Chapter three hundred and seventy-four One punch, two punches

After Qin Changfeng and Dao Xuan agreed on the podium, the top four were quickly decided, namely Qi Hao, Lu Xueqi, Zhang Xiaofan and Zeng.
It’s still the same as the original, but Zhang Xiaofan is somewhat true. Although he won just now through the outbreak of bloodthirsty beads, the fluctuation was not great, and it was noticed by the high-level Qingyun because Qin Changfeng Tower attracted fire.
Now they all want to see Qin Changfeng, the little brother of Tianyin Temple, beaten.
So I was going to continue the semi-final, pause, and tell the four people and all the brothers watching the game why.
When I heard that Qin Changfeng was going to represent Tianyin Temple and the Seven Veins Meeting, the whole square was in an uproar.
"How long has it taken him to be a young monk under twenty to practice and dare to challenge me to the top four in Qingyun?"
"Courage is commendable, but it is too unwise."
"It’s nothing if he loses himself. After all, no one will say much when his age is there, but it’s a disgrace to their Tianyin Temple."
"Hey, four younger brothers and sisters, after all, you have come a long way to save some noodles for others!"
The younger brother who is qualified to shout at the four people in the ring immediately caused the brothers in the ring to burst into laughter.
Qin Changfeng tower also XiaoMi eyes although it is well-intentioned, but this contempt is a bit too naked.
"The first Qingyun Gate will be invited by Uncle Zeng of Feng Huifeng."
Road flyover Cangsong turned a blind eye to everyone’s reaction, thoughtfully for a moment, and then chose to let Zeng be the first to play and compare with Qin Changfeng.
The strongest strength in the original semi-finals is that of Cangsong’s own proud brother Qi Hao. The fight between Qingyun Gate and Tianyin Temple should naturally be played by Qi Hao, but Cangsong obviously has doubts about Qin Changfeng Xiu in his heart, so he sent Zeng to play first to test his reality.
If you have won, you need to beat Qin Changfeng to get to Qi Hao, which is the first in Qingyun;
If you have lost, you can also test Qin Changfeng’s magical power, so as to help Qi Hao take the lead and then play again. It is also fame and fortune to beat Qin Changfeng.
If others can’t see this idea, it is especially the first place where the wind returns to the peak, that is, Zeng Dad and Zeng Shu often feel even more resentful. However, Taoist Cangsong has always been a high position, and at this time he also refuted it.
Qin Changfeng’s tiptoe gently lifted his body, and suddenly he came to the ring where he had won. He fell ten feet apart and folded his hands and said, "Please enlighten me on the method of the little monk Tianyin Temple."
Zeng hurriedly replied, "I’ve seen Faxin’s younger brother before."
The two of them once smiled and looked at Qin Changfeng curiously. Then they lowered their voices and said, "If you are forced by the old guys, let’s just make gestures and make a final draw …"
"Shut up!"
Suddenly there was a huff from the rostrum, and then I heard the people’s congress of Cangsong reprimand, "Did you give you a joke?" You two must fight hard before fighting Qingyun and Tianyin Temple, and no one is allowed to disobey! "
"I know!"
Pine is in charge of Qingyun punishment. The power of the second generation of younger brothers is not empty boasting. After smashing his tongue and revealing an sorry look in Qin Changfeng’s eyes, he righteously said, "You should be careful if you can’t obey the law …"
This is really a kind wake-up. After all, he is also the first popular candidate for this seven-pulse martial arts meeting. If he really works hard, he may not even be able to accept it himself.
Qin Changfeng smiled and nodded with folded hands, and the Buddha’s prayer beads shone in the palm of his hand, which looked quite warm … Zeng Ren seemed not bad, so he was going to leave more face for each other.
Once no longer wordy nodded, his right hand crossed the "zither" in front of him, and one by one, the handle exuded khaki light, and the sword of the fairy family was sacrificed over the mountain.
This sword named Xuanyuan is one of the nine magic weapons in the world. If judged by the standard of the test tower, it should also be a top gold weapon and a very primary epic magic weapon.
Qin Changfeng felt a heavy pressure across the distance. This is not the kind of overbearing pressure, but a kind of heavy pressure with spirit … Xuanyuanjian has always represented a profound belief!
