Tang Wan, like Deng Yin, will never give up the power of blood evil spirit. Although she doesn’t have any crisis, Tang Wan has never been a woman who is willing to take the second place. Since Xin Ruyu, Shen Xuan, the mentoring pair and Chen Ziqin joined the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ one after another, Tang Wan has become more and more aware that she is weak in the face of real masters, except for those sneak attacks and other means, there is really no winning power.

This time, Tang Wan truly realized her thirst for strength for the first time. She knew that if she could no longer improve her strength, it might not be long before her ghost spirit with the title of "Killing Elf" became a spectator as the enemy became more severe. Although Tang Wan had Yi Yu in her heart, if it became a beautiful but false vase, it was not something that Tang Wan could bear.
At the sight of Deng Yin shooting a golden light to intercept the Yin-addicted jack-o’-lantern, Tang Wan couldn’t help showing a cold smile at the corners of her mouth, which made people feel creepy. Just see her hand change a few printing formulas and then look at that. Suddenly, the shadow of Yin-addicted jack-o’-lantern flashed to one point and three points!
Deng Yin slightly one leng andao "indeed as expected some doorways seems to be prepared! But I don’t know if it’s someone secretly. I’m Deng Yin’s enemy. "Although I don’t understand it in my heart, it’s not time to explore cause and effect. I will see Deng Yin’s hand once again fly out two golden lights in a row to intercept and separate those two green mans.
Tang Wan sneer at a way "hum! Do you play with me a lot? I have a hundred thousand ghosts, and I should always be afraid of you because I am addicted to ghosts! " After that, I saw that her technique changed again, and she was mumbling. Then I saw that the three green awns were each divided into three points to form a nine-palace battle array and run faster!
Deng Yin slightly one leng, his first reaction was "illusion", but nearly a thousand years of experience in fixing the truth made him confident that there was no illusion that could fool him to perceive that the green light at nine o’clock in front of him was real energy, and Deng Yin finally locked his eyebrows and showed dignified color.
Look at Deng Yin eyes a folded turned out to be a direct yuan god control spells that shot out three golden light precipitous surge unexpectedly directly rushed to the Tang Wan jack-o’-lantern front to form an optical network! At this time, the distance is too close. If Tang Wan wants to manipulate the jack-o’-lantern to change direction, he can’t come. He hears a series of "rumbling" rings for nine times. After that, Deng Yin’s golden net is still standing alone, while Tang Wan’s nine-point jack-o’-lantern has faded away.
Yin Su-tang and Xun Lan-yin are both depressed. Now that Deng Yin is on guard, I’m afraid it will be difficult to cut him off from the blood evil spirit again! However, Tang Wan did not feel discouraged at all. He still smiled and seemed to have some pride.
At this time, the urgent need has been solved. When Deng Yin stood up, she turned her head and looked at it at a glance and saw Tang Wan. The three of them couldn’t help but feel angry in their hearts. "It turned out that these three smelly bitches actually wanted bad old things and good things. When I received the blood, I must let you women know that I am Deng Yin!"
It was when the blood god was cruel that he suddenly felt wrong, and then he showed a surprised look. Deng Yin suddenly felt connected with the blood evil spirit, and those soul-eating bloodshot eyes were suddenly broken! Although Deng Yin was almost furious at this time, he didn’t have time to think about who calculated him and quickly used his means to remedy it.
Look at that bloody evil spirit, just like a nutritional dementia, motionless but suddenly crazy! The thick blood fog spurted out and escaped, devouring everything around it crazily. Because it was calm just now, many curious monks were close to the blood evil spirit, but now it has become the population’s food. Fiona Fang dozens of feet can escape less than ten or two.
Tang Wan clapped his hands and smiled gently. "All right!"
Yin Su-tang and Xun Lan are both slightly one leng. Just now, watching her play out’ Yin addicted to jack-o ‘lantern’ was stopped by Deng Yin’s spell. How did this succeed?
Tang Wan also saw that they were puzzled and laughed. "The two sisters are puzzled. Do you want your little sister to explain something?"
Yin Su-tang laughed angrily. "You ghost girl, don’t sell it!"
