Fortunately, both of them are Taoists, and they are even higher than the Kyubi no Youko fox, so they have such courage.

Just then, a small demon came to report to Lianhua Cave. Two small demons from the big throne came to visit.
Nezha transformer dragon’s mother, Wu Ming, handed him a golden rope and became a personal maid.
Call "please come in"
The sun Wu changed to lean on Hailong, but he hesitated and couldn’t help crying secretly.
I miss him. Besides just being born, the Great Sage of Qi Tian has worshipped the square inch mountain, knelt down to the five elements mountain, and thanked the teacher for his kindness. Where else has he bowed down to others? Even the heavenly king always sings a song, but now he wants to save the monk and worship an old witch. If I don’t leak it, I will have to leave!
When I broke into the hole and entered the second door, I saw an old woman sitting in the middle.
Monkey gritted his teeth and knelt down to the middle road, "Grandma kowtowed."
Nezha couldn’t help covering her mouth and almost laughed at Wu Ming and stared his one eye, which was back to normal.
"Cough good grandchildren get up quickly how to do this gift? Grandma, it’s not a holiday and I don’t have a flower for you. "
Monkey suddenly resented that he had always taken advantage of others, but today he was actually called a grandson. I will call you an old witch for a while!
"My grandmother has been ordered by two kings to invite you to eat the Tang monk’s meat and bring a golden rope to get Monkey."
Nezha service road "My son is really filial, so you can go to grandma. I am old and weak, and my grandson can go to sedan chair."
Walker should also
Immediately, I saw a fragrant sedan chair carried out from the backyard, and the three avatars became small demons. When I lifted Nezha and Wu Mingdu, I went outside the cave.
"This old hag is so heavy!" Monkey was secretly surprised that he lifted it and felt a little heavier than his golden cudgel.
However, it was Nezha who made a bad trick to crush him. Walker had noticed that it was wrong and said he wanted to have a rest, so he put the sedan chair on.
Calling Wu Mingbian’s maid out, she asked, "What does my sister and grandmother eat on weekdays? Why is it so heavy?"
Wu Mingdao; "Mostly some rock mud."
"Good, good, really strong is my baby stronger!" Hula took out a stick and fought with Wu’s name.
Fortunately, when he was on guard, he got rid of the corpse and left a badly beaten fake body.
Nezha heard the sound and lifted the car curtain to see it, but it happened to meet the stick and hurried away face to face, leaving Liyun.
"Had a narrow squeak! That was close! Those two guys who really almost died don’t know how much risk we took and ask them for some compensation! "
When Monkey saw that the two monsters had been killed, he didn’t examine them carefully and found a golden rope, so he crossed his legs and told his mother to separate the little demon and carry it to the Lotus Cave.
Soon after he left, the two demon bodies disappeared. Now the dragon-pressing mother doesn’t have a golden rope in her hand, which is the disaster.
Two people just turned back to the cave to see the play.
Chapter 359 A wave of twists and turns benefits all parties.
"Grandma is coming!"
The small demon at the gate called Jinjiao and Yinjiao and immediately went out of the cave to connect Monkey’s fake transformer dragon mother into the cave, sat in the purlin and led the small demons to kowtow and visit.
Only in this way can the monkey find some balance to "get up quickly because of my filial piety!" "
A monkey’s tail can be seen behind them because they are in a higher position. They can’t help laughing, "It’s Bi Mawen."
The thirty-six kinds of changes in the number of the highest day in the ring are also familiar with this way, so no monkey can escape his eyes, and the cover door of the walker is clearly touched by him, but his tail and ass are red, but he can’t change anything.
He is good at watching the play, but he doesn’t want to get into trouble like this.
"Then I’ll just cut the pig’s ear off and bring me wine without eating two sons of filial piety first."
Jinjiao and Yinjiao couldn’t help but be stuck at the moment. What should I do if my mother wants to eat the canopy ear?
Want to make him feel wronged and ask his master for some magic pills to grow back?
Seeing that the two of them hesitated to know that they had not broken the monkey’s change, even if they were going to cut my old pig’s ear, they immediately shouted, "Damn you, monkey, you cut my ear!"
When even the wind, gold and silver are not stupid, I immediately see through the monkey changes
"Monkey, how dare you change to cheat us and give my mother back!"
Monkey saw that the cave was narrow and there were many people on the other side. Even if a spell changed lanes and the red light gathered, it would become scattered and become angry. They ran out of the cave and hurried after it.
Monkey threw a stick and a stone and laughed. "What does the monster mean? Monkey lost his score. You should call me Grandpa Sun!"
"Po Hou has to rest and watch the sword!" Silver horn immediately held the seven-star sword before he killed the walker and raised his stick to meet him. This is a good kill in two mountains!
Great sacraments, high monsters, strong means, and golden hoops, which are the shadows of Dinghai needles and sticks, are full of treasures; The Seven-Star Sword is also a magic weapon. The light of the sword is strong, and the frost is turned over and over, and thousands of solutions are used to fight back and forth.
The two of them fought for thirty rounds of silver horns, and it was very bad. Seeing this, Monkey threw the golden rope and tied him up.
Silver horn laughed when he saw this, read a loose rope spell, and then untied his backhand and threw it at Walker to buckle him.
"Can this bind my old grandson?"
Monkey tried to shrink his body and escape, but Yinjiao hurriedly read the rope-tightening mantra, but he held it tightly and raised his sword to the monkey head and saw a spark, but there was no white mark.
"You monkey is hard-skinned!"
"Hey hey, why didn’t my son come for dinner?"
"Hum, take my two treasures."
Walker suddenly play the fool fully distracted; "What baby? Never seen it. "
Silver Angle can’t help but leave the pie mouth "you this fellow is multi-mesh that guy hit it off"
Wu Ming, can’t I hear you?
They found purple-gold-red gourds and suet jade bottles from Monkey’s arms and took Monkey back to the cave.
"Brother, let’s this is finished? Then we have arrested Sun Wu. When will the master inform us to return to the pocket palace? " Silver Angle asked.
It is reasonable to say that all four of them are in their hands at this time, and it is time to return to the Heavenly Palace, but it seems that nothing has happened.
"Master naturally knows that there is no hurry, just hang them first."
Yinjiao nodded. "By the way, I sent someone back to see the old mother. Even if she was killed by Sun Walker, she should leave the body."
Jinjiao also felt a little strange that they were killed by Sun Wu. They were really angry and wanted to kill the monkey, but now it seems that there are still some changes.
By the way, where did Brother Duomu go? "Asked Jinjiao hole now the biggest variable should be him.