After the Golden Pagoda flew out, a huge flame divination furnace and a mountain-like seal flew out of these flames and flew next to the fire phoenix furnace.

After the stove flew out, it was shaped like a mountain, and Yue Juyin flew out again. As soon as these three Lingbao appeared, they flew to Fang Lianshan.
Will three people suggesting light shake rickety shake number Emei brother 7 bleeding three elders is also a shock shape corners of the mouth overflow a trace of blood.
"Elder!" See three people body shaking a brother look frightened immediately called up these people YueShan also took the opportunity to close to master in charge of heaven mirror LianShan science.
Approaching Zhongyue Mountain, the eyes are gradually full of blood, which is getting redder and redder, full of madness.
Chapter two hundred and thirty Luneberg giant
Yueshan approached Master Lianshan, and a huge Lei Yun appeared in his hand. Everyone couldn’t prevent this Lei Yun from exploding.
This violent explosion instantly shakes Master Lianshan’s body, which will protect the body and shatter Master Lianshan’s hands. The mana in Master Lianshan’s hands is not working properly, and the whole screen will be instantly broken.
In a flash, Luo Fu sent three huge Lingbao to smash them, and the three true immortals were shocked, so there was no way to hold Lingbao.
Take advantage of this instant seven stars, Yin and Yang, life and death array, and a nebula roll will involve all Emei brothers in the array.
The seven stars also shine in an instant, suppressing the three true immortals together with the Lingbao in their hands and covering them into the depths of the array figure, which is completely suppressed.
"Not good!"
Long-browed real people outside suddenly looked shocked when they saw this scene. After that, long-browed real people also looked furious. A string of golden bells ding Rinrin sounded in their hands. This string of bells rattled and sounded brittle, but it was a slight sound that made people feel trance.
After this string of golden bells flew up, the golden dragon surrounded the real person with long eyebrows for a long time, and the eyebrows did not hesitate to fly to the Emei Sect with several symbols in their hands to prepare for the Emei Sect.
Just when the long eyebrows offered a sacrifice to the heavenly bell of science, Taiyuan’s real body moved next to him, and a golden building with golden flames flew leisurely.
On the other side, an old man with a haggard face moved a row of green bamboo swords and blue children around the old man.
When the three men moved, I sent my brother to Emei, and each offered a magic weapon. According to a simple two-instrument dust array, they rolled it towards the seven-star Yin and Yang life and death array.
It is also a last resort to prepare for the destruction of the array. If you hesitate for a moment, it will be beyond redemption. Not only will Emei’s plan become a joke to the whole world.
When the two big factions tried their best to fight, Pu Xian came quickly with 10 thousand monks and soldiers, and soon he reached the edge of Bashu. When Pu Xian arrived, a giant with a height of 100 feet and three giant aojiang like three mountains blocked his way
Looked at the giant aojiang and giant Pu Xian anxious look suddenly a clot eyes also appeared a little worried and frightened mouth slightly humming "luneberg! ?”
After some hesitation, he said to Fang’s huge population, "Longbo people, when you were killed by Taiyi Di Jun, Longbo fell. I heard that when Longbo fell, a pair of brothers fled. Compared with you, you are one of those brothers. If you leave the Louvre school, I am willing to give you a piece of land to help you restore the country."
Looking at the luneberg Pu Xian face more dignified said slowly.
These Lombok people are powerful and almost natural warriors, and each of them is not as powerful as the pick Jin Xian, and the strength of the Lombok kingdom is not as strong as the ancestors.
However, there are few people of this clan, and there are hundreds of them at the peak, which is also the reason why they have not become the overlord of heaven and earth, otherwise the era of the wild will be the hegemony of the three clans.
At that time, Di Jun made this Luneberg join after the establishment of heaven, but the Luneberg refused.
Di Jun Taiyi led an army to capture the Lombok people and killed several desperate people. Two of them disappeared. The original Lombok people were killed by the Ministry. I didn’t expect to hide in the cave of the Louvre Sect, so I could escape the demon race.
