"Ji Shu and I are getting married in May."

Aunt Ju’s face was shocked.
"Your mother … you ask for so many years, I will answer you whatever you ask."
Aunt Ju said wryly, "You are really different from your father. Your mother bet on this."
"Mom … why make such a will?" Mo kuangfeng cut to the chase
"You have a fiancee and you should be able to think white, right?"
Aunt ju got up and walked to the French window and looked out at the street view.
Her face turned whiter in the sunlight.
"Your father Mo spruce was really handsome in those days. Half the girls in the class we met in college had a crush on your father, including me-"
Maybe when people reach a certain age, they will look down on the unrequited love in their youth.
Ji Shu didn’t expect Aunt Ju to admit so calmly that she had a good impression on Mo spruce when she was a girl.
"But your father took a fancy to your mother’s only daughter, the returned overseas Chinese! At that time, many overseas Chinese wanted to return to the motherland to make contributions, and so did your grandfather. However, after returning to China for a few years, your grandparents died of illness and left a large fortune to your mother and uncle. "
"My father lost money?" Mo Kuangfeng seemed surprised.
Jishu also frown.
Not right!
Isn’t the Mo family rich, too?
Ji Shu remembers Qin Fei once saying that Mo Jiazu is also a merchant’s family …
However, when calculating, maybe all the money was confiscated. It is estimated that Mo spruce has no wealth except leaving a family name.
"At first, we didn’t think so. He was so enthusiastic and handsome, and the Li family’s money was not brought back overseas and was managed by overseas banks. So we fell in love with Mo spruce."
"Later, they got married. It was 63 years, and you were born a few years later. My best friend witnessed all this. In the future, Mo spruce would not stay in Beijing and still work at school because your mother was in the tragic fate for ten years, if the old leader hadn’t remembered that your mother was a patriotic overseas Chinese daughter."
Ji Shu calculated this point in his heart!
Mo spruce is a wealthy family. It’s hard to say what would happen if it weren’t for Li Huaiyi’s identity and old leadership.
Did Mo spruce get close to Li Huaiyi at first, which was money and family connections? !
"Then in 1978, when the reform and opening up began, you were one year old, and Mospruce changed."
"I knew at that time that my parents were very bad and my father didn’t come home all the year round."
Mo Kuang-feng frowned lightly, and the melancholy seemed to overflow.
"Yes, Mo spruce did business with your mother according to the sea by relying on your mother’s identity and the old leader. It was the hottest foreign trade business at that time. He managed to get some of the overseas assets of the Li family back step by step and then made it bigger and bigger step by step!"
Ji Shuxin was surprised that this is a proper man!
"It’s husband and wife who don’t care about money, but your father!"
Aunt ju’s gentle tone became intense.
"Your father had other women outside! It is said that a leading daughter saw that your father insisted on your father’s divorce, and Mo Yunshan actually discussed with Huaiyi that it was a fake divorce and waited for the license approval to divorce and remarry with that woman! "
Mo Kuangfeng seems to be in pain. Ji Shu patted him on the back.
"My parents divorced when I was in high school-later my mother was diagnosed with cancer, so I went back to her hometown of Wushi with my mother."
"How can Huai Yi agree?" Aunt ju smiled bitterly.
"Mo spruce didn’t go home all night. Your mother was very tired when she was doing math research at the university. Your mother was in a trance all day and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia!"
MoKuangFeng low head "I don’t know this paragraph-"
"Your mother deliberately concealed it, and then several of our girlfriends sent your mother to treatment to control her heart and agreed to divorce. It’s funny that Mo spruce didn’t marry the leading daughter, and the woman’s father didn’t agree, but Mo spruce still got the license by various means, not to mention that later he found an unknown number of women. These things are known to our classmates."
Jishu gasped.
Mo spruce is simply love rat Yan, and posting in Douban is the kind of scum that will explode.
Aunt ju went back to the sofa and sat straight at Mokuangfeng.
"You look like your father."
Mo kuangfeng looks up
"It must be very painful for my mother to look at me every day?"
Mo Kuangfeng paused and said, "Actually, my mother is very kind to me, but I can feel her mental pain. Sometimes she looks at me and seems to want to tear me apart." Sometimes it’s the gentlest look in a mother’s eyes. "
It took him more than ten seconds to bury his face before letting go. His eyes were red like frightened rabbits.
"Kuang Feng, you have to forgive your mother. She was maintained by taking medicine at that time. Besides, she still has cancer. What a good woman! What will happen! "
"Of course, my marriage is not happy, and you know that …"
Aunt Ju Ji Shu knows very little about things, but she has never seen her husband, which is evident.
Aunt ju turned even paler, and she forced out a smile.
"On the last day of your mother, she came to me and told me about the will idea. Of course, I opposed it! You are her only child. How can she do this to you? "
Mo Kuangfeng stared at Aunt Ju, and the answer was about to be revealed.
"But after she explained, I understood Mo spruce’s money. Her family is fickle. Who can guarantee that the promise will not change? It’s better to push you to the wall. If you love someone and you are willing to give up your wealth, then you are true love! "
There is a tear in Mo Kuangfeng’s eye corner, and Ji Shu stretched out his hand and wiped it gently.
"My white mother wants me to be a responsible man."
"It’s not just that. In turn, you are Mo Kuang-feng. She looks at you and grows up. Will she know?"
Ji Shu instantly understood!
"Aunt Li is trying to say that Mo Kuang-feng is rich and doesn’t taste like her? Maybe someone has the same money as Mr. Mo spruce and stayed with Mo Kuangfeng. If you have this will, once you get married, you will lose your inheritance. If you really get rich, people will leave. This is for fear that Mo Kuangfeng will repeat her own mistakes! "
Aunt has been coldly looking at JiShu.
After listening to Ji Shu’s words, there was a little gentleness in his eyes. "You are a fiancee."
She sighed slightly. "I don’t know if my silly niece has always liked you?" Kuang Feng, I have the heart to fix you up because I know what kind of girl Feifei is, and I will never be with you for money! Now your fiancee is willing to marry you, even if you lose this fortune, that’s … "
Mrs. Ju glanced at Jishu again. "Not bad."
JiShu smiled and stared at the aunt.
MoKuangFeng looked at the aunt "I’m sorry for Qin Fei has never meant that in aunt …"
Aunt ju gave a smile.
"Come on! Can I not know? Feifei, you chased me to Takeshi! I’ve lived in my house for three years. Can I not know her every move? She didn’t know how many times she cried and said that you are a wood. I don’t think you are a wood. You haven’t met the gardener. Isn’t this flowering … "
Ji Shu can’t help smiling. Aunt Ju’s speech is quite humorous.
As if remembering something, Ji Shu asked, "Didn’t Aunt Ju Ke Li consider Mr. Mo spruce when she made her will?" Doesn’t he have money there, too? If someone really wants money, there will be one less with Kuang Feng, and there will be another! "