With a knife, Xiojīng Yingjie’s body was out of balance, and it took a lot of j and ng force to barely maintain himself.

He wanted to fight back, but in the next moment, a long sword danced in the air for a gorgeous half moon, directly cutting off most of his neck and cutting off his vertebrae, leaving only a little flesh and blood barely connected.
Qiang Qiang!
The collision between the long sword and the bone made a sour sound. If it weren’t for the excellent quality of this sword, I’m afraid it would be damaged under this chopping.
When his head was broken, Xiong Yingjie’s huge body lost all its strength in an instant, and he fell to the ground with a bang.
And that Yan Sanzao had stopped breathing, and his body began to gradually cool and stiff.
Chen Shaobai killed two people for the first time, but perhaps because of hunting in the mountains all the year round, he didn’t have any extra strange emotions, only felt that their bodies were unusually ferocious and ugly.
"I cut off an arm of this blind bear today, and he hasn’t adapted to the new body balance. If I give him a few more days, I’m afraid it won’t be so easy now."
Chen Shaobai didn’t practice the technique of intellectual man fit lifting longitudinal, so he beheaded the other party, and he was covered in salty blood from the fracture of his neck.
The dark clouds that covered the moon were blown away by a breeze, and the bright Yin Hui threw her on him, which was commensurate with the blood all over his body, hiding him like an angel of Hell and Back.
This time, the fighting time is not long, but the noise is obvious enough. Chen Shaobai knows that at least five perceptive Orion have woken up to quit jǐng, but no one has gone out to find out.
This scene, and three years ago, ·yín the village chief intended to be a powerful widow of a good family, how similar!
"Everyone cleans the snow in front of his own door, so don’t worry about frosting others’ tiles." He bowed his head and pondered for a moment. Instead of realizing it, he gave a slight smile. "The world is cold."
"If everyone around you is like this, it will be too boring."
"Practice the strongest fencing, eat the most delicious food, swim the strangest beauty, make the most friends with xìng, and travel all over the world with Miao Miao. Isn’t it quick? !”
A mindful of this, Chen Shaobai face upwards laugh twice, chest unprecedented access.
This is a qualitative change in a person’s stature and courage.
But killing people is not as simple as described in the novel. Chen Shaobai still needs to consider a series of possible consequences. Even if the laws in this world are not as majestic as those in the last century, it still has a lot of law enforcement efforts.
Even if only two ruffians are killed, once obvious evidence is found, he will spend at least ten years in prison, otherwise, there will be only two ends.
Either carry a life-long commercial arrest warrant and go into exile; Or be killed by the wind-state catchers who pierce their hearts with swords.
The two men’s bodies add up to four hundred catties, and Chen Shaobai didn’t have a suitable hunting bag at hand, so he just tied them tightly with thick hemp rope and dragged their gradually cold bodies to Xiang Qiu Magic Mountain.
The village is very small, but the Autumn Phantom Mountain is extremely vast. As a hunter who hangs around it all the year round, Chen Shaobai naturally knows where to hide things and where to bury bodies.
The excavation lasted for half an hour.
Chen Shaobai coldly mentioned Yan San’s body, just as he was about to throw it into into the pit, a casual glance made his heart jump wildly.
Put your hand into Yan San’s clothes pocket and pull it, and a piece of lavender Se paper three inches long and two inches wide appears in your hand.
I don’t know what kind of material the paper is made of. It is light, thin and tough. Even if it is torn hard, it won’t cause any cracks. There are several golden business characters branded on the Zise base: "Silver is one hundred and twenty".
On the back, there is still the business text "Wan Ji Lou", and the three gold Se characters are wrapped around the complicated and dark silver Se secret lines, which plays an anti-counterfeiting role.
Smell the mint-like cool fragrance on the silver ticket, and look at the written evidence on it. Chen Shaobai gasped.
