Soon more than a dozen blood crystals were refined, and Sun Hao found that God’s condensed horse was going to be finished.

No hurry, no hurry, no hurry. Sun Hao is sad and happy. Keep working hard.
Ten more blood crystals have been refined, and Sun Hao found that God’s condensed horse was about to be finished.
No hurry, no hurry, practice again
Ten more go.
Sun Hao had to regret to find that the refining of the gods seemed to have encountered some kind of bottleneck.
God always has three buttons, and no matter how much blood Sun Hao refines, three small buttons can’t be effectively condensed.
After Sun Hao covered the body armor with Shen Gang, he suddenly found that the three buttons of Shen Gang’s three parts that could not be condensed correspond to his dantian, Shanzhong and Yintang parts respectively.
On how Sun Hao adjusts the driving deity. If the deity is stable and can’t be condensed, it is certain that it will accurately and wrongly correspond to these three parts.
What? What does it symbolize? Corleone is a little confused.
What makes Sun Hao’s head big is Sun Hao’s secret technique, pitfalls and condensation. There is no such description at all in it.
So that is to say, under normal circumstances, Godsworn’s three dangers should not appear.
It was an accident, and there was no description of the occult science, so there would be no solution.
So Sun Hao wondered if he had completed the condensation without three pieces of gas. What do you need to do if you don’t count?
The secret method of killing and killing evil spirits has never been seen since ancient Qingyun Gate. Now Sun Hao can’t learn from other methods except his own groping.
After thinking about it, Sun Hao had a basic judgment.
What will happen to yourself is probably due to the high level of refining the gods with yourself.
Sun Hao refined pure fire, forged five-inch deities and refined nine peerless deities. The level of deities must be pre-ancients, even if they reached the zenith of heaven, and there were conditions.
It’s the same as the fact that there was a bear ancestor who built nine peaks and failed to complete the truth.
If there is no special chance, Sun Haogang will always leave three small buttons.
You can’t do your best and you can’t be perfect.
Sun Hao carefully looked at his five-inch body surface and could not refine three small buttons.
Heart said, "Little button, little button, why are you so pitted?" Doesn’t this make me regret it? "
A flash of light flashed through Sun Hao’s mind in a sigh.
Wait. Buttons? Cheat people buttons?
Sun Hao feels that he has caught something and runs at a high speed along this path of inspiration.
Sitting cross-legged, Sun Hao’s face gradually emerged with a faint smile
The chance of a monk’s life is the most unpredictable. Sometimes a casual monk will get a great chance, and sometimes a casual monk will miss his life.
Three little buttons
Three cheat people buttons may be a defect that Sun Hao’s generation can’t make up.
But Corleone’s face smiled and his wrist vibrated, and the blood crystal the size of three small buttons appeared in the palm of his hand.
This is three blood crystals that Sun Hao bought at a high price from Guishi.
Sun Hao once admitted that he was cheated by three blood crystals.
But at this time, Sun Hao, the soul of Fu, felt that maybe three blood crystals the size of small buttons were his chance to break the cocoon in become a butterfly.
Cheat people, the little buttons are really interesting
At this time, there are ripples in the virtual white fog of Guishi.
Some people say, "This little clever mind."
Some people also said, "This is a small mistake."
Someone concluded, "Is it a little too cheap to make a small profit of 10,000 Lingshi in Laoyin?"
Finally, the old Yin Yin measured and said, "Get out. If it weren’t for a coincidence, he could trigger this blood crystal. I would have been pitted for blood …"
After a ripple, Guishi was calm again.
Sun Hao in Ghost Hill Cave sat cross-legged and began to refine these three button-sized blood crystals by himself to make preliminary preparations.
After taking out the blood crystal of three small buttons, Sun Hao found that the three small buttons were very close to his protector in terms of size, thickness and shape
With this discovery, Sun Hao can’t help but feel refreshed again.
Chapter four hundred and three Dream back to this life
Three high-priced small buttons seem to be as harmful as the lowest-grade small buttons condensed in front. Second, with the hasty refining, Sun Haoke dared not start refining at will.
Sun Hao listened intently and quietly, and Mu Dan, Qing Xin Ji, and Bai Gong fell asleep. After getting ready, he picked up one of the three small buttons and put it in his palm to start refining.
God wrapped it and disintegrated this button-sized blood crystal as usual.
Sun Hao was familiar with it, and after driving the gods to cover the small buttons, the horse realized that the small buttons with abnormal appearance were actually very different from his blood crystals.
Compared with the front blood crystal, even the big blood crystal is much more difficult to refine.
If the blood crystal in front is soft and crisp sugar, then the blood crystal of the small button is the tooth-knocking bone. Sun Haoshen urged me to knock for a long time, but nothing happened.
There’s a play!
Sun Hao is not surprised but happy in his heart.
The small button refining is abnormal, which fully means it is unusual.
Sun Hao is more energetic and urges the gods to continue to erode one wave after another.
It takes only two columns of incense to refine a large blood crystal, but it takes a full hour for a small button blood crystal to show signs of softening.
It was not until about two hours ago that Sun Hao made unremitting efforts to disintegrate and melt into Sun Hao’s gods.
What makes Sun Haobi wonder is that there is nothing special about the total amount and characteristics of the small button blood crystal silk ShaQi, which seems to be different from ordinary blood crystal ShaQi.
If anything, it’s different.
That is, there is no resentment and anger in the blood crystal of the small button, which impacts Sun Hao’s knowledge and makes Sun Hao look a little ironic.
How come…
Sun Hao thought gloomily, "Is it true that three high-priced small buttons are real goods?"
Sun Hao was depressed in his heart, and now the little button filar silk ShaQi has been integrated into the Sun Hao gods.
Because he has been condensed, ShaQi naturally rushed to Sun Hao Yintang.
After refining, the last few big blood crystals in front will also rush to the small buttons of Yintang Gods, but after rushing in, it will be like sinking into the sea without any reaction.
Compared with the total amount of small buttons and silk, the total amount of blood crystal is far less than that of Sun Haoyong’s little hope.
But the final result hasn’t come out yet. Sun Hao is depressed, but he is still trying to stay focused.
Blood crystal shaqi enters the small button of Yintang.
Just like the blood crystal ShaQi in front, after ShaQi disappeared into the small button, the horse disappeared, leaving no trace, even the color of Yintang small button didn’t change even a little.
A burst of disappointment in Sun Hao’s heart is preparing to disperse all kinds of States, and suddenly the body shakes and the spirit is high again.