Baiyunfang City, the safest island in the Thousand Islands chain of Baigui Island, has closed Yueyu Island, where five monks from the east are stationed, and monks from various immortal forces in the east are sent.

These monks formed a chain of demons and Taoist monks to encircle the Thousand Islands, and joined forces to return to the true Xuanzong and float the bodhi old zu.
However, the Coalition forces have been stationed in Baigui Island for several months, and there is still no intention of going northward at this time.
A dozen people are gathering in a courtyard house in Baiyunfang City.
The first is the three ancestors who are responsible for conquering the magic road, the true ancestor Xuanzong, the floating ancestor, the ancestor Ziyun, the ancestor Yunxi, and the other two ancestors all had the early repair of Yuanying except the floating ancestor who was a monk in the middle of Yuanying.
More than a dozen monks gathered here in the golden elixir period, except for five monks in the late golden elixir period, came from the powerful and medium-sized forces such as Voldemort Sect and Tianfumen Sect.
The forces of the Thousand Islands Chaitu Xiandao are busy pressing their respective territories, and there is a lot of turmoil. Many forces are hard to protect themselves, so how can they send troops to Baigui Island?
That is to say, the forces of the Thousand Islands chain are no longer sufficient to deal with this magic chaos, and the five major factions have led the eastern monks to support the Thousand Islands chain battlefield
Tianfumen led a team of elders and respectfully said, "Recently, three seniors and younger generations discovered that many forces of the Thousand Islands chain soil have secretly joined forces with magic. If the influence is too bad, we should punish them early to prevent more forces from joining forces with magic."
Hearing this, the ancestor of Yunxi, Ziyun Zong, was slightly shocked. "Is this happening?"
Listening to Taoge’s gossip, the bodhi old zu said coldly, "These powerful monks are willing to degenerate, and it is a normal trend to break the Sect and destroy the door."
Cloud bodhi old zu frowning slightly but did not immediately.
But he didn’t say anything, and no one could do anything.
"Let’s send someone to warn you first. If these forces are stubborn again, let’s do it according to the words of the bodhi old zu."
Immediately, he looked at the five monks from the five major factions and said, "Warning, you can discuss it."
Five people hand answered "yes"
Seeing this, the elders led by various medium-sized forces will no longer speak.
"Are we in the dark?"
Seeing the true Xuanzong elder, he said, "We planted a lot of magic intelligence in the middle and high levels of the magic road."
The floating bodhi old zu continued to ask, "How long do you think the Xiandao forces in the northern section of the sea can last?"
Floating bodhi old zu will draw more magic monks out with the help of various immortal forces in the northern section, but he doesn’t want the situation to collapse completely, which will cause too much loss
In this way, it is necessary to grasp the right time to make moves, which requires detailed information on the progress of the Taoist priest and the forces of the Xiandao in the northern section
"At first, several wars broke out, but the magic road side gradually slowed down, and then the fairy road forces slowed down, and the two sides had a tacit understanding."
The floating bodhi old zu nodded, "It’s not bad when you exchange it."
When the Xiandao forces in the northern section are exchanged, the longer they persist in the magic offensive, the more magic monks will be involved, which makes the blood-hatred cave Bones Mountain monks deeply involved.
When the five factions lead the right way forces to counterattack, the greater the payment will be, especially in the blood-hatred cave, Bones Mountain will definitely suffer heavy losses.
But the true Xuanzong elder hesitated and said, "There is a special case."
"There is a special case? Let’s hear it "
Floating bodhi old zu quite curious way
"The news came back that Qiu Ying, the left protector of Bones Mountain, the three major forces of the Magic Way, had captured more than a dozen monks in the then period and thousands of monks in the practice period and the foundation period, and killed them in the meteorite sea area east of Feiling sea area, bent on destroying the Ling family in the meteorite sea area."
