"I care who you are? It’s really annoying to talk to me after straightening your tongue. This is not good for you guys, Ah San, who will never know the little world. What kind of ghosts and gods are here … "Ding Qing sighed

"Ding Qing, do you want to rob the title demon Dan of the Great Sage?" The black-faced Taoist priest was imprisoned in a half-woman. "It took my department six months to find out that the AWIC stipulated that she belongs to the Ministry …"
"get out!" Ding Qing drank one or three times to rob the true fairy Pangda Fairy Machine, and pressed all the people’s shoulders like a Taishan Mountain to detain these floating semi-true immortals and gods to the ground, which made them prostrate.
"Ding … Love …" The black-faced Taoist toad barely looked up, but his heart was shocked. He could even lift his head without moving his fingers. This is such a power.
"AWIC also stipulates that it is not allowed to kill the residents of Alien at will. If there is any violation, it will be regarded as a violation of the earth’s criminal law. I will kill you at this. What’s your problem?" Ding Qing looked down at the black-faced Taoist priest
"I … haven’t killed …" Mafia Taoist barely blushed.
"I didn’t kill him either" Ding Qing began to refer to "plop" and "plop" again. For more than a dozen departments in a row, all the scattered immortals and ten gods were pressed into the yellow land by the fairy machine, as if they were buried alive and never heard of it again.
As soon as all the people went to Ding Qing, they looked at the woman in cloth who fell to the ground. "The Great Sage Vientiane Immortal Emperor has an order to ask you to be the title demon Dan. I’m sorry."
"Oh, you must say that you are a true fairy of three robberies. Just take my title directly!" The woman in cloth suddenly showed her true colors, which turned out to be a fox with a length of five or six meters, like a beast with a white neck and a circle of blue fluff. Although the howling sound was piercing, she felt refreshed when she heard it.
The ability of the Great Sage, also known as the word Philip, is still heart-warming.
Although it is one of the top ten saints, what is its combat capability?
Ding Qing was about to take the sword, but when he closed his brow, he saw the golden light flashing in the northeast sky and the Buddha’s light shining all over the central part. In the middle of these visions, there was a long-eared Buddha sitting
This is not the NPC, but the player’s 10-year-old, Xiu said that the five outstanding players in the Silver Age, the Four-faced Buddha, is also the leader of the Ministry.
"Ding Qing gives a face" The four-faced Buddha has a vision of smallpox in one mouthful and Yue Xian plays the drum "Give me the Great Sage and pay you 30,000 Lingshi".
"You stop the background music first and then we can talk. My head hurts when I listen." Ding Qing frowned.
"Ha-ha, this is a sign that you can’t stop marching into the four robberies, but you can’t stop." The four-faced Buddha laughed.
"Nonsense, I haven’t arrived at the four robberies yet. Why do you arrive at the four robberies?" Ding Qing sneered, "Come here quickly or I’ll cut you down!"
"You can try …"
Ding Qing drew his sword and cut the world. With his sword, he was divided into gray and white
Report to 74
74 Give Lin Chong again
"Isn’t it normal to fight this kind of thing?" Lin Chong didn’t care. "It’s strange to play a game, either BOSS or players."
"The key is that the result of this fight is that Ding Qing has been promoted to four robberies. Didn’t you say that you should be informed as soon as a player is promoted to four robberies?" 74 said
"ah!" Lin Chong put the mushroom watering can to wipe his hands, and then threw a Vientiane dharma body through the sky lantern near Xuanlong in Beihai.
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Wounds of Xuanlong
Ding Qing is an old player.
This year is the 75th year of Lin Chong’s crossing, the year of 295 AD, and the third year of "Alien Plane".
Thirty years is a third of life for people on earth at the beginning of the twentieth century. From the age of twenty to fifty, it is also the golden stage of life and the most creative stage of life.
But for Ding Qing, on behalf of the players of "Plane", their physique has been constantly changed with the rise of the realm, making them smarter, stronger and longer.
There are more than 120 players in "Plane", and their physical and mental conditions are still like those in their 40 s and 50 s
But other than that, there is no more change in magic, and miracles such as sendoh have not appeared on the earth.
