It was a huge one-horned black python that had been fighting on the battlefield for a long time. At this time, it was almost black and blue. But around it, there are more high-ranking monks in the world.
If anyone has ever been to Xuanyuan Emperor’s Jieshen Palace, which was built on the sky, they will definitely recognize it. This one-horned black python is the one that was once locked on the giant pillar on the right side of the temple of the gods.
But in this era, few people know that he was actually a fairy beast of Emperor Xuanyuan, and he has cultivated to the point where he can turn dragons!
It’s just that everything changed on the day he learned the truth. The original Xuanyuan emperor turned out to be such a person!
He joined the demon race without hesitation. Standing on the opposite side of Xuanyuan emperor has brought great negative influence to the world god alliance.
Later on the battlefield, Emperor Xuanyuan finally caught him, but he didn’t kill him. Instead, he was nailed to the dragon-locked pile of the Jiejingu Palace as an example.
Although he is Jackie Chan the day after tomorrow, he is more powerful than the real dragon. The most admirable thing is that. His willpower is the highest in the contemporary world! He is the only one who can make it from a python to a dragon in the history of the ancient gods!
After being caught in the temple of the gods. The ancestor of the demon clan saw with his own eyes how Xuanyuan Huang treated him, but he didn’t say a word from beginning to end. And Zulong asked himself, if those tortures were imposed on himself, he would have been unable to hold on for a long time.
However, torture and tens of thousands of years of bondage still make the dragon tendons he finally cultivated degenerate or even disappear, and his strength has long been worse than before.
But he still joined the battle between the fairy and the demon immediately after the injury, and he risked his life to forget his death.
After returning to the demon world, he has met Xuanyuan Emperor on the battlefield more than once, but every time, Xuanyuan Emperor turned a blind eye to him and never dealt with him specifically.
He knew that this was the humiliation of Emperor Xuanyuan. Now his strength has fallen, and he has not even been qualified to take a look at Xuanyuan Emperor.
Today’s World War I is the same. Emperor Xuanyuan didn’t even glance at him from the corner of his eye.
However, he never hates or complains.
If he knew Xiao Wen and became intimate with him, he would surely find that he was actually very similar to Xiao Wen.
He just calmly did what he should do. He knew that Emperor Xuanyuan was the most damned person in the world, so everything he did worked hard for this goal.
Not for anything else, just to make your heart accessible and carefree!
But after all, he used to be a fairy beast of Xuanyuan Emperor, so he also knows the years in the sun before Xuanyuan Emperor became a world god. It was really good for Xuanyuan Emperor! But where is the Xuanyuan emperor? What changed Emperor Xuanyuan? Or has Emperor Xuanyuan always been like that, but the specific environment has inspired his unknown side?
He felt sorry for this, sorry for Xuanyuan Emperor, sorry for everything Xuanyuan Emperor had done, and all the people who were harmed by Xuanyuan Emperor …
Regret the 80,000-year time of the ancient gods …
Let’s get this over with.
It’s good, too. My heart can finally calm down.
As for the destruction of the dragon tendon, it is hopeless to turn it into a dragon again. It has never been his pursuit, but his pursuit is peace of mind.
No matter how many people want him to die completely, Emperor Xuanyuan only knows that he doesn’t want to die! Even if everyone knows how mean, evil and overbearing he is, he will last as long as he can!
He is still the only god in the ancient world, and his body is extremely powerful. Even if it is a sword through the heart, it will only cause serious injuries to him, but not his life!
He suddenly raised his right hand and slapped the initial boundary element on Nan Yunqing’s purple sword!
The blazing white brilliance of the initial boundary element instantly spread on the purple sword!
Nan Yunqing couldn’t stop the blazing white light, so she had to let go and retreat.
However, the initial boundary element still rushed out from the hilt and hit Nan Yunqing hard!
Nan Yunqing flew out with a bang, and when she flew backwards, it was already a bloody quarrel.
Xiao Wen and others returned to normal almost at the same time, and all of them stormed towards Xuanyuan Emperor!
Xuanyuan Huang put a purple sword in his heart, and turned out to be a malicious smile on his face, and he was bound to try his best!
"Everyone be careful!" Bai Qionghai rapid way.
But the fact is beyond Bai Qionghai’s expectation. Emperor Xuanyuan is not trying hard, but running for his life! However, this time he has no reservations and paid the maximum price he can to succeed! !
Xuanyuan emperor suddenly broke his arms in the side, facing the attack of Bai Qionghai, Xiao Wen, Hainong, ten tail tian hu and Nan Yunqing’s life’s core monuments ghost spirit, and the initial boundary element on his hands suddenly burst open!
This time, the change of the initial boundary element is different from any previous one. When it burst open, everyone’s soul trembled, which turned out to be an illusion, that is, Xuanyuan Emperor is no longer where he is!
The scattered initial boundary element spread around, forming a huge oval light curtain, which just sealed Xuanyuan Emperor inside.
At the same time, Xiao asked and others to attack!
A strange scene appeared, and Xiao asked twelve Xiao Jian to cut the sword on the screen, but it turned out to be like nothing, straight through! However, the twelve Xiao Jian, which was cut into the light curtain, did not appear on the inside of the light curtain, but completely disappeared!
Xiao asked to continue to wield the sword, which was enough to gut Xuanyuan Emperor, but only saw the trajectory of the blade outside the screen, but there was no trace inside. Moreover, Xuanyuan Huang did not get hurt.
Other people’s attacks are all the same, no one can attack within the light curtain, and their attacks seem to be transferred to another world by the light curtain.
Then, I saw a sneer at Emperor Xuanyuan in the light curtain, and everyone watched the oval light curtain begin to shrink!
The light curtain is translucent and close to blazing white. At this time, it is getting smaller and smaller, and the color becomes brighter. At the same time, the feeling of the light curtain and Xuanyuan Emperor in another plane is more obvious.
It seems that it is close at hand, but in fact it is like being in another plane. How can this be played?
The screen and Xuanyuan emperor are getting smaller and smaller, which is just a gesture of hiding, while the follow-up attacks by Xiao Wen and others still have no effect.
Even Bai Qionghai can’t do anything about it. It’s the first time she’s seen this magical power.
All the Xuanyuan emperor’s heart was pierced. Do you want him to escape again? !
Xiao Wen really couldn’t accept this result, so he took the sword of twelve chop clouds, mobilized the force of the earth and gas wildly, and fanned wildly at the oval screen!
Actually useful! The oval screen is really slower to get smaller!
However, the effect is not obvious at all. Everyone thinks that Emperor Xuanyuan can still escape!
At this moment, another person who seems to have nothing to do with this battle can’t sit still!