Qin Changfeng looked at him with interest when he heard the words and held out three fingers. "I gave your teammate a chance to fight the emperor three times, and he didn’t catch it this time. You also made me change my mind three times."

God hesitated, but he didn’t hesitate for long. Obviously, he had thought everything over before he came.
"I’ll bring Jiqiong Gouyu …"
"the first sentence"
"Plus bucket emperor and bucket st hit sneak attack on Chizuru Kagura is bucket emperor …"
"the second sentence"
At this time, God Dou once again showed hesitation and seemed to make a hard decision. "I know a place where I found out with the soul fighting team that I think King Dou would be interested …"
"Tell me about it" Qin Changfeng finally changed his tone, which means that the three sentences of success in fighting God temporarily saved his life and made Qin Changfeng willing to give him more opportunities to speak.
It is impossible for Dou Shen to say that he is not afraid, but he knows better that if he doesn’t come, he will be buried with the name "Dou Soul".
Finally, he talked for half an hour at a stretch before Qin Changfeng stopped listening, but fell into a long meditation. Then he looked at the window and said nothing. Ade asked, "Is there really such a creature?"
Adebayor thoughtfully nodded slightly and said, "It is possible at the genetic level."
"Then go and have a look." Qin Changfeng clapped his hands and said to Dou Shen. "But I have one last question … how can I trust a teammate who betrayed me?"
Shen Dou said, "When the facts will prove everything, I will remember that I don’t choose at this moment."
There are some feelings for the four people in the room who are fighting God at this moment. Once they are involved, they can’t help themselves.
Is it that God is not the only one who can’t help himself in this world?
It can be said that everyone in this room is like this, but no matter what … the contempt for fighting gods will not disappear.
After Dou Shen, Pu Sakan and others left to prepare, Qin Changfeng picked up the Cong Yunjian, who had just got the day, and saw that the so-called Excalibur turned into a wisp of sword light that was not fixed and flowed through his fingers like a soft finger.
Like Zhi Jing, the three artifacts, a grass and a pheasant sword are also epic props.
Tian cong yun Jian Shi props
Produce world KOF97
Prop epic
Unknown material
Special props with enhanced level cannot be enhanced.
Attribute base attack +4% energy incidental attack increased by 25% (the base attack only can’t help to break through the limit, and all other judgment calculations can take effect. Skill level +1 can take effect on ordinary and spiritual skills)
Skill 1. Fire is not extinguished. The flame formed by shock wave can be attached to the non-attribute attack. Additional basic attack damage can be seen as defense and has purification attribute, which can purify the opponent’s beneficial state against the priority level.
Skill 2, the soul of the sword The actual shape of the soul of the sword can be made by props or can be integrated into other props. When the device is introduced, the props will become a new weapon, and the order and power are likely to rise!
Skill 3: Heavenly Sword will actively integrate this sword’s strong meaning into a pure offensive skill that will be released soon. There is a 7% probability that the final power will be doubled by 2%, the probability will be tripled by 1%, and the probability will be quadrupled by 4 times. 24 hours when cooling down (only for mundane and spiritual skills)
Equipment conditions, rank, military commander, basic attack 500 points!
Evaluate its value to attack invincible!
Obviously, although the sword is famous, this three-artifact and one-sword weapon is not a weapon in the formal sense, but is more inclined to decoration
Zhi mirror can be called right base attack +4% compared with the tester’s own attack, and then energy collateral attack can also be increased by 25%. Even a common attack in Qin Changfeng’s realm can increase six or seven hundred points of damage, not to mention skills.
And the skill of not putting out the fire and the skill of three heavenly swords will push the terror of this attack to a new height.
At this time, however, Qin Changfeng was more interested in skill 2, and the soul became its prop spirit … He couldn’t help thinking deeply.
Seeing this message, Qin Changfeng can clearly perceive that the best fusion target should be the same three artifacts Zhi mirror or ruler Qiong Gouyu.
It’s Chiqiong Gouyu, but it’s not verified by the method in his hand yet.
So thoughtfully, he put away this prop that was originally intended to be given to Piao Xu, and then made a decision after going to the Three Artifacts Department.
The world is located at the outermost periphery of the whole new world universe. With the expansion of the new world, the size of the world is endless.
It is natural that countless lives and articles were born in this vast sea of stars.
These literary planets are collectively referred to as the heavens and the earth.
Even the twenty-four trial towers only bred and controlled about half of them.
The rest are like lonely trees in the dark forest … but most of them are not even qualified as hunters, and they may be cut down and harvested at any time.
These tree scripts are all self-derived in the process of the birth of the new universe. Compared with the trial tower, they are indigenous.
The only reason why they are able to do this is that the testers have not discovered or have no energy to note them.
After all, the ability of low-level testers is limited, while that of senior testers is too busy to fight in the spiritual world. Gu Fanjie is naturally in a state of semi-exile
All the major test towers are fighting endlessly in the spiritual world, but the mortal world can coexist very peacefully … There are so many people outside who claim the planet and want to expand, so just go directly, and those who try it will die.
Unless that planet discover very important resources or treasure, it will attract attention from all sides.
The god of fighting revealed to Qin Changfeng that the beast god is one of the middle schools.
This article will be noted by the soul fighting team and the news will be blocked in top secret, which makes Qin Changfeng have a strong interest and decides to spend a lot of lingshi to take people on this trip because of the word "beast god"
Actually, the animal god is not a god, but a combination of "beast" and "god"
This is a self-derived magical world, and the main race is a famous animal race.
In this form of racial and tribal alliance, each tribe has several females. Whenever a tribe member is born, the females will soon give birth to an animal egg. From then on, one person and one beast will grow together and become the best partners and comrades in life and death.
The vast majority of tribal shepherds and associated animals can fight together like their owners’ pets, and a few tribal associated animals can be transformed into armor or weapons, which makes the combined fighting ability of master and servant increase greatly 2.
These powerful tribes are divided into ten royal families, but these royal families have only one emperor!
The companion beast of the strong emperor clan can not be transformed, and can be completely merged with the master to temporarily become a new life!
This new life is called the beast god …
To tell the truth, Qin Changfeng has the insight to imagine what kind of fit it is, let alone what the beast god is.
So he came in person with great interest.