Players are physically improved and there is no change in life form.
"Plane" has already experimented with this kind of situation for the world’s pre-release teaching group. What happened in the previous 20 years from the golden age to the black iron age was to assess the changes that "Plane" has made to human beings.
Then, Yuan Ying, Shen Jing and San Xian are true immortals.
The instructor group proved that even those who reach the realm of true immortals will still not gain special abilities outside cognition, which represents that the current social order and social structure of the earth will not change dramatically because of The Plane.
This is very important.
Strong-order countries like the motherland, such as Lin Man and Five Blessingg, can still be integrated into the order, because the country is big enough to cover the order, but once a weak-order country like Mexico and African countries has a strong ability like Lin Man, the whole country will be subverted.
At that time, the impact of "Plane" on the earth was not just individual, but the whole text.
It is necessary to evaluate the project in the past 20 years, which is also the basis for uniting public opinions and establishing AWIC. Although we have mastered enough technology and force to crush the world, it is not the case in the hope country in the tenth and nineteenth centuries. Without the recognition of all countries, the motherland will repeat the mistakes of the hope country by force.
Having the strength to pull the world together and still adhere to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence is the true meaning of Chinese.
Talk back to ding Qing
Ding Qingsuo can break through the four robberies so quickly.
In addition to the adventure, he even took part in the raiding of the Land Lord and later the raiding of the Ten Great Sages. The reason is that his self-created skill’ Xuanjin Double Pupils’ has become a basic skill for the hands of the immortals in Kunlun.
The two root attributes of Kunlun Immortal’s "Heavenly Great Man" and "The Wave of the Times" are combined to form an additional concept of "inheritance". Once the martial arts created by Kunlun Immortal Sect is more and more popular, it will get more favor from heaven. The "Heavenly Great Man" is probably you.
The 30 million Kunlun immortals poured into the plane, and the realm of love climbed again and again, and they were the first to cross the four borders.
However, Ding Qing’s "Xuanjin Double Pupils" reached its peak, and after the baptism of scattered fairy robbery, there appeared a "cut and faint dawn" array, and then after the baptism of true fairy robbery, it turned to the sword. The mysterious skill can pierce the void and set up another world. Lin Haoheng is full of praise
When Lin Chong learned that Ding Qing had broken through the four robberies of the true fairy, he threw himself into the northern foot of Kunlun Mountain and went to Wanmiqing.
Here hovers the North Sea Xuanlong like a’ celestial phenomenon’.
Twenty years ago, Beihai Xuanlong was caught by the furnace keeper and overturned the secret machine of the Fa Shi, which seemed to be an astronomical vision. A giant body with a length of 10,000 meters turned around and blocked the sun and never moved.
At the moment, although Kunlun Fairy is able to attack the title of the Great Sage Yin Candle, even the highest-order true fairy in the face of Beihai Xuanlong still feels shudder.
Beihai Xuanlongqiang is the best in the world. It seems that there is a difference of one rank in nine robberies, but Beihai Xuanlong is not an ordinary nine-robbery true fairy. He ranks nine-robbery just like Taishan Jun, so the rank of the world’s true fairy is up to nine, and if it is true fairy, it will take hundreds of robberies, and Beihai Xuanlong will also be robbed.
In order to monitor the North Sea Xuanlonglin, a circle of sky lanterns was arranged around him.
I saw the faint lanterns in the past hundred days, and the black scales of the North Sea Xuanlong were illuminated with a circle of unfathomable silver light.
Lin Chong’s dharma body is not affected by emptiness.
At the same time, because the sky lantern is also the incarnation of Lin Chong, you can pick up whatever you want through the virtual mushroom turnover.
Players can get help from a nuclear bomb mushroom if they ask Vientiane Xiandi for help from the sky lantern.
At this moment, Lin Chong is in front of the North Sea Xuanlonglong.
Look at this giant faucet like Boeing 747.
I talked to Beihai Xuanlong a few times ago. This ancient great power ignored me. I must be afraid that the furnace keeper would hear it.
Is this the right time to talk about this topic?
"There are Kunlun immortals in the four corners," said Lin Chong.