"Rich, really rich! I have worked hard for so many years, only to save less than one hundred and twenty pieces of silver, and Yan San is just a small follower of Xiong Yingjie. The whole Ri is idle and idle, but he can carry so much money with him. They all say that killing and setting fire to the golden belt is true! "
Having lived in this world for fifteen years, Chen Shaobai knew that the silver ticket was not as circulating as he thought before crossing, and that the huge cheque in previous lives was a xìng, and ordinary people only heard its name but didn’t see its real thing. It was an out-and-out high-end object, and even if it was used for consumption, ordinary stores didn’t dare to pick it up.
Chen Shaobai naturally turned his attention to Xiong Yingjie’s body, having tasted the sweetness from the 100-tael silver ticket of Wanji Tower.
Half an hour later, when he returned to the village, the east was already dawn, and the sky was a touch of faint fish-belly white.
After this battle, except for those objects with obvious stolen goods and characteristics, he gained two silver tickets worth 120 yuan and more than ten pieces of silver, which is more than twice as much as his hard work in the past years.
Chen Shaobai is now earning a lot of money. If you hold the mentality of being small and rich, you can live a happy life as a small landlord as long as you just find a normal farming village.
However, Chen Shaobai’s mentality has completely changed, and he doesn’t want to continue to be comfortable in such ignorance.
Besides, this money is not the biggest gain this time.
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Chapter VI Sword Score: Jilei
When Chen Shaobai finished washing, satiated with food and went out, it was already the third pole of Ri.
The sunny sky brought a trace of anxiety to the autumn Ri, which was supposed to be very cool, and the air in front of me seemed to be distorted by the roasting.
Chen Shaobai was walking along the field path with a sword in his hand, and when he saw him, the villagers subconsciously avoided him.
Only some young children will gather together curiously to take a peek, and then fly away like flies, chattering among their partners as if they have accomplished something worth showing off.
The way they look at Chen Shaobai is very complicated, just like a human watching a lion in a zoo, with awe, fear and superiority.
Only there is no equality.
"Just stabbed a sword die, and then conveniently solved the two moths. As for all this? "
In the face of these strange cold eyes, Chen Shaobai calmly even surprised himself.
Xiong Yingjie and Yan San’s bodies were all disposed of by him, leaving traces of blood and fighting that he didn’t need to deal with at all. An autumn rain duly put a perfect end to this matter.
Even if leave any clues, Chen Shaobai will not care too much.
Still the same sentence: the official does not raise the people and does not investigate. There is no evidence, even if someone is idle and painful to report to the official?
Therefore, these people have almost no influence on him, and Miao Yuqin is also used to playing with needlework at home, studying medical skills and piano scores.
Now, Chen Shaobai can do what he wants wholeheartedly, holding a long sword and a book. He finds a place with a wide view and sits down at will.
The sun is soft and suitable for reading.
"Urgent Thunder", which is the most precious thing that Chen Shaobai searched from Xiong Yingjie.
The book is not thick, just 25 pages, the paper is silvery white, the density is very high, the touch is moist and delicate, and it exudes a fragrance of ebony.
The cover is a kind of animal skin that he has never seen before, and it is a sky-blue Se Ze. The whole book is woven and bound by silver thread, which is very heavy.
From a distance, I don’t think there is anything, but if I look at it from a close distance, I feel that there is a heavy and quaint history.
Even if you don’t go to a hundred to ten thousand small! The content, only by virtue of its material, can be sold at a high price.
Chen Shaobai, who has read it briefly, understands that this book is absolutely priceless in the eyes of many people who practice fencing and are eager to climb up.
This kind of sword spectrum is obviously not published in batches in those places where the bookstore engraved it, and it has the only xìng, which can almost be regarded as a lifelong inheritance of a sword practitioner. If it weren’t for Xiong Yingjie’s excellent luck, he wouldn’t get such a thing that is hard to find.
Only by coincidence, such a treasure fell into the hands of Chen Shaobai.
Open the cover, and the sixteen big characters written in business words on the title page directly come into view.
"Beginners for ten years, the world goes; After studying for another ten years, it is difficult to move. "