This led to the emergence of a little light around the world, and soon it would become an illusory figure.

Then the sword in his hand was connected with the eyebrows, the tip of the tongue and the heart of Daqing pig.
Suddenly, there was a blue, yellow and red blood bursting out from three places and drawing an arc into a bowl.
When Yingying fills a bowl, the whole pig becomes unreal.
But the blood in the bowl exudes all kinds of greed, unwillingness, irritability, hatred, obsession, obsession and so on.
It’s the gathering of the toxic blood of greed, ignorance and anger.
Then he recited the mantra of heaven and earth in his mouth, held a sword, and wrote a curse to remove filth. At the same time, he gathered half of the spirits of Lingfan.
Stay Fu Chengji left hand thunder seal.
Cried ling, writing a charm clanked like gold and iron.
Daodao Lingguang heaven and earth rippled and washed the polluted air around.
The sword in the hand of a brainwave pierced the spirit, and when it flashed, the spirit burst like a burning flame.
He will lead the blood bowl filled with greed, ignorance and anger, and the curse of heaven and earth will continue in his mouth.
With the continuous convergence of heaven and earth, three bowls of dirty poison are gradually clearer than three poisonous blood and three clean waters.
A brainwave releases the sword, making the left hand hold the bowl and the right hand take water and sprinkle it in all directions first, which makes the gathered light more pure.
Then sprinkle the remaining three clean water three times and nine times on yourself, the green pig and the coffin respectively.
When a bowl of water is spilled clean, I feel a sense of clarity, and I have a better understanding of the Book of the Imperial Spirit of the Beast.
The original unreal shape of the case green pig has solidified somewhat, and its appearance seems to have faded somewhat.
At the same time, the coffin figure gradually turned into an image of a man with three heads and six arms and holding a magic weapon.
After a brainwave, I put the bowl in my hand, and the green pig stood up and still turned into a pig’s head, and there was a clever flag behind him.
Compared with the previous ferocious appearance, it is a little more sacred at this time.
He nodded his head with satisfaction, and turned the law tactic into income.
Lingqing looked at the positive solution altar and nodded his head with satisfaction.
Previously, after a brainwave came to the gambling house and collected a lot of poisonous gas, he finally refined the poisonous blood after half a year.
Nowadays, the practice of talent altar sacrifices its own light after purification.
This green pig sacrifice is not like a heavenly horse stepping on the dust, nor is it as fierce as a tiger Lei Yin fist and as changeable as a golden monkey Qi Tian Yin.
Even for their own achievement method and mana rise, they are not as good as those of Baihui Long Bian and Bailu Town.
But it can purify one’s greed, ignorance and anger, refine one’s aura, improve one’s qualifications, and lay a foundation in the future.
When you get to the fairyland, you have to go through three disasters if you want to refine your spirit and refine your spirit.
At that time, the more lucid you are, the greater your chances of spending time in Du Jie.
Therefore, the secret method of Du Jie’s former metropolis has eliminated the evil thoughts of body and mind and reduced the power of disaster
At this time, a brainwave has cultivated this practice, and it will be much easier than the average person to take a robbery.
Even if the fairyland is too far away for him, it is also a real benefit to refine his aura and improve his qualification.
The sacrifice of the green pig is neither a day’s work nor a success, which requires constant practice in the future.
If you have accumulated enough toxic blood, you can cultivate your own brilliance and improve your own qualifications by purifying the purified water.
Lingqing discussed the advantages and disadvantages of this method with a brainwave and took three people to Beppu.
At this time, however, a figure suddenly appeared in the sea.
Seeing Lingqing and others wanting to leave, they quickly shouted, "Is there a halal person in Tianxin Island Road ahead?"
Chapter four hundred and sixty-seven The dragon banquet post practice cruel
Lingqing turned to look, but it was a face like indigo hair like cinnabar with huge fangs and a big axe.
When not from one leng.
The hag saw him stop and shouted, "I’m a sea-patrol hag at Aoren Taimen, Ryukyu Flame Palace."
I’m so glad to come to my house today. I’d like to see you! "
Lingqing immediately knew after hearing it, and immediately asked a brainwave to come over.
In the East China Sea, except the Dragon King in the sea area under the jurisdiction of the Dragon King Crystal Palace in the East China Sea.
Anyone who cultivates an adult, a fairy, a dragon and a grandson has the advantage of building a tooth.
And Aoren, the Great Palace, is the famous Ryukyu Flame Palace.
Soon a brainwave brought him over, and Lingqing looked at him and felt a little trance.
I think he got a drop of hag jingxie from Mujing Rou when he was in Montenegro.
After the opportunity, the ghost pawn template will be promoted to the ghost, and this will only open the wild road.
Although he has also obtained many templates of elements and vitality since then, the ghost has not moved the template.
In the sight of this hag, it seems that there is a difference between seeing the hag king when refining the hag Jingxue with him, but one is the ghost king in hell and the other is the sea patrol messenger.
Not only do you come from different backgrounds, but this power level is also a lot worse.
"Little Li Gu has seen a Muslim. This is my family’s letter snail. Please have a look at it." This hag Li Gu came to Lingqing and took out a snail shell from her arms.
This snail-shell spirit knows that it is a kind of phonetic snail, and then the spell can be sealed.
Lingqing will take the top of the shell and input a mana AoRenYin immediately from it.
After some pleasantries, he said that the purpose of his trip was to invite him to the upcoming Hualong banquet.
At the same time, he also said that he had sent invitations to Taoist Lingdao and others, and invited everyone to come.
That’s all.
At this time, Lingqing suddenly realized that she and others had been here for more than half a year before she knew it.
I believe that after the dragon banquet, everyone will be able to leave.
"Being original already knows the messenger Li, please come in and sit down." Lingqing listened to put away the left-behind screw and invited Li Gu.
This phonograph is not only a letter to him, but also an invitation to attend the Dragon Banquet at the Crystal Palace in the East China Sea.
Li Gu didn’t expect Lingqing to be so approachable as a real person who is too friendly to others.