Tang Wan smiles. "Two sisters, please think how can I catch this fire since it’s called’ Yin addicted to jack-o’? The so-called’ yin addiction’ as its name implies is secretly eating! " If you want to know the funeral, please go back to Who Will Catch the Cicada.
Back to the three hundred and twentieth who will catch cicadas?
Wan’s smugness is like smiling like a fox who just stole a chicken. "Yin addiction is secretly eating?" What to eat? Chicken? My lovely little fox. "
Tang Wan Chen Tao "Su Tangjie! What a nuisance! You will bully others and wait for a while. I will tell my master that he will not spank you! "
Yin element siu-tong face a red road "good good! Also said that I bullied you, you are such a big backer, how dare I bully you! So you’re saying that the green flame just now is not really a ghost fire! "
Tang Wan laughed. "No, that’s true, but I added some color. Otherwise, how can you cheat the blood god Deng Yin?"! The real killing trick has already been shot out first. Although it is a small trick, it seems that the effect is not bad! "
Yin Su Tang said, "The effect is really good. What do you want to do in that step? What do you need my sister to do? "
Tang Wan smiled and looked at the blood evil spirit eyes put out two greedy eyes "step nature is to eat the big red cake! Deng Yin, the barbarian, wants to swallow a whale, but if he is a girl, he can’t open his mouth so wide or bite the cicada. "
A listen to Tang Wanyan Yin Su-tang and Xun Lan-yin all showed serious color. You know, if you want to devour blood and evil energy at a low eyelid of Deng Yin, it’s different from taking food from others, but it’s far more dangerous than just making some trouble for him. Maybe Deng Yin will try very hard!
Xun Lan said with a positive color, "Sister Tang Wan, you must think it over. In that case, you can have a dead enemy with Deng Yin."
Tang Wan sneer at a way: "We’ve come to be sworn enemies. What’s more hatred than killing my father and taking my wife? And Deng Yin and our host are just taking away their wives and hating each other. Although Sister Dirty and Deng Yin are a nominal couple, he can’t stand it just in person! And our host is even more vengeful. Our family and Deng Yinji have no room for relaxation. "
Xun Lan smiled and said, "In that case, I won’t say anything else, but I will put my words first. Deng Yin’s theory is like that. He used to be our martial uncle, and now he is still a nominal ally. I’m afraid it’s hard for me to help you."
Yin element siu-tong sneer at andao in the heart "hum! It’s so easy to sit quietly without offending Deng Yin and seeing his bad luck! " Smiled. "Lan Yinmei is joking, but where is the blood god Deng Yin here? Isn’t that a Taoist from Longhushan? This man has ulterior motives and fanned the flames. Surely he is not a good man! Presumably, the Emei Sect always leads the way to subdue demons and eliminate demons. "
Xunlan because of a slight ash andao "hum! Actually play word games with me. Anyway, even if you tell the truth, I just won’t do it. "
See Xunlan should not be Yin Su-tang’s face because of laughing, but when she wants to say something, she is interrupted by Tang Wan. "Don’t worry, Sister Su-tang, now that Deng Yin is fighting with blood evil spirits. If I used to get some blood evil spirits, he didn’t have the energy to be distracted to take care of me. Therefore, if Deng Yin gives up blood evil spirits to attack us, it will be beneficial for many people here to shuttle between factions. I believe that he can’t be pursued without scruple. Although our sisters may not beat Deng Yin, they will wait until later. When the time comes, what about our whole family? Are we still afraid of that lonely blood god? "
Yin Su-tang nodded and said, "So all right."
Tang Wan said to Xun Lan again, "If you don’t go with us because of elder sister Lan, don’t you? I’m afraid if the other gangsters meet their sisters, they won’t easily come to make trouble and go to a lot of unnecessary fights. "
Xunlan’s face was slightly stiff, although he refused, but people didn’t let you take the lead. He came to keep an eye on it. If this is not appropriate, I’m afraid it’s hard to talk to each other in the future. What’s more, there are Jixia’s sisters! And now her son, Ji Jinchan, is still in foster care in the Pure Land of Blissfulness, thinking of some Xun Lanyin and no longer hesitating to smile, "This is natural."
