Dagong Cao was half stopped and flew backwards!

Three tricks?
A joke is enough!
Cao Zhengchun’s hard and hard attack on the main martial arts is Qin Changfeng’s favorite type of fighting, because he can fight better than he can, and he can fight better than he can.
Sit back in the chair Cao Zhengchun face the original should smile to an abrupt end … Our house was shot back by this fellow students?
This is a bit embarrassing! !
The atmosphere is a little subtle. We agreed to block three palms, but it seems that we only lost half a move after the first palm. It’s not good to have no steps.
Snow … Boom!
Just when Tso’s eyes grew gloomy, the steps came.
Seeing the small flag of Royal Guards in the middle of the room suddenly turned red, an arrow of blood spurted out, and at the same time, the whole person seemed to have been slammed by a huge hammer and suddenly retreated a few feet away until he smashed a chair and finally stopped and touched his chest with a serious injury. He said, "My father-in-law is amazing and the official has lost his heart!"
Chapter two hundred and twenty-four Both ends meet.
After seeing Qin Changfeng performing, Cao Zhengchun laughed and laughed. "What a hypocritical little thing, but I like it. Why don’t you just go into the palace and accept your work?"
Qin Changfeng immediately shivered in his heart. Although the brain can make up for any kind of disability when he returns, it’s hard to think that it’s not original after all. Besides, what if something goes wrong?
Thought of here for a moment, the flag of the Royal Guards said with a serious face, "If you report back to your father-in-law, if you enter the palace, you will have to win the trust of God again. The former official dare not promise."
"All right," Cao Zhengchun never thought he would promise, and then said lightly, "Come on … when are you going to act?"
Qin Changfeng said faintly, "Yesterday, there was a clash between restaurant officials. Several royal guards will not give up. They met in the East Factory very secretly. If my father-in-law can let another eunuch with more weight in the East Factory join in and wait for the official to kill them all, he will never doubt the official identity again!"
"Is this a personal vendetta? Do you want our family to build a big eunuch?"
"These people are not fathers-in-law. They design to let the eunuch in the East Factory get involved when they see which eunuch is not pleasing to the eye. This is the father-in-law supervising the East Factory to clear the obstacles!"
This is true at all. Although Cao Zhengchun is now the highest-ranking supervisor of an East Factory, it is not without competitors. Where there are people, there are advantages in rivers and lakes, and where there are eunuchs, it is even more terrifying than normal people!
Cao Zhengchun got up and came over and personally wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth for Qin Changfeng. "You are so good at this child’s skull that it is even more powerful to have your help … OK, you go back and prepare. When the time is right, we will send someone to inform you."
"Officer, leave!"
After Qin Changfeng left, a white eunuch with a mean face and eyebrows came out from behind the curtain. He was obviously a close friend of Cao Zhengchun. He looked at the figure fading away behind Sun’s father-in-law and said, "This little martial arts skill is rare in the sky. What’s even more strange is that he can’t see the way out, as if there is no connection between today’s sects."
Cao Zhengchun hey smiled. "Let’s wait and see. It will have a miraculous effect, and there will be no loss. Besides, even if it has the ability to pass the sky, it will be a foreign minister after all, and it will not pose a threat to our governor’s East Factory. If you show your ambition, he will be the first one to protect the Dragon Villa!"
Some things are calculated, and they will come when they should!
Seven days later, when Qin Changfeng came back from the outside on duty, he was blocked in a dead end. One of the three eunuchs of the East Factory, a dozen Royal Guards, wore a cloak, which was a symbol of the position of the East Factory.
Qin Bai will accompany the eunuch of the East Factory, who has a holiday with his identity, and the triangle eye Royal Guards will naturally win.
One person faced a dozen people, Qin Changfeng turned and smiled. "You came a little late than I expected."
"It seems that you are eager to die," said darkly in the triangle eye crowd.
Qin Bai sneered at the same time, "We’re here to catch you this time, but it’s a restaurant attack on an official. At that time, there were dozens of witnesses, but you’d better go back with us and make it clear, or else you’ll be at your own risk."
We know that you are good at martial arts, but this is Grandpa Yao from East Factory. If you resist arrest, you will be the enemy of the whole East Factory! Don’t turn a living crime into a capital crime then, and the loss will outweigh the gain. "
This is just a show. Besides, we want to vent our anger on you, but we don’t want to kill you. If you dare to make a big fuss, you will die!
"If I go with you, can I walk out by myself?"
"Of course, it’s impossible to keep you alive, but your legs will be broken so that you won’t salute anyone when you see them later."
"My legs are crippled and dead … so it’s hard to be kind today?"
"You kneel down and knock ten heads for all of us, maybe you still have a chance."
After listening to the last sentence, Qin Changfeng pulled out his waist and embroidered the spring knife with a flick of his finger blade and said, "Everyone dies, but usually the dead end is his own choice."
Does this really mean hard work? Everyone is puzzled by other trades.
The father-in-law Yao even smiled with a strand of hair. "Interesting. Do you know what you are talking about?"
"I know you know!"
A small flag of Royal Guards holds a knife and goes forward to make a ghosting image.
A dozen Royal Guards and Dongchang immediately drew their weapons as their pupils shrank, but they couldn’t catch the enemy!
In the scene of the shock field, a figure appeared, flashing a phase and rushing to launch a three-foot-long distance. Seeing the embroidered spring knife holding the blade in reverse, the sun was connected into a horse and the people were stunned. The second paragraph of the dash suddenly started again, and then Qin Changfeng’s figure appeared behind everyone.