"Who? Who is it? "

"Come out and give your seat!"
Enduring the final torment, the demon elephant Lord suddenly raised his head, and those fierce pupils of Warcraft were full of madness and resentment.
Not only it, but also he is on the verge of collapse, and the strong people in the martial arts are all like this. At this time, even if the law accepts it, they have to accept the martial arts to change their destiny, which can only be delayed for a while.
Looking at the square scene, even if you never dream of it, you will see it alive. In their eyes, they have also changed from being strong in the mountains and rivers to being as proud as ants, but they have nothing at all.
This gap is a world of difference!
Hundreds of strong people in the martial arts give off their grievances together, and immediately they see a road full of black gas and grievances, showing their unwillingness, resentment and fear … It seems that they will rush into the rich and majestic blood cloud and stir endlessly to force out all the conspiracies behind them.
This is their last thought. They can play with thousands of monsters and monks at their fingertips. Life and death can’t help but do all this. It can’t be the twenty masters. They want to see what can do all this.
It’s a pity that they can’t be satisfied with this humble wish
"Before … before …"
The force of law is being dissolved faster and faster, and the drops of blood-red rain are just like death warrants, and they keep falling. The first one finally appeared in the strong.
An island, an old man, at the beginning of the road!
The vision of law wrapped around his body has been reduced to a thin layer, and there is no residual law power in his body.
"No …"
The squeal and unwilling to scream was broken halfway before it was far away.
The last layer of force wrapped around his body was finally broken after the last drop of scarlet rain fell behind, and then his body was completely exposed to a drop of rain
"Drink … shout …"
Familiar with the scene, the old man’s body suddenly bends like a prawn and suffers from great pain. His eyes are closed and then opened again than heavy breathing.
After all, it didn’t change his mind. In the Mud Pill Palace, the body of the Yuan God suddenly turned into blood red, and all his thoughts were submerged, leaving a strong idea to the extreme, that is, killing!
It’s very natural to have a scream behind the first one.
"Before …"
"Drink … kill!"
"Kill kill!"
In the early stage of Taoism, in the middle stage of Taoism … in the late stage of Taoism! With the first master level, the strong were drowned by the idea of killing, and the strong finally entered the stage of collapse
"Ho …!"
In the desert island area, a big man suddenly raised his head and made a terrible roar. His body disappeared, and his body was also exposed by a little bit of strange blood red breath. In the scarlet rain, he was born in his radical rebellion and killed him, and then he rushed in wildly.
In a moment of roaring, the figure of the high school man disappeared, and it was replaced by a full-footed horror elephant with perfect black hair, thick horns and a pair of … scarlet pupils.
The monster beast power master! Lord Elephant Deep!
Its reason was also overwhelmed, and it was instantly occupied by the mind-killing method, and then the human incarnation was maintained, and it immediately appeared that the body inherited the ancient Warcraft-stepping on the monty like the blood monster beast abyss.
"Boom!" "Bang!"
Huge body cut like a meteorite towards the desert island.
After a terrible noise, hundreds of thousands of miles of desert island in Fiona Fang have a huge hole for a moment. In the hole, there is a layer of flesh and blood sauce in addition to a crazy elephant facing upwards. It is a small number of monks who are fighting together, and it is inconvenient to even scream. It was smashed into a meat sauce by the demon elephant Lord.
"Ho … Bang!"
Before the giant elephant in the hole came out, he suddenly saw a thick elephant with a trunk that swept the hundred feet. Dozens of monks around him were abruptly beaten to death in an instant, and their bodies were shriveled and their flesh was scattered. Once the master killed his opponent, it would be a disaster for other monks.
It’s almost the same scene. Twenty areas outside the desert island are playing at the same time. After the former power leaders went crazy, they slaughtered their brothers and sisters.
Both the human monks and the monster beast forces have lost their minds, and there is no other look in those red pupils except crazy killing.
After more than 100 strong people in the Taoist temple lost their minds and were drowned by the idea of killing, there was no movement in this vast virtual prison of 20 million miles except the sound of killing.
Take a breath! Ten thousand monks, ten thousand monsters are dead!
Two rates! 50,000 monks, 50,000 monsters are dead!
Three interest rates! Hundred thousand …
In the virtual prison, there are bloody killings in 20 areas that discolor the world. Even if the heart is like a rock man, he will definitely not stay up when he sees the scenes that happened at this time, and vomiting will be directly scared crazy.