After upgrading from the secondary town, a series of work will come to an end soon at the end of the year, which makes the upgrading of the town keep in a slow progress, until now, it is finally upgraded again.

When a nine-level town is upgraded, it is only one step away from a ten-level town or a "city"
She looked at the nine-level town award, which was not too good on the whole, but not too bad. The juice factory corresponds to the fruit forest of Shenshen Town.
During this period, life skills have been upgraded, and accordingly, she has a lot of things in her hand, including food and fruit trees. The growth rate of fruit trees is much slower than that of ordinary things, but it is still faster than that of normal fruit trees. In a few months, the fruit trees in Shenshen Town are gradually scaled up and can be picked almost.
The sock factory doesn’t say much. In fact, socks in Shenshen Town have been produced all the time, but the base is from the garment factory. Now that there is a professional sock factory, the garment factory can concentrate on making clothes.
Ten-level towns are also very basic. This time, there is one more town than before. In the original town, including the number of residents and houses, there will be two additional towns, making a total of four, but this time there are five.
In addition to fixing two, this time it is mainly the GDP and transportation value of the security zone and the town.
If you look closely, it is not surprising that these three things appear at the same time at this time. After all, their values also represent the current overall level of Shenshen Town. These values reaching the standard also mean that the overall level of Shenshen Town has reached a certain standard.
I’ve probably seen the Nine-level Town Award and the Ten-level Town Hou Tian Tang before I went to see it.
[Tongjiang County] County Order Recognition
Tian Tang walked out of the room and just saw two people following Zhao Tu. One of them she had seen before was Yuan Qi, the magistrate of Jinhe County, and the other one she had never seen before.
"God makes adults" Zhao Tu and Yuan Qi bend down at the same time.
Another person leng a quickly devoting to "god make adults belong to Tongjiang county magistrate Guo Zong".
"Lord Guo?" Tian Tang smiled. "When will Lord Guo come to Chunfu?"
"During the period, the adults are just coming, and now they plan to visit the Spring House and go to the center of Shenzhi Town. I didn’t expect to meet the adult of Shenzhi. I don’t hope that the adult of Shenzhi will forgive me." Even if he has never been to the center of Shenzhi Town, he will know how to choose if the Spring House changes now.
"Don’t care if you want to go to the town center? I just want to go back. Why don’t we go together? " Tian Tang said, looking up at several people.
Guo Zong looked at Zhao Tu and Yuan Qi consciously.
Yuan qi also don’t know how to choose eyes rested on Zhao figure.
Zhao Tu raised his hand and touched his nose. "In that case, let’s go together, Lord God. Are we going back by bus?"
"Let’s take a carriage. There are too many people on the bus. Our appearance will make the people embarrassed." Tian Tang said that he was the first to go out.
She would like to take a bus, but most of the time, except for some special circumstances, she will choose a carriage. After all, even employees will consciously choose to "stay away from" the boss. What’s worse, she is now.
Tian Tang went out and went straight to the stable.
Three people are whispering behind them.
"Is the bus a thing?"
"I have heard people talk about the bus. According to them, is it that behemoth?" Yuan Qi pointed to the bus parked not far away.
"Master Zhao, can we go in that car?" Guo zong light discussion way
Zhao figure smiled and looked at the two men. "I think you don’t want to live in a carriage with God’s adult, do you?" But you refuse her now and you are not afraid … "
As soon as this was said, Yuan Qi and Guo Zong hurriedly changed their tone. "Zhao Daren, we are joking with you. Let’s go."
Tian Tang’s position is a little far away from them. When they were chatting, Tian Tang had reached a far position and took a few steps to stop at the bus stop.
"God makes an adult!" Bai Fu jumped from the car.
"Well, when do you leave?" Tian Tang asked, looking at the car, there are many lines of sight staring at her quietly, and it can be seen that those eyes are more excited and happy.
"During the adults still have about a quarter of an hour to open you want to take the bus? Is it a car passenger? " Bai Fu asked.
"No, I won’t bother you, but there are two people there who have just arrived in Shenshen Town and don’t know anything. The people don’t know them either. Later, they will go back by bus, please take care of them. If I haven’t come back, you can take them to the lounge to rest. If they are willing to walk around, you can go to Mei Qi and ask him to show them around." Tian Tang said that the two people are Yuan Qi and Guo Zong.
At present, no one in Shenshen Town knows them, even if they are on the bus, no people will be too wary of them, which will also enable them to know more about Shenshen Town. After a while, they will begin to take over some things in Shenshen Town, and their status will be improved in the hearts of the people. It will be somewhat inconvenient to take the bus again.
Bai Fu took one look along Tian Tang’s direction and nodded immediately after confirming the appearance of the two men. "It’s an angel’s adult."
Tian Tang and Bai Fu agreed to go back to Yuan Qi and Guo Zong and briefly told them about the bus.
"This is bus money. Everyone has to pay for the bus, and you are no exception." Tian Tang took out two coins from his pocket. "Just at this time, two adults took advantage of this time to learn more about Shenzhen. The people in Shenzhen are very harmonious. You can talk to them at will. They will be very willing to introduce Shenzhen."
"Is this the currency of Shenshen Town?" Yuan Qi reacted immediately after he got the coin. This is "currency".
Guo Zong had some hindsight, but he soon understood Yuan Qi’s meaning, holding the "coin" in his hand thoughtfully.
The concept of "money" is difficult for ordinary people to react, but officials like them will know something about "money"
Both copper coins and silver notes should be built in a formal body. Normally, a body is large enough to be a "country" to have the ability to issue money. If it fails to reach this point, the "currency body" will become weak.
"God’s envoy, let’s take the bus today to get to know the situation of Shenshen Town first." Yuan Qi saluted with fuels.
Guo Zong once again surrendered after knowing it. "We will definitely get to know Shenshen Town well."
After Tian Tang nodded, they walked in the direction of the bus.
When they got into the car, they all saw the small box next to the car door, and when they stuffed the coins just given by Tian Tang into it, both of them were somewhat reluctant. After all, this was the first coin they got from Shenzhenzhen.
"Can it be copper?" Yuan qi said in his arms and pulled out a piece of broken silver. He was ecstatic. "Can broken silver be? Is it enough? "
Bai Fu looked at the two men with a face of shock. He had already made it. They had no money in their hands and were ready to help them vote for fruit. They were still rich.
"Enough is enough, but I can’t find money now."
"You don’t have to find him with me." Yuan Qi pointed to Guo Zong behind him and threw the broken silver in his hand into the small box.
With that, Yuan Qi and Guo Zong successively went inside, and then Yuan Qi turned around and reached out to Guo Zong, "I paid you, please give me your money."
This time, Guo Zong reacted quickly and directly hid the coin that had been in his hand in his arms. "I don’t have any money with me to return your broken silver."
Yuan Qi gave him a regretful look. "How did you react so quickly this time?"