Now this token that is more important to him is Qin Changfeng’s trump card, which others don’t know.

After the third group of iron-killing soldiers, Ade, Pu Sakan, Monks, Taoists and Diablo III all got a lot of points. Even if the situation remains so deadlocked, it is very likely that they will occupy the majority of the top nine and then return to China successfully.
In fact, the whole battlefield score seems to be a lot, but it doesn’t count much.
For the trial tower No.21 and the trial tower No.23, there are only iron warriors and aliens except the heads of the other testers.
At present, in addition to the sword and nebula, five people who have been sentenced to death, Adebayor accumulated 2 points on the trial tower on the 23rd. At present, he ranks first in the overall score list. The iron-blooded elder was parasitized by a face-hugging worm, that is, Adebayor killed his head one step before he broke his body. Naturally, he was counted as his head. So were his two parasitic iron-blooded warriors, who both got some points and gave birth to iron-blooded aliens more powerful than ordinary aliens.
The monk accumulated 11 points and killed 1 hostile tester and 2 iron warriors in total.
Pu Sakan scored 9 points and killed 3 iron warriors in total.
Diablo iii points killed 2 iron warriors and 2 seriously injured ordinary aliens.
The Taoist priest scored 7 points and killed 2 iron warriors and 1 seriously injured ordinary alien.
Because almost all of the fighting with the iron warrior is melee combat, except for three intact and minor injuries, ordinary aliens died on the spot, and four others were seriously injured. If David near the alien nest will naturally let them recover on their own, there should be enough food to supplement them. The recovery speed is extremely amazing. Qin Changfeng interrupted his leg at the beginning, and it took him less than an hour to recover!
However, Qin Changfeng didn’t have so much patience on the battlefield, and it was a three-point integral for the gods and Taoist priests to directly kill the seriously injured, and the aliens didn’t know what instructions they had accepted and didn’t respond.
Yu Yunxiu ensured victory. She temporarily scored points, but the situation is not too bad. Everyone will definitely help her to score points.
At the same time, how many points do the testers on the 21 ST test tower have?
Iron warrior and alien, these two big pieces, they don’t have a sword and nebula team at present, and there are ten testers and fifty points to covet.
However, as soon as the nebula team was killed by an iron warrior, another one died when it teamed up with a sword team to encircle the enemy team, but it also killed the other team. The dead head still didn’t contribute points, and then it was directly killed by the spacecraft laser cannon … These two were either not integral or iron testers. The captain who didn’t need integral was also dead in vain.
In this way, they can get the first 30 points of six people at most.
If four people get five points and one person gets one point through careful calculation, they can really occupy five places in the top nine.
But is it possible? This is an advanced war!
Even if you can guarantee the final victory, who doesn’t want to pass it is yourself? I’m afraid that no matter how tough their iron pair is, they can’t suppress it. Some people distribute the points so just right.
What’s more, even if it is done, it doesn’t make sense. Qin Changfeng let Pu Osaka and them kill two mutant points casually and rushed away.
This bizarre rule of ranking without looking at the total score is that a large number of people will sometimes become a disadvantage because there are more people who dilute the score and can contribute more points themselves.
The points ranking is visible to everyone on both sides.
At this time, if the iron testers want to ensure victory, they can target Qin Changfeng and aliens who are about to huddle together.
At this time, the strength comparison between the two sides is that there are 14 people and a spaceship in the No.21 test tower, including the iron and blood testers; On the 23rd trial tower, there are seven people including Qin Changfeng and a dangerous alien ally.
Of course, the sword and the nebula team that five people have been removed.
Qin Changfeng, who came to the hole of the alien nest, looked at the eye log map and found that there was a sharp sword and three red dots on the nebula team disappeared, while the remaining two were close to their direction, which was self-evident!
And their side of the situation is not smooth as expected. Aliens have blocked the mouth of the cave and no one is allowed to enter except Qin Changfeng.
"You wait for me outside for five minutes at most!" After Qin Changfeng took a deep breath, he quickly entered the cave behind the alien and saw David again in the depths of the cave.
As soon as we met, Qin Changfeng came to the mountain and said, "David, I helped you wring out the iron warrior and cultivated three iron aliens. One of them was bred from the iron elder body, and two living iron warriors gave you a host … I, you have done so much, and you have no reason to shut my comrades out."
