"10 thousand spar! Send each other so many spar when we meet for the first time! Father, the master of the courtyard is really generous! " The owner of plough courtyard sighed with emotion in his heart, and he paid more attention to Hu-day’s heroic drive.

After swallowing the pastoral alms bowl boat in a row and forgetting the water mirror boat in Sichuan, the spar reserve in the Junma clan library suddenly soared, and there were more than fifteen million spar reserves, and there were not many.
Hu-day, at this time, there are three talents, and money is constantly turning to fortune. In the future, it is bound to be rich and deep-pocketed. This 10,000 spar naturally doesn’t pay attention.
Jin Hongxian secretly observed Hu Tian and saw that his face did not change color and his heart did not jump. He calmly trembled from his heart and smiled. "In that case, Jin Hong was disrespectful and thanked the master!"
Her ship has 130 thousand crystal equipment, and she is short of money. Even if she refuses, she can’t
Hu-day nodded. "If this is the case, Fairy and I will cross this battlefield in the same way."
Jin Hongxian, "willing to follow the owner", did not hesitate to eat this 10,000 crystal and immediately promised.
Hu-day joined Jin Hongxian’s two flying boats neck and neck and brazenly inserted into the battlefield.
What a boat fight!
However, when I saw the flames shooting and flying swords dancing, all kinds of thunder balls exploded wildly, and the golden light of the flying boat flashed, and the firepower was fierce as the tide, and the battlefield shuttled like the wind, but the flying boat was damaged and the smoke was everywhere.
Yelling and killing, sharp explosions, loud noises and loud noises reverberate throughout the country.
After Hu Tian’s participation, the magic road lost two high-level flying boats, while the Buddhist road only went to the pastoral alms bowl boat and got a five-level flying thunder mother boat, so the Buddhist road gradually came from behind and occupied the wind.
He had planned to go deep into the battlefield with Jin Hongxian, and both sides seemed to be caught in a whirlpool, and the gesture had to be abandoned.
However, there is quite a trend of vertical and horizontal cooperation in the melee of the 5-level flying thunder-yin mother ship, which lives in the magic handsome car, the black dragon magic bully boat.
Fighting for more than an hour, Hu Tian finally found a flaw in a flying boat at the moment.
"hmm? The hull of that second-class flying boat is in tatters, and the smoke is in danger. The flying mother ship rushed to defeat it! "
Hu Tianyi made the flying thunder mother ship hit the corner and burst out. The water of two six-yin thunder pools in Lei Guang rolled and flew out of several thunder lanes, while the flying thunder mother ship firmly locked the second-class flying boat and collided directly.
"Turn the rudder quickly!"
"No way!"
"Stop this boat quickly!"
Seeing the sudden big move of the flying thunder mother ship, one side of the magic road immediately shuddered with nervousness. Immediately, three flying boats forcibly separated from their original opponents and sprinkled fire on the flying thunder mother ship in an attempt to intercept it.
"Holding up the ship’s armor will kill this boat!" Hu-day face is cold, and he doesn’t intend to let go of his prey.
Section 17 Black Wind and Dragon Whistling Gun
Several attacks were raining heavily, and the mother ship’s hull was broken, but the Dapeng golden beak purple thunder hit the corner and gave off a terrible momentum, which made people even more frightened.
"It’s over!" There was also a Godsworn in that boat, but his attention was flying at this time. The mother boat hit the corner and was taken by Hu Tian’s aggressive attitude. His heart was dying and he couldn’t fight.
He was about to close his eyes and die when he suddenly felt a light shining for a moment, but the scenery around him changed greatly, but it was at the end of the day that the turtle boat came.
The crisis head is the innate magic weapon of silence and dusk, and the removal of the mirror saved the man’s life.
The flying thunder mother ship can’t resist the violent momentum, and it pierces this class 2 flying boat and crashes it into two pieces.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
The flying eagle and jade sickle hook flew out and dragged the two flying boats behind.
"Can’t let him easily decompose the vast snake boat!"
"Attack together! !”
The man in the magic road was furious, and at that time, three planes and boats joined forces to strangle the mother ship of Feilei Yin.
"Are two Level 2 ships and a Level 3 ship coming to die?" Hu Tian was not afraid to sneer at it at all, and flatly ordered "Green Boy Power Boom for me!"
Green boy’s eyes shine with excitement, and he howls with grandma’s anger, flying thunder and yin mother ship firepower, Tianbao glass lamp, Gang Yuan rolling thunder cannon, Jinhua flying crossbow, Peng Huang flashing golden wings, Liuyin thunder pool and so on. The flood of violent shooting attacks is colorful and extremely gorgeous, which contains a strong sense of death.
Three chasing flying boats are stupid.
One minute they’re screaming, and now they want to run away with their wings!
The attack waves split into three waves, and none of them fell, so that the three flying boats couldn’t lift their heads and had no resistance. They didn’t have the strength to hold the boat armor and trembled with the hull during the attack.
At this moment, Hu-day will crash into two huge snake boats and drag them to the front. Meng Gang, Yan and other commandos will peak sexually and strangle the few remaining resistance forces in an instant.
After a long battle, the clans have formed a tacit understanding. Alakazam immediately led a group of robot monks to split and crack the Level 2 flying boat and returned home with several machine parts.
"The heads of the big! A large number of road and soldier arrays have been found in the vast snake boat! " A moment later Alakazam eyebrow eye smile fart Dian fart came running.
"Road soldier array?"
Alakazam nodded like a garlic and excitedly said, "There are more than 3,000 pieces, each of which is sealed with 5,000 Taoist soldiers, including the vast martial soldiers and the snake and the Taoist soldiers!"
There are more than 3,000 maps of road soldiers closing towns, and there are 5,000 road soldiers in each map? !
Hu-day was pleasantly surprised at the moment.
It’s a great surprise that there are so many troops in a class 2 flying boat of the other side. Is this just a special case or is there a large number of soldiers in Yu Flying Boat?
Suddenly a flash in my mind flashed Hu Tianhu’s eyes suddenly lit up and blurted out, "I see! The other side is trying to attack the sky star and use the sea tactics to destroy the sky temple in one fell swoop. These soldiers are their means. We should thank Yun Fengdao and Bai Yu Monk for causing melee without them. The other side is bound to move these soldiers, which is not as chaotic as the current battlefield. Sending these soldiers is to deliver food. "
Indeed, as Hu Tian thought, the strategy of binghai is simple but real, and the magic commander is trying to flatten the skylight star in turn. Unfortunately, even if he is a super monk in the fit period, he can’t dominate the trend of the whole battlefield.
Before the entanglement between the cloud wind man and the white jade monk, a great war was triggered, and the result gradually led to a melee situation.
This demon-filled overlord lives in the black dragon demon bully boat at this time, although he doesn’t change his face, he also has a headache in the field.
"Master Hu-day destroyed another flying boat of ours," his apprentice, the young Taoist, told carefully.
"This is what you said? Can’t the teacher see it? " The magic handsome eyes flashed a hidden anger.
The young road flyover immediately shuddered.
The fire in the mirror made the magic handsome face dim, and his eyes were full of tyranny and ferocity, staring at Hu Tianfei’s mother ship.