Chapter four hundred and sixty-six Four big islands Tuofeiyu islands five big demon town tripartite!

Ling finally ushered in the great development period of Qingdao-Danhai sea area in Wanshi Islands chain.
There are four islands in the sea area controlled by Ling, and four demon territories in the former east.
The four islands are different in size, environment and products, etc. Ling named the four islands: the big crescent islands, the small crescent islands, the rocky islands and the flying feathers islands.
The Great Crescent Archipelago has the largest area, and the largest number of islands are located in the easternmost Terran Extension, which is directly adjacent to it.
The whole crescent archipelago is in a crescent shape, the east side is sunken and the west side is protruding. If a Terran monk attacks, it is easy to be surrounded by monster tides from three sides.
And the owner here, that is, once one of the four great demons was the strongest among the four great demons, which vaguely meant a breakthrough to the third order.
Unfortunately, Nai was killed before he broke through.
The small crescent islands are located in the southwest of the large crescent islands, and also have a meniscus concave surface facing south and north.
Although it is called the small crescent islands, it is not much smaller. The sea area is less than that of the big crescent islands, and the islands cut are two-thirds of the islands cut by the big crescent islands.
The sea area of the Rock-touching Islands has reached three quarters of the crescent islands, but there are many more islands in the sea area.
However, these islands are somewhat different because there are many coral reef islands in the rocky islands.
There are a large number of coral reef islands here, and there are countless passages in the dense part. I don’t know how many monsters live in them. They haunt by virtue of their geographical advantages.
Although a large number of Terran monks have not set foot here yet, Ling people have been able to predict that a large number of Terran monks will be buried there.
Even so, Ling is not prepared to eradicate the Touchrock Islands. First of all, considering that the Touchrock Islands are too large, it takes too long to eradicate the Touchrock Islands.
There are a large number of monster beasts hidden in the sub-touching rock islands, and it is uncertain whether there are any big monsters there. If we really want to solve the problems there, the number of human and material losses will be huge.
Ling’s existing strength and conditions can’t afford to be lost. Even if you barely make it, the harvest is not proportional to the whole family, and it is even disabled.
Finally, the danger often indicates the opportunity. Although the rocky islands are dangerous, a large number of Terran monks will die, but there will also be a large number of Terran monks to find their own opportunities and go further.
Monster kills human monks, while human monks also kill monster beasts. In that complex and changeable environment, terran monks must be extremely vigilant. It is really a good whetstone to have more combat experience and the absolute rise of combat level.
It is these considerations that led the Ling family to decide not to solve the rocky islands problem, which may become a feature of the Ling family extension area.
In the whole North Sea, there is no shortage of places like the Rock-touching Islands. It can be said that there are many places that are particularly dangerous. Naturally, adult monks are forbidden.
Against those places that are not so dangerous, they become terran monks’ grindstones and a few terran monks’ grindstones, and a big filtration is suitable for the survival of the fittest.
Ling also needs to make a careful exploration of the Touching Rock Islands to determine the degree of danger of the islands, and then dare to let the monks go into the middle of training.
Feiyu Archipelago is located in the Rock-touching Archipelago of the Great Crescent Archipelago and the Small Crescent Archipelago.
So the four islands are not far apart. According to the Terran definition, these four islands can also form a sea area, but at present, Ling has no plans to reinvent the wheel.
Whether from the location of Feiyu Islands or from other aspects, this archipelago is definitely a treasure.
First of all, compared with the rocky islands, the small coral reef islands in the Feiyu Islands are relatively large in area.
Most of the spiritual veins in the sub-feather islands are different from those in the big crescent islands, and there are a few spiritual veins in the small crescent islands. Most of the spiritual veins are under the sea.
This also leads to the fact that even though the Great Crescent Islands and the Small Crescent Islands have a large number of spiritual veins, they are not suitable for vigorous development because the investment is too high.
This monster is a flying monster with a large number of birds because most of the Lingmai Islands are occupied by it.
The Feiyu Islands will develop very well. It is necessary to hunt and drive away the monster Ling’s spirit pulse.
Then you can dig out the spiritual field or do something else, which is better than robbing the spiritual vein of the sea floor.
To put it bluntly, it is difficult for human monks to benefit from the spiritual veins under the sea. Human monks prefer land spiritual veins such as islands, and many industries have been derived from the spiritual veins.
Ling is sure to vigorously develop the Feiyu Islands, and he is also careful in exploring the Feiyu Islands.
The island where the big bird demon lair is located is very few, and Ling attaches great importance to it because it has a medium-sized vein, several small veins and many miniature veins 3.
The four monks of Ling’s family all recognized that it was the most appropriate place to put the family’s ten thousand islands chain headquarters here.
This Ling family named the island Feiyu Island.
When outsiders hear about Feiyu Island, Feiyu Islands are the main island of Feiyu Islands.
Feiyu Island is irregular in shape, with the strongest point of 171 Li and the widest point of 132 Li, which is a good small island.
The overall trend of the island is that the height of the northwest is high and the height of the southeast is reduced, thus forming a river flowing from northwest to southeast.
Because of the topography, there are more than a dozen tributaries on both sides of the river, which flow west, east and southwest respectively, making the southern part of the island form a plain with dense water network in the west and east.
A large number of miniature veins are scattered on the island, and several small veins are scattered in the densely covered plain. The only medium-sized vein is in the mountains in the northwest.
If the Ling family really wants to take root in the Wan Islands chain, it is necessary to move some Ling people to live here.
The water network plain is quite suitable for ordinary people to live in, and their physical life expectancy is much longer with miniature spiritual veins releasing aura to moisten them.
Of course, this is a long time later, and the chain of the Wanling Islands has just started.
There are many spiritual trees growing in the mountains of northwest China. These spiritual trees are tall trees because they have never been cut down. They are very thick and are good raw materials for building seagoing ships.
In the deepest part of the mountains, there is a big tree with a height of 60 feet. The trunk needs dozens of people to hug and divide it out. The branches need dozens of people to hug and the crown is lush, covering hundreds of feet of Fiona Fang.
The nest of the monster bird is the largest branch of this tree.
There are still many elixirs in the mountains, but they are not very valuable compared with Lingshu.
At this time, when Ling Youdao stepped on the tree and stood beside the square, several Ling brothers.
"RenAn I just took you to fly a circle. What do you think of this place? Can you stay in the family? "
Smell speech lingren’ an laughed. "juwan, this tree can grow so tall that it far exceeds all the surrounding spiritual trees. It is because of this that the tree has taken root in the island’s only medium-sized spiritual eye."
It has been nourished by strong aura all the year round, which has broken through its own limitations and grown to this day.
If my nephew expects it, the spirit eye will be the main root of the tree. "
Ling Youdao laughed. "The array mage is really extraordinary. It took the three of us several days to find the eye. You just turned around and found it."
"The second uncle is joking, and the real nephew also has a guess."