The absolute master of the seven attributes of the Shura Door Master in Huangfuyuan Mountain has obviously been included in the death list by Yuan Ye.

Yuan Xiong, what should we do next? After the war, Censen Muqiang and others all looked at Yuan Ye, the patriarch.
My array protection is absolutely safe in this Qingtan Mountain. My array can cover more than 50 miles of this place. It’s too shabby for more than one million people to crowd. Brother Cen, you say it’s best to cultivate the environment near Qingtan Mountain. How many people can there be here?
Cen once thought about it, only then did he know that the density of 150,000 brothers is good, and they can learn from each other and close the field independently. This is the best, otherwise, the fire clan will not send more than 150,000 people here, and 200,000 people are crowded, but there are too many people here.
Yuan Ye also nodded and immediately saw MuJiang side ZuYao this ZuYao is MuJiang wife can marry such a beautiful charm woman MuJiang also calculate the generation of blessing.
We need six or seven arrays to calculate the density of 150,000 brothers in one array. This border fire, Lin Zongyan Xing Zongshura Gate, surrounded and killed us. The fire, Lin Zongshura Gate responded to them. Chengshura Gate didn’t send experts to come to us. Let’s go to Yanxing Sect in one step. Zuyao, your brother Qiu Haotian Zong reported it for you.
Yuan Ye, a former Yuan Ye, called Zuyao’s predecessors the word "predecessors" in terms of status or strength. The concept of the end of life in this world is very unimportant. If you want to be strong, even if you practice for a hundred years, those who practice for tens of thousands of years will have to call your predecessors against you. No matter how long you live, your strength is not strong and your status is too low, you are a junior.
Thank you, Patriarch Zuyao, for devoting himself slightly to marry a chicken and follow it. Zuyao is now a member of Haotian Sect.
Yuan Ye smiled well. After two wars, he gave his brother a day off to attack Yan Xing Zong.
In the middle of the night, the battle has ended. After two wars, the Shura Gate was killed, and 50,000 fire families were killed, while the brothers of the Heaven Sect of Science died in total, less than 10,000. After all, the strength contrast is too strong. The fire brothers of the Shura Gate can still pull one when they die, but usually five or six people surround one and are surrounded by five or six people. It is more difficult for you to pull one and die together than it is sad to be killed by the Heaven Sect of Science.
Brother Haotian didn’t have a big battle near Bishuitan in the Qing Dynasty, but it was quiet. In the middle of the night, the waterfall flew straight and the water slammed. Yuan Yerui was on the edge of the waterfall cliff. A huge smooth goose warmed Shi Ruixi and leaned against Yuan Ye’s shoulder without saying a word.
Moonlight mingled with the starry sky reflected their quiet faces in the water.
Xiaoxi, we haven’t sat together like this for a long time, right? Yuan Ye sighed lightly. It seems that after knowing Duanmu Yunji, Rui Xi rarely stays alone.
Ten years and six months later, Rui Xi seemed to have counted it several times and opened his mouth and vomited.
When Yuan Ye heard it, he immediately felt guilty. I remember it so clearly. I’m sorry.
Brother Ye does things, I know
Shit, I’m telling you, your brother Ye has provoked a beautiful woman outside, and she’s been pestering him all this time. Yunji is still angry when she knows it, you know?
My sister told me that Rui Xi said it was natural, but Ye’s brother and girl are not afraid of me, and Ye’s brother is not afraid of me.
Afraid of me, not you
Well, Rui Xi nodded and drew Yuan Ye’s hands and eyes closer. Even if there were more people, it would be nice if Ye’s brother could always accompany me. Even if I were alone, I wouldn’t care.
Yuan Ye felt even more guilty when he heard this, and immediately put his arm around Rui Xi. I didn’t expect such a deep word to come from your mouth, so rest assured that Brother Ye will always be by your side forever.
Night cold water two people back in the moonlight starlight care in the water.
Don’t give a chance
On the second day, when the fire clan patriarch Pei grew up, he could still be killed. The news that 150,000 younger brothers were wiped out was thunderous, and the younger brothers who led 100,000 shuras were killed. The news that 50,000 surrendered and 55,000 attributes were allowed to die was a big one.
