"According to statistics, a player earns about two gold a day in the game, but the actual income is 3-4 silver except for expenses, weapons expenses, food purchases, etc. Then according to the average profit of the intermediary network, it is concluded that the gold price in the early 100 s is more in line with the income of urban residents." Bai Wendao "The high income of gold prices will depreciate, which is what it means to say that some people have high income and at the same time reduce the living standards of others."

Chapter seventy-one Wave visit
"Are you bored to talk about such boring data at breakfast?" Hua Yingying first despised the two men and then asked, "Wu Xin and Lao Bai, is it true that you said earlier that the second young master of the Lin regiment came to our house today?"
"If he hadn’t cheated my feelings at night," Wu Xin replied and asked, "What?"
Hua Yingying didn’t pay attention to his questioning. "So who told that who came to my house to play late? You must not know who will come to Erh Lin today … which Erh Lin is less? Lam Tuan, what else … Come and see who can win the prize. "
Wu Xin and Bai Wen looked at each other for a while. Wu Xin asked, "I heard that love is selfish."
"What do you know? If a sister successfully breaks into the enemy’s department, then a group of sisters will break into the enemy’s department in the future." Hua Yingying stretched out two fingers into a V to show her white teeth.
Bai Wen shook his head. "Ying Ying friends have to say that although it is a trend to find rich people now, it is inappropriate and risky to measure love and marriage by money."
"I know what you want to say," Hua Yingying said. "Don’t you like logical analysis, Laobai? Let’s logically analyze whether I am a poor little girl and a rich little girl. Let’s not say that being rich and small can bring intuitive benefits to girls for the time being. Even if this girl is as jealous of wealth as the Seven Fairies, she is married to a poor little girl. I want to ask you whether you have a good chance of getting worse after being poor and small, or a good chance of getting worse after being rich and small? " Some people dare to make love chemical, and Hua Yingying dares to make happiness probabilistic.
"This ….." Wu Xin and Bai Wen looked at each other again. This problem is too profound. It strongly exposed that most men are poor in quality and money … It’s just a change of life. Of course, money will become a beautiful woman’s goal, and most men are not easy to hold their busts, not only because of physical needs, but also because they are poor to rich and successfully meet psychological beauty’s body to prove their value, and then they will see chloasma, secretion disorder and nagging more and more … The more unhappy the yellow-faced woman is, the less bad the rich is, and the less bad it
Hua Yingying nodded. "Of course, we don’t mind finding someone as brave as Lao Bai. Some people like you are rare, but we do find poor little women as the ancient people say. We are not noble in yearning for materials. Of course, we don’t object to romantic gambling when love really happens."
"I said to her that I also have people who are rare … not rare at all." Wu Xin took a hard bite of the egg. "But the British said it was true, just like men reading YY novels, don’t they all want women to be beauty queens? It’s best for the school flower to have a rich and powerful family. Of course, it’s best for this school flower to be the most loved or heir. If you don’t have a fortune of millions, you are embarrassed to sleep with the protagonist. Dollars! The first condition of the hostess is that the family has billions of dollars to prepare, and a word can affect the lives of three billion people on the earth. "
"School flower!" Bai Wen sighed that "ordinary-looking women should not be disturbed by the negative influence brought by this term"
"This issue is no longer discussed," Hua Yingying said. "The day after tomorrow is a good day for me to return to work after a week’s leave. I seriously warn that if I still can’t work for some reason, I will return the rent favorably."
"Ha Ying, you can’t be so unlucky." Wu Xin’s quick work has made a lot of trouble this week … injury and panda eye blame.
At seven o’clock in the evening, Wu Xin answered the phone and reported to his residence. Then Wu Xin greeted him and said that he had bought something out of the door, and then he checked the nearby camera. Then he found a residual IC card outside the street. Then he got ready to grab the microphone and dial 11 "A wanted man was found on the second floor of the international club!" Then hang up and leave.
Well … it’s true that we must say yes, but everyone is not perfect. For example, Bai Wenai stays in bed, Hua Yingying likes Qian Qian Wuxin, and of course it can’t be a saint. When I heard that my ex-girlfriend was getting engaged, I should also say that Wuxin knows the law. I know that Fei Jing will be punished by public security for lying falsely, but the problem is that I won’t admit it. Besides, it’s impossible for the criminal investigation brigade to detain a person with no criminal record for a few days and make a big fuss about collecting evidence. Even if he did, Wu Xin didn’t leave any evidence.
I want to say that Wu Xin is not a perfect person. Some people say that Emperor is not perfect because he doesn’t love sports, Guanyin is not perfect because she never changes clothes, and Wu Xin is not perfect because he lied about Fei Jing.
At 7: 40, the waves knocked at the White House gate!
Wave is medium height, 7-5 meters tall, face is slightly fleshy, Hua Yingying has a fitness habit of about 65 to 70 kilograms by visual inspection, often basks in the sun, looks and moves, and talks casually. Hua Yingying concludes that it is quite good for this person to be a friend, and whether he can be a partner will continue to be observed …
The luggage is as simple as a small travel bag, which is estimated to be as simple as Wuxin’s life needs. Just change the laundry.
"Why does she keep staring at me?" Wave wiped his forehead with a cold sweat and asked him if he felt stripped naked.
"Well …" Wu Xin wanted to change the subject. "There are only three rooms. Who are you with?"
"Is there a choice?" Wave shrugged his shoulders. "I never sleep with a man, either with her or in the living room."
"…" Bai Wen Khan finally took Hua Yingying’s shoulder "Cough … Cough! ….. Cough! ! !” My voice really hurts.
"ah!" Hua Yingying immediately woke up and said, "Let me introduce one" and pulled two girls’ hands on the sofa. "Her name is Xiao Qing’s serious returnees’ parents, South Africa’s current magazine editor, and her name is Xiao Qian …"
"hey!" Small feeling generous hand English way "pinch spit rice!"
"Mi Tu!" The waves are generous
Bai Wen translated Wu Xin, "She said it was nice to meet you, and he said it was the same to me." Although Wu Xin used to be the boss of an import and export company, why can’t a foreigner know Chinese if Wu Xin knows English? You know, Chinese is the first language in the world.
"It seems that we have nothing to do," Wu Xin asked. "Chess? A game? "
"Good!" Bai Wen saw a few women laughing and making waves and coping with fatigue. "Three innings! I can’t see that people won’t go until I get there. "The game will be played around eleven o’clock, and there will be twelve o’clock activities.