Tang Wan smiles, "So Wan’er will bother the two sisters with my rear wing one step ahead." As soon as the voice falls, she will see her suddenly turn into a Bai Hong and go straight to the blood.
Xunlan looked at Yin Su-tang around him and smiled, "You are a special sister in Tang Wan!"
Yin Su-tang smiled and nodded, "Yes! Sister Tang Wan is really not simple, but now in our’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, which sister is the oil lamp saver? Even the Qin sisters, who were not well received in your Emei Sect, are very different now! "
However, Xunlan is not jealous and smiles. "I’m relieved that you can be good. Even if anything happens to us in the future, their sister and brother can have a place to live."–
Said that Tang Wan soon has reached the edge of the blood evil spirit. At this time, it is the blood fog surging and swallowing people’s lives. Around the blood evil spirit, Fiona Fang Baizhang is once again able to breathe. Tang Wan stands up and carefully observes the movement of the blood evil spirit. Although she is a ghost, she is not afraid of blood evil spirit corrosion, but Tang Wan will never be half-hearted in hostile wartime.
At this time, I saw three young monks not far from Tang Wan. When I saw that Tang Wan was too far ahead and was a great beauty, I might have taken pity on her and shouted, "That female Taoist friend over there also asked me to retreat from the danger here!" Presumably, these three people should have just rushed in from the hole in the Ziyun barrier. The friar didn’t notice that this beauty was the deadlier than the male who just tortured the master Huineng of Aries Temple.
Although a little nosy, people always mean well, but Tang Wan didn’t bite everywhere. The mad dog heard someone shouting, woke up, smiled and nodded, "Thank you, Taoist friend!" Say don’t retreat into directly rushed into the man-eating blood evil spirit!
At first sight, the three men all lamented,’ It’s a pity that such a wonderful person should commit suicide!’ However, when they waited for Tang Wan to step into the blood fog and turn into blood, they all showed consternation. When they saw Tang Wan, it was like a mouse seeing a cat. They didn’t throw their weight around just now. They were far away and gave up the size of three feet. Tang Wan walked through it!
This can be below many people’s glasses, and they have eaten several times, but all the monks know how bad the blood evil spirit is. For Tang Wan, the wandering is generally leisurely and sighing, but those monks who came in later have never experienced the blood evil spirit and killed Wei personally. Now they see a very beautiful woman so easily and some people are competitive.
At this moment, I saw a Taoist priest in Tsing Yi flying straight for the golden boat, but there was a distance in front of him that was stopped by the blood fog. He needed a slight turn to let the past pass, but at this moment, the Taoist priest summed it up in his mind.’ If I could walk through the blood fog directly at this time, wouldn’t it be a great honor! When the time comes, no one in the East China Sea will give me a thumbs-up and look at the blood fog in front of me. At best, it’s just a few feet, and it must not hurt me …’
It was his fluky psychology that ruined his own life, so when it comes to any time, don’t take the slightest fluky heart to take risks to do things that can or can’t be done. The Tsing Yi Taoist priest has already lost a pool of blood while still dreaming a dream.
Although this is a small episode in the whole chaotic situation, it is this small episode that tells everyone that it is not as far away as you can play the game, but also more impressive that Tang Wan is extraordinary. At this time, almost all eyes of Ziyun Barrier are focused on the blood evil spirit and Tang Wanshen.
Will see that Tang Wan didn’t hesitate to rush the blood evil spirit next to a sickle is cut to at this time the blood evil spirit with Deng Yindou fierce more didn’t expect that there is a person here can have no scruples about it blood fog attack to come near! Off-guard doesn’t even have a little meaning to hide, so he was actually killed by Tang Wan. That bloody evil spirit was actually cut off by a tenth of his body!
Until now, the blood was wasted, not only the hateful human in the distance, but also the human around it! However, although it has been cut off, it will be able to restore its strength without loss if it is wrapped into the body again.
Looking at the blood evil spirit struggled to recover the broken body Tang Wan couldn’t help sneer at a "hum! Do you still want to take back what I stare at? " Just see her fingers a blaster out five moss soon will be the cut blood evil spirit body net pile up a strong.