A beast and a snake will soon fight together, and the body shape of the spirit beast will flash quickly, especially when the claws expand and contract with the most terrible purple light. Whenever the triangular head of the golden snake screams and flies, the claws will always move quickly, that is, the claws will not reach the head, and the golden snake will be repelled several times, which will make the golden snake angry and scream.

The tree in the mountain range of Warcraft is directly smashed and burst by waving the golden snake, and the soul beast is also violently retreating its claws and waving it directly to hit the giant tree.
Today, the strength of the Golden Snake is almost the same as that of the Golden Snake, which occupies some advantages over the agility of the Golden Snake alone. However, Yuan Ye knows that the Golden Snake may not be able to decide the outcome if it is poisoned by the Golden Snake. Once the Golden Snake has captured the Golden Snake, the situation is not good.
If the hissing golden snake is crazy, those two huge snake eyes are chilling, and the jaws are opened again and again, and when the golden snake attacks the soul beast, it is also a sudden retreat.
However, at this time, Yuan Ye’s hand was still condensed except for nine swords.
Whew, nine swords are transformed into a cold light, and the king level of the left eye of the golden snake is extremely strong. The wisdom of the golden snake is very high. When it sees the humble human, it throws a golden light and immediately shakes its head. You know, the head of the golden snake flashes very quickly, and it instantly turns into a string of ghosting images.
Congcong was mistaken by Congcong Yuan Ye and smiled coldly. At the same time, the hand was separated for a while. This is not that hidden weapons changed direction according to the law after throwing it by hidden weapons. Unfortunately, Yuan Ye is actually not a master of concealed weapons, but he Jin Jianyuan is ten times and one hundred times worse than a master of concealed weapons.
Whew, Jiujian Yuan almost changed the direction slightly when it was several meters away from the golden snake. So a little bit of direction made Jiujian Yuan directly shoot at the left eye of the golden snake’s head. Yuan Ye knew that the defense of the golden snake was several times stronger than that of the golden head and red snake. Even a three-point sword attack of the golden head and red snake could not kill Jiujian Yuan, but it may not be possible to deal with Jiujian Yuan. The strongest force can attack the weakest place where the snake’s mouth is not open, and the weakest one is the snake’s eye.
The hissing snake roared with anger, and in a short moment, its head actually dodged. You know, the strongest thing about Yuan Yejiu Jian Yuan is that it is as fast as one meter to the limit, which is less than one thousandth of a second.
Just because the nine swords are too fast, even Yuan Ye has controlled the change of direction. jing really knows whether it is a change of direction at one meter or several meters. After all, the nine swords are too fast, and the response is a little slower. The nine swords may have advanced ten meters. Even if the response is fast, Yuan Ye can conduct a change of direction control in a short time.
However, in such a very short moment, the golden snake not only reacted but also dodged. Of course, the time was too short, and the golden snake dodged in the extreme.
Poof, nine swords stabbed the mouth of the golden snake and made a gap. After that, nine swords grazed the scales on the neck of the golden snake.
Is to leave a string of white stamps and nine swords to bounce directly into the ground.
It’s terrible to defend me. This is a nine-sword yuan attack on Yuan Yexin. It’s amazing that he can dodge this golden snake in such a short distance. Yuan Ye knows very well that it is very difficult to solve this golden snake, and it seems that the strength of this golden snake should have improved a lot. I don’t know if he has eaten a lot of red smelting stones in three prisons.
The hissing golden snake raised its head angrily and turned to look at Yuan Ye. Its head and mouth were a huge gap, and its blood was deep red.
The golden snake was desperate to rush to Yuan Ye, and at the same time, a foot-waist-thick snake tail flashed to Yuan Ye, and Yuan Ye also jumped five or six meters high in an instant and grabbed the branches of a giant tree next to it, but the snake tail was stung hard at the trunk of the tree where it was five or six meters high, and clicked a direct fracture to rumble down.
Haha tried to kill me. At this time, Yuan Ye also jumped from the branches and fled directly in one direction.
The golden snake is also crazy about chasing Yuan Ye.
Waving is two nine swords. It seems that Yuan Ye is wielding a sword, but in fact, throwing two nine swords in an instant is finished. The mind controls the two nine swords to soar to an alarming level, and the eyes can vaguely see two golden cold light ghosting shadows hanging over the golden snake.
The hissing golden snake growled and its huge head dodged.
It’s too simple to think about it. Yuan Ye’s eyes are cold, and both the nine swords are slightly changed. The magnitude of the change is not large, and the nine swords are too fast. Most people can’t tell the difference between the nine swords, but this little change has changed a lot.
One of the two nine swords flies past the snake head, but the other nine swords is a direct shot at the snake head. Since the battle, Yuan Ye has put three attacks, which are the strongest. These three nine swords are all attacks on the snake head. At this moment, the snake head is full of blood and the injury is scary. Chapter DiYiYi14 You’re done.
Calling Yuan Yeshen and Yan running fast scares people, and the golden snake cheers up the guerrillas.
At this moment, the injury of the golden snake also made the spirit beast extremely excited. While the golden snake came after Yuan Ye, it beat Reservoir Dogs like two claws. It was like a flash, and it was hard to poke the golden snake. The golden snake did not dare to resist the terrible attack of the spirit beast and tried to dodge.
You know, the power of the soul beast’s claws is not weaker than that of Yuan Ye’s nine swords, and the golden snake has also seen Yuan Ye’s slaughter of S red snakes. Facing Yuan Ye’s soul beast, it is wise, and he rarely tears Y with his mouth open.
Tearing Y will not expose B far more than eye weakness. At the same time, your ability to defend and dodge will be reduced accordingly. When attacking others, it is also the time when you are most vulnerable to attack. At this time, common sense is the same for both humans and Warcraft.
Brother Soul Beast, I’ll attack the head. You hit him in the abdomen and dodge aside. Yuan Ye shouted
Soul beast smell speech immediately to the golden snake body I melee attacks, to prevent the golden snake tail attack Yuan Yeer and to play snake for seven inches, of course, seven inches is an imaginary number, which is mainly the key to the abdomen and heart. Although the golden snake believes that the defense is strong enough, it can’t easily let the soul beast attack it. Because the soul beast is stronger, the tail is sometimes drawn and sometimes twisted to try its best to deal with the soul beast.
On the other hand, Yuan Ye’s actions on the battlefield are erratic and weird. He doesn’t get close to the golden snake at all, and he always hangs around by amazing degrees.
It is also a big move to condense two nine swords. It is not a small load for Yuan Ye. His low U face is red and his blood has rushed to a limit. At that time, two nine swords blink and bombard the head of the golden snake.
These two nine swords didn’t attack the snake’s eyes, but they were all hidden by it, but they also slammed into the snake’s head. The huge snake’s head couldn’t help but flash and attack continuously. It seems that some people are dizzy and crashing. The snake’s head directly hit the ground.
HSS snake letter from the golden shekou constantly throughput that huge soft run long body suddenly moved unexpectedly catapulted to fly swimming yu to escape.