Once a big drink, several khaki rays suddenly rose from his feet and surrounded him with Xuanyuan sword floating in front of him. The whole person felt different, just like the ancient emperor.
Qin Changfeng’s eyebrows slightly raised, and he couldn’t help feeling in his heart that the world of fixing the truth is just an elite second-generation brother’s hand, which has such power that he has adjusted it far beyond his own soil-repairing aura, which has made the power of moves explode.
This is also the advantage of many methods of repairing truth compared with martial arts. They can borrow the power of heaven and earth. The more aura there is, the stronger the power is!
But it’s just that Qin Changfeng has some regrets. It was the foundation after all, and this level still can’t make him really move.
Qin Changfeng hasn’t condensed Tao Dan and canonized the life star, but he can rely on the deep foundation of the past, strong skills, mysterious equipment and mysterious equipment, and he is still convinced that the world can compete with no more than one hand.
He can’t get serious when he plays against Qingyun Gate juniors. He can’t stand still and do his best with Zeng Sheng’s momentum.
"Isn’t this teacher younger brother of Tianyin Temple scared silly?"
All the brothers Qingyun in Taiwan couldn’t help being dumbfounded when they saw it.
With the great efforts of the mysterious earth being integrated into the Xuanyuan sword in front of Zeng, the yellow light of the sword is becoming more and more fierce. Watching the war in the distance, the younger brothers all feel intimidated and forced to mend their knees, and they can’t help but fall back again and again. Many people have changed their colors and seen that they used to be serious.
A roaring Xuanyuan sword suddenly soared tenfold, and a huge sword with a handle turned violently like a falling meteorite to suppress everything.
Qin Changfeng still looks at the tearing gas, forming a cone-shaped airflow in front of him. When the tip of the sword came to the front less than three feet, he raised his right hand and blasted it out with one punch.
Two shining Lei Long roared out, and the Ssangyong play beads generally whirled around the fist to form a millstone composed of Lei Guang, and the Xuanyuan sword crashed into each other.
The loud noise Li Xiaochi was deafening in the yellow thunder.
The sword and the nimbus are spinning wildly in opposite directions, and they are tit for tat.
One should have an absolute advantage by sharing all the forces equally, but the result surprised everyone.
As the light against Huang Ju-jian becomes weaker and weaker, the rotation speed becomes slower and slower. After several breaths, all the sword awn parts collapse and rotate, and the Xuanyuan sword body completely stops showing. Qin Changfeng flies back to the floor in front of Zeng with a single shot and a bang.
The brothers of Taiwan Qingyun were at a loss for a long time and said, "How did this happen?"
Until then, no one wanted to believe the facts in front of him.
When I came to my senses, I pulled up the Xuanyuan sword and went straight back to the sheath and sighed, "I lost my heart because of the unfathomable practice of Faxin!"
He personally defeated others, and there is no doubt that the rostrum Qingyun, including the first one in Tian Buyi, is not dignified
The first defeat they can accept, but they can’t, is such a disparity.
Road flyover Cangsong’s face was as heavy as water on the high platform and shouted, "The second scene was played by …"
"I’ll do it!"
Qi Hao, another challenge, suddenly jumped directly from his mouth and walked away consciously when he saw it.
At Zhang Xiaofan, Qin Changfeng thought whether to help him teach the rival in love a lesson, but the idea was killed by him in a flash … This line is a bit naive.
Qi Hao is also the "zither" with both hands and a white fairy sword. It is his long-standing "ice"
This sword is seven feet long, and the white light flashes rapidly, and it is cold. He knows that the other side is advanced, so he tries his best to use his fingers to move the ice sword to produce ten thousand white lights.
These white light extremely frozen horses quickly coagulate pieces of ice, fog, frost and rolling, and the firm but gentle combination finally forms a white frost wyrm to wrap the ice sword!
The dragons broke and roared in an instant, and the ice stegosaurus was more than ten meters long, like a raging wave rushing through Ling.
Qin Changfeng slightly surprised when listening to "bang, bang" fried beans sounded continuously. frost wyrm unexpectedly accidentally broke that Lei Long Nimbus, which had been left all the time, and it was even more intense, like an angry dragon roaring and rushing to Qin Changfeng.