Ray Allen nodded and smiled. "I can see that he has formed a strong influence in this place, and it’s amazing that he is still under 22 years old."

"I don’t know how he practiced the ball, and his step back after turning around and catching the ball was worse than Paul’s. I privately heard Paul say that Tang Wenlong’s step back changed more than him, and the last backward tilt was particularly large, even if he covered his face, he could throw it into the rhythm."
Billups heaved a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, we are teammates now and wait for the rhythm of hugging thighs."
The two men looked at each other and laughed together. They both had a championship in their careers and once again reached the top of the NBA. Although they were dubbed by the outside media as hugging their thighs, they all had the pride of being top players. They came here to win the championship instead of winning it.
Talking, the two men came to the road facing the arena.
"Ray? Chauncey? " The gentle voice suddenly came from behind.
The conversation started, and they were shocked. Is there an acquaintance around here? Hurriedly looking back, I saw Tang Wenlong carrying a sports bag, shorts and an orange basketball in his arms, and his face was warm and smiling like a spring breeze.
"Hey Tang Wenlong!" Ray Allen took the lead in reacting to take off sunglasses and open his arms.
Tang Wenlong greeted him with a smile, and his right arm and Ray Allen embraced him firmly. "Long time no see!"
Then he turned to Chauncey Billups and hugged him. "Welcome, welcome to come so early. It didn’t close until 4: 30!"
"Today, we are familiar with the road conditions first, but it will be troublesome to drive here by ourselves without knowing the road," Bilupsma explained.
Tang Wenlong: Oh, I see.
Ray Allen asked strangely, "What’s the situation with a ball here?"
Tang Wenlong also immediately explained that "because there is nothing to do in the afternoon, I am going to practice the ball in the stadium for a while. Today, it is hot, so I can change my clothes directly. I can practice the ball directly later. When I sweat, I will go back to the locker room to change my clothes."
"You didn’t come running?" Billups was surprised and thought that there was a reason why Tang Wenlong was so strong, and he surpassed many NBA players with this persistent practice attitude.
Tang Wenlong shook his head. "I parked my car in the parking lot of the arena and came out to buy some drinks. Do you want some?"
With that, Tang Wenlong really reached into his backpack and took out two bottles of functional drinks, one for Ray Allen and one for Billups.
"Ha ha, let’s go and practice in the arena." Ray Allen laughed and hooked Tang Wenlong’s neck, and the three of them walked to the arena together.
"There’s a party tonight. Andre said he would take you out for a long time."
Tang Wenlong’s warm voice came from two people, laughing and laughing.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Joint training!
At the end of the summer league, the team signed a three-year contract worth $220,000 with Jeffrey Taylor, the last rookie selected in the first round of this year, which expires in the summer of 2015.
On the official media day, the 76ers joined forces at the Wachovia Center Arena to strengthen Ma Zhuang.
Point guards Kyle Lowry and Chauncey Billups
Shooting guards Iguodala, Ray Allen and Meeks
Small forwards Tang Wenlong, Jimmy Butler, Jeffrey Taylor.
Power forwards David West and Joey Leuer.
Center Mark Gasol, Hassan Whiteside, Kwame Brown
Media reporter and professional cameraman, the 76ers still take makeup photos in black and white jerseys. Ray Allen chose the No.34 jersey, while Billups chose the No.7 jersey because his favorite No.1 jersey has been made by Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong was a little embarrassed, but Billups didn’t think so. After all, City No.1 is now a symbol in the league
From September 15, 76 people attended team training.
At this time, the free market is excellent and helpful to the team. The players are almost scattered, and some small transactions have taken place in the league. Each team has already decided on a new season.
At the same time, the prediction of the new season in NBA is getting worse.
First of all, after the odds of winning the championship of the major nets came out, they lost many players, and the 76 ers did not top the list. In the offseason, the Super Four Lakers ranked first, followed by the Heat and then the 76 ers Thunder and Spurs.
2k Game Company pushed their game to 2k13. In the cover of this issue, Tang Wenlong, Durant and Griffin were selected as representatives of three new generation stars.
The league has gradually entered a new and old alternation stage. From 7 to 1 year, all the stars have emerged and repeatedly cut off the old and strong teams.
Whiteside paid great attention to this game scoring evaluation game, which attracted him before it came out to announce the details of the game one by one.
He urged 2K Company to announce his personal rating first.
“67?” Whiteside is angry. Why is his ability worth so little?
"This is unreasonable. I think I should have at least 73 abilities. 67 is too low, which is simply the ability of the most marginalized people in the NBA."
Whiteside spoke his mind in a careless way when he was interviewed by the media. Tang Wenlong was surprised to find that he had changed a lot since signing a new contract in the summer. One person has replaced Louis Williams, who has left the locker room microphone, and he often makes amazing moves. Obviously, this interview with the media has not been considered at all
It is also very naive for 2k company to meet a player who is deeply concerned about his ability value. Usually, every time they publish the player data and ability value, there are not many stars in the base to ask what can really cause the fans to be different.
Then in the second phase, 2k announced several players who scored around ten.
For example, Mark Gasol has a capacity value of 1, which has become the first among the 76ers among the newly announced players. There are also stars like Golden State Warriors Curry who also have a capacity value of 1. The capacity value of Pistons Nova Greg Monroe is as high as 1. The former 76ers player Holliday has a capacity value of 79.
In reality, the players of the 76 ers have already trained for the team, and the 76 ers officials have trained their grandfather for a day.
It’s still the restoration and polishing. The 76ers’ starting five tigers have not changed. The new players naturally cooperate with the five tigers’ training. In fact, Ray Allen and Billups have been able to have a certain chemical reaction with their teammates after reading the tactical manual for several nights.
Tang Wenlong was tired enough in the summer, so head coach Collins arranged for Tang Wenlong to train lightly, and the total amount was about the same as that of veterans like David West or Billups. Newcomers Jeffrey Taylor, young Whiteside and Jimmy Butler Collins all increased their practice and made them want to cry.
Team training is indispensable for team confrontation, which is divided into half-court, three-game, five-game and five-game confrontation against Tang Wenlong. Surprised to find that many players have not made great progress in a summer.
"Jimmy, you are really getting stronger!"
I also feel a little uncomfortable confronting Tang Wenlong with Butler. The former has become more and more like his master since he learned from Iguodala.
"bang!" Muscle-muscle direct collision is like two wild beasts wrestling.
Tang Wenlong’s left foot shaft turned to the left half and swayed to the right. Gently turn around on the floor and throw back a jumper. Butler jumped up without losing his position and blocked Tang Wenlong’s waist. He didn’t drop his hand before throwing the ball out.
"It’s amazing to lie in the trough." Sitting on the sidelines and resting rookie Jeffrey Taylor almost fell to the ground. He had ever seen a player play like this when he was in college.
Even if there is, it is impossible to score goals with such defensive intensity! He can assure you
Tang Wenlong and Butler went back to the high trainer and hung the ball to Tang Wenlong Tang Wenlong. They turned around and threatened to sway to the right, then moved to the left, and raised their arms and jumped directly.
Butler’s defense is very good. Although the wingspan is not excellent, it gives Tang Wenlong enough interference