There was a sudden change in the look of the elders of various factions. Some people made their debut. "More than ten monks in the then period? That Ling family is finished. "
"Yes, so many monks in the then period may not be able to withstand the attack even if we wait for our master."
Some of the medium-sized forces in the field know the Ling family, and some don’t know that the Ling family can deny that the Ling family can stop more than a dozen monks from attacking then.
All the elders and disciples who can come here are the top, and the medium-sized influence families have profound knowledge. Even the elders of these forces say so, which shows how big it is for more than ten monks in the then period to join hands.
Hearsay bodhi old zu also said, "I know this sendoh family. When I was in the waters of Tianqin, the heads of the fathers personally took the people to listen to it and then dispatched it."
I never thought that I would be wiped out by the magic way today and I would take revenge when I counterattacked later. "
It’s obvious that the bodhi old zu doesn’t recognize that the Ling family can stop more than a dozen monks from attacking then. I feel that the Ling family has been destroyed by the magic way at this time.
The words of everyone embarrassed the true Xuanzong elder. He coughed lightly for two times to hide his embarrassment, and then said to the bodhi old zu in the wind, "The elder Ling family was not destroyed by the magic way, but insisted on the magic way attack."
"What? I actually stopped a dozen monks from attacking? "
"This … how is this possible?"
"How did they do it?"
Before the bodhi old zu talk, elders then exclaimed.
Is three baby bodhi old zu eyes also shone with strange look ears bodhi old zu light doubt "oh? That Ling family has such strength? "
The true Xuanzong elder explained, "It is said that one of the ten monks in the magic way then stage was the younger generation of the Xiushi clan in the hidden magic way who joined hands to kill a monk in the magic way then in the middle stage."
In addition, there is also a monk in Ling’s family in the later period of then, but that man is not a brother of Ling’s, saying that he owes a favor to Ling’s family to help Ling.
The man suddenly made a move in the middle of the way, and one side did not react. A monk was killed in the early days of then. "
"There are twelve monks attacking Ling Shi, which leaves nine people. As soon as Ling Shi changes, there are seven monks hearing that there is a day ship in the clan, so the gap between Magic Road and Ling Shi is small.
Garring’s large array of guardians is decorated by martial uncle. Even if there is a strong third-order array, it is not a problem to resist the attack of the Taoist priest. "
As soon as the voice fell, the elder then was shocked and asked, "Seven monks in the then period have this strength?"
Soon someone said, "With such strength, our master is not much different. I can’t believe that there is another Baiyun Gate in the northern section of the Thousand Islands chain."
Wait a minute. Isn’t it the Ling family that destroyed Baiyun Gate in the meteorite sea area? "
The elder next to him knew something about Ling’s family. "Baiyun Gate was not destroyed by Ling’s family, but Ling also participated."
The true Xuanzong elder continued, "After the incident, I paid more attention to the Ling family and sent people to investigate this family, only to find that the strength of this family is not limited to this."
"What? Ling’s strength does not stop there? Friends can’t joke. "
"Yes, I haven’t heard much about Ling’s family before. How can this family suddenly have such strength?"
All the elders then don’t calm down. Just the strength shown by Ling Shi is not much different from their legacy. If Ling Shi still hides strength, wouldn’t it be said that this Ling Shi family is already able to compete with the top medium-sized forces?
Don’t say that you haven’t heard of the Godsworn of the Ling family, even if you know the Ling family, it’s hard to keep calm.
The northern section of the Thousand Islands chain is a group of wolves, but suddenly a tiger appears. Can it not be shocking?
The bodhi old zu with gossip smiled. "The Ling family is very good."
Floating bodhi old zu stroked his beard as if thinking about something.
Elder Zhen Xuanzong continued, "The hidden strength of the Ling family should not be out of date, but it is urgent. I have not investigated the situation of the Ling family’s 10,000 islands chain for the time being."
Suddenly, the floating ancestors said, "The Ling family is good."
His voice is not small, but it is very clear. Everyone looks at him and doesn’t understand his meaning.