David was sitting behind a Zhang Shitou-built table and was recording something. At this moment, he looked up at Qin Changfeng and said calmly, "I saw all your battles. To be honest, now you are so powerful that I am shocked. It is undeniable that … we have had an unpleasant misunderstanding. How can you make me believe that it will not be bad for me when you all come in?"
Qin Changfeng also said with a straight face, "You should know that someone has manipulated the Iron Blood spaceship and they will not let go of the aliens. We still have a common enemy!"
David let go of the pen in the eye and said, "Your power and ability are so mysterious. I let you in, which is the biggest bottom line. I know that the ship is tough … Dear partner, I will recognize you as the most powerful power before and now! If you really want us to have no bad feelings, you should really join our great cause. "
"What do you mean?"
"Swallow this embryo to prove your sincerity!"
Qin Changfeng looked at the palm of David’s hand, where there was an abnormal embryo like amber. The embryo body in the embryo was also claw-shaped, which seemed to be a variety of face-hugging insects.
It seems that you are really persistent!
"Don’t worry, this is a genetically modified embryo that I carefully set up. It won’t let you die," David woke up.
With a faint smile, Qin Changfeng walked over and grabbed the parasitic embryo and swallowed it. Then he said, "David, I believe you, but this time!" "
Chapter two hundred and twelve Allogeneic map
Qin Changfeng didn’t receive the log after swallowing the mutant face-hugging worm embryo. It seems that the 3% epidemic probability took effect, but it is more likely that the embryo is still dormant.
If David Yu said that this embryo would not pose a life threat to him, Qin Changfeng would just listen to it as a fart … David, a biochemical person, is obviously a moral integrity.
Real aliens make people feel scared, cold and cruel, and their killing ability is not the first. The most terrible thing is that once they are parasitized, they will almost be destroyed and die.
Therefore, the threat to the tester in this world is not as great as that in the alien contract world when aliens can parasitize by means of face-hugging worms.
It’s almost impossible for an alien born by the parasitism of the face-hugging worm to jump behind the face and parasitize in front of a tester who still has mobility.
And in the contract world, you don’t know when you stepped on a spore and somehow got parasitic without doing anything … This kind of unknown danger is the most frightening thing.
Of course, the degree of danger from the birth of mutant aliens from the tester is another story.
After Qin Changfeng swallowed the alien embryo to show sincerity, the remaining six people finally had to enter the cave, but they were all arranged to be away from the core area of the alien mother emperor in the peripheral cave.
In this way, the two sides live in harmony and wait for the arrival of the common enemy.
It was the fifth hour after the start of the battlefield near the nest on the 21 ST test tower that 14 testers and a spaceship arrived, which was like a decisive battle.
While the coalition side 7 testers, 1 alien queen, 5 iron aliens, 15 common aliens and two didn’t come to find the host parasitic face-hugging worms, which were directly ignored in the battle of David’s fighting capacity.
In the past five hours or so, a total of 15 face-hugging worms, 5 iron-blooded warriors and ordinary creatures on this planet have been born. Together with the remaining 7 ordinary aliens in the first batch, these forces have gathered.
It is obviously very difficult for the testers of the Coalition No.21 test tower hiding in the deep cave.
The first exploratory attack didn’t start until half an hour after reaching the mouth of the cave. No experimenter dared to rush in and there were five spider-shaped robots, which were obviously cannon fodder to explore the way.
There is no doubt that these five robots were torn to pieces only ten meters into the cave, and the whole battle took less than half a minute.
However, these robots carried miniature bombs and finally killed five ordinary aliens, so these robot owners got five points and rushed to the rankings.
Obviously, there may be a lot of bombs on the test tower No.21, but there are not many cannon fodder like spiders and robots. After this trial attack, there was no attack for half an hour.
At the same time, Qin Changfeng sat in a cave with a slight look, and Ade sat opposite him with his eyes closed and murmured a strange sound.
Yunxiu has already laid an auxiliary enchantment to cover this small cave, which is to isolate all sounds in this cave and let the outside world snoop, and at the same time, it will prevent the spirit from peeping.
A moment later, seeing Adebayor open his eyes, Qin Changfeng asked, "How?"
"It’s really lurking, but the weird thing is … the embryo is not in the abdomen, but in your head!"
A few people in the cave where Adebayin fell were surprised. Puban buzzed, "Can you kill that thing with a bug?"
In fact, there are two ways to solve alien parasitism at this low level of power.
Either take it out after medical bed’s operation as once, or take it out with strong resilience like Marcus in the dark world!