Lingzhong, the young people who often surf the Internet, found some videos for everyone to watch, and everyone gradually accepted them.

"Spirit long? Is it also a surname? "
Grandpa wanted to think and asked
"It’s not grandpa’s family. That’s the road number."
Lingzhong smiled and explained the sentence to Grandpa and then turned to Lingqing.
"Then Daqing, aren’t you cultivating immortality now?"
"You are talkative!"
Just as Lingqing wanted to answer, she suddenly heard that Grandfather was furious, and Lingzhong and Yu were equally curious and wanted to make people stunned.
Then see grandpa a face of serious said
"Who also are not allowed to play big green idea in the future that immortal is so good?
If you don’t have that life, don’t force it. "
It is said that everyone is silent, but no one dares to refute it.
Compared with uncle hongye, grandpa is even more dignified for everyone and has a thorough understanding of human nature.
After all, it’s always grandpa who has the final say before uncle takes charge.
At that time, customs were not as good as now, and everyone had to listen to whatever he said.
Awe a group of uncles after grandpa diffuse to Lingqing call way
Lingqing smell speech clever should be a show all ears.
"Since you have this fairy fate, it is your blessing that no one else can force."
Grandpa swept around and saw that no one dared to summer-planting and then said
"But we are a family. You can take it out to see whose children can have this fate.
Forget it when they are old. Since there are more and more people who can cultivate immortality in the future, they can’t lose their children.
Don’t you think so? "
"Grandpa, don’t worry, I also have this plan."
Lingqing looked at him and nodded seriously.
After all, if he doesn’t plan to bring his family, he can just find a beautiful place.
Or go to the northwest to find a field to plant trees, or you can raise the druid level while cultivating immortality
However, it is still the same sentence that the trees are high and the fallen leaves in thousands of feet return to the rivers and Wan Li trace their origins. My peace of mind is my hometown.
After all, he hasn’t become an immortal yet. Naturally, he can’t get used to watching white clouds and pale dogs.
When my parents died when I was a child, my uncles helped them both.
When grandpa died, everyone pooled their money to study.
And since ancient times, there have been no ungrateful immortals in this world.
However, although Lingqingyuan has the idea of bringing a family, it is not conditional on everyone
After all, everyone has a personal relationship, and what he can do is just a chance and a little help.
Wan didn’t say the truth of carrying the family to cultivate immortality.
The existing grandpa to nature also don’t he to do the wicked.
Besides, Lingqing is confident that everyone is ready to be affectionate. If there is a shortage of people, he can’t be used to it naturally.
You know, there are many ways to fool people whether it’s druid magic or the method of restraining deification.
It is not without changing the will of others.