Everyone thinks so when Tianzong of Science is in a hurry, which is also an explanation. After all, no one will recognize that Tianzong of Science can compete with Shura Gate.
The Shura Gate of Purple Qinshan Mountain was led by Yuan Ye years ago by his brother Hao Tianzong, and then the Shura Sect won the honor of being rich in Europe. The Shura Sect was forced to leave the Zongmen and hide in thousands of mountains without Shura Gate. These masters Hao Tianzong are not afraid of fire, and the Zongyan Sect is not killing or injuring tens of millions of brothers. The Shura Gate is too strong, and millions of your giant sects are not a new rising force to resist.
At the moment, the huge palace at the top of the Purple Qinshan Mountain is angry and gloomy. The two big five attributes of the Shura Gate must respect another rich Europe with a gloomy face. Looking at the memory image that has just come over, I imagined that Yuan Ye fantasized about threatening to surrender until he begged for surrender on his knees. Everyone looked at this memory image and dared not.
Mi, what is the status of Shura Gate? Although the strength of Shura Gate can be a swim among the ten main points, it is after all the core high-level officials. I am afraid that it will be a huge blow to Shura Gate after all. It is a giant sect. Maybe those small sects dare not tell Shura Gate what to do, but secretly they must be used as a laughing stock to talk about Shura Gate. Such a giant sect is used as a laughing stock by those small forces. I don’t want to know how angry Shura Gate high-level officials will be.
This memory image can’t be true, can it? It’s impossible to kneel down and surrender to Fuou with a shot in his leg, frowning and not believing it.
A quasi-statue immediately bowed down and said, Elder Nine, it’s true at this time. My 100,000-brother died, and 40,000 surrendered to more than 50,000 people, all of whom were released by Science Tianzong. This is just news. The memory image of being killed here is true. You can ask the exception of the brother who was released. Science Tianzong has been extinguished, and the Qingtan mountain fire has been gathered there at this time.
With this, a dispirited brother came in with two guards and immediately fell to his knees.
What a shame! It’s a shame to look at that angry brother Fu Oulian and say two words, but it’s plain.
I heard that you were released to Fuou by Tianzong of Science, and a brother was kneeling in front of you. That brother is a ghost brother, and it is a great identity in the Shura Gate. Unfortunately, the repair has been exhausted.
The elder Hao Tianzong’s millions of troops suddenly found that our 100,000 people couldn’t stop it. Brother and others were struggling to fight, and they would rather die than surrender, but we could also surrender because of the surrender of the elder.
Come on, come on, where did millions of Heaven Sect of Science get so many brothers to blow it up on purpose? Don’t blame him for dying. Don’t talk so much. No, I asked you how Heaven Sect of Science was captured alive because he didn’t have five attributes. Fuou seems extremely impatient with that brother.
Was shot by that woman and taken alive.
Oh, that’s Ke Qing. I didn’t expect that she couldn’t shoot a four-attribute quasi-statue and even a five-attribute quasi-statue. But since Mi Yu didn’t die and was captured alive, it seems that the five-attribute quasi-statue is already her limit. Fu Ou narrowed his eyes and confronted each other for so long. Shura Gate is still relatively clear about the situation of Science Tianzong.
Oh, my brother also told the elder that Yuan Ye, the patriarch of Haotianzong, had come back.
Oh, after hearing what the ghost brother said, Fu Ou is still surrounded by high-level shura doors.
Haha, Fuou suddenly laughed. I said that Heaven Sect of Science suddenly became crazy. Don’t say that Yuan Ye is really impulsive. When he escaped, he attracted a group of quasi-gods to hunt him down. It’s a pity that there is no high-profile quasi-gods in this world. He didn’t chase him. Today, as soon as he came back, he put on a decisive battle posture. He didn’t look at how little Heaven Sect of Science fought young people.
When Fu Ou said this, everyone around him laughed.
The younger brother of Emperor Haotianzong has great respect for this patriarch, but if he wants to kill him, Emperor Haotianzong will fall apart immediately, and we can finish it.