Thought of here, Pu Xian’s face became more dignified. I didn’t expect this Louvre faction to have such a strong background. In addition to this Lombard, this giant aojiang strength is also inducements. No matter whether it is successful or not, I will give it a try.
"The Bodhisattva must say more, if the Bodhisattva doesn’t set foot in Bashu, he won’t stop it!"
Ignoring Pu Xian’s words, Luneberg said simply that he had a huge body to stop Pu Xian and a bunch of Buddha soldiers
I can’t help but sigh when I hear it. I am shooting a streamer in my hand and preparing to ask for help from Buddhism again. Otherwise, Emei will suffer heavy casualties this time.
These people have finished the treatment of colorful dragons and deer in the confrontation war. At this time, Gao Cai is already worried. After the treatment, he can’t wait to leave for Bashu.
"I’ve heard about the small Emei Sect of the Louvre Sect. I’m familiar with Ge Xuan. I just went to Huanding Mountain to help the Louvre Sect, and the Emei Sect is so horrible that I have to go!"
Looking at Gao Cai’s barefoot immortal, he said slightly that he would throw the three-legged golden toad to Liu Hai and quickly leave this localized light towards Bashu.
"Let me take you to Bashu!"
Seeing the barefoot fairy leave and recover, the colorful dragon deer smiled at Gao Cai and said that this time he received Gao Cai’s help to restore the colorful dragon deer. He was also grateful in his heart, just taking this opportunity to eliminate the cause and effect.
See colorful dragon deer said Gao Cai devoting a thank you is not polite.
Gao Cai has had this kind of idea since he knew the sect plan. This colorful dragon and deer is an ancient holy beast, but its strength is comparable to that of Luo Jinxian. With the help of this holy beast, the Luofu Sect has gained a little more victory. Otherwise, Gao Cai will not always feel at ease. This colorful dragon and deer has been treated until now.
After devoting to the colorful dragons and deer, Gao Caiwang reached out to Liu Hai and handed him a letter from the barefoot fairy. He smiled and said, "Please brother, I rescued Liu Yi and told him these things."
Liu Hai has a high strength of Yin Shen, so he can’t invite him to help out, otherwise he will be ruined by carelessness, and the founder of Lv Chunyang will not find himself desperately.
After Liu Yi is rescued, Gao Cai also hopes that the Dragon King of Dongting will look after Luofu Mountain for mutual affection to prevent being attacked by people.
After Gao Cai finished, he ignored him and jumped straight back at the colorful dragon deer Gaozui.
Then colorful dragons and deer hoofed and went to the Emei Sect for a moment before they came to Bashu. At this time, the whole Bashu Shaqi rushed to the clouds and Shaqi Xiangyun flashed.
"Elder, please send me to Emei Mountain!"
As soon as I entered Bashu, Gao Cai didn’t plan to go to Huanding Mountain, but went to Emei Mountain for a unique trick.
"Go to Emei? But there are two instruments of dust array to protect you from entering the law. "
Hear Gao Cai going to Emei Mountain, colorful dragon and deer look a little coagulated and can’t help but say
"Please redeem the younger generation to buy one!"
For colorful dragons and deer, Gao Cai smiled and didn’t say it directly. He refined Qing Ji Jingxie’s natural visual prohibition. Gao Cai also couldn’t make up his mind, so he didn’t say it for the time being
"Well, let’s go!"
Colorful dragons and deer didn’t continue to struggle with their bodies and move across layers of emptiness and directly came to Emei Mountain.
Just when Gao Cai was approaching Emei, suddenly there was a flash of light in Emei Mountain and two figures flew out. These two figures smelled terrible.
If it weren’t for the colorful dragons and deer, they were afraid to meet these two figures head-on
Gao Cai took a closer look at these two figures. One is a statue riding a blue god cow with a flute boy, and the last one is a statue with a golden breath and a huge King Kong with a magic sword!
As soon as the two men flew out, the whole world shook, which made Gao Cai’s face change greatly. The look was full of incredible. These two statues are all pick Jin Xian.
This Emei has two statues of Luo Jinxian and Pu Xian, but it is three. When will Luo Jinxian be wholesale? So it will be dangerous for the Luo Fu Sect to send a large array.