Pondering for a long time, Qin Changfeng’s heart has gradually made eyes. Maybe … He can walk out of a unique road of his own.

Although the Star Soul Road is a trial tower, the other roads may not be much worse.
It can be said that the former is like a road that has been proved, but it is not necessarily impossible to reach the same level by finding another way.
However, he thought that the road was very difficult and he needed to go to the extremely dangerous top world to get the necessary things …
"destiny star"
Finally, all the attribute changes are carefully understood, but Qin Changfeng whispers in his heart.
At present, his first priority is still to canonize the life star, and now the immortal sword is still short of the will of heaven and the source of thunder and robbery
The years in the mountains have actually passed by for more than two years.
In the past two years, Sumeru Mountain has been quiet, but the outside world has suddenly set off a shock …
The source of this shock is that Qin Changfeng has been waiting for the beast god!
His most plan is to seize the treasure house of the Emperor of Heaven and then re-enter southern Xinjiang with the Xuanhuojian to find the beast god sealed in the cave and directly provoke the fierce Xuanhuoda array inside to burn the beast god to ashes.
But I don’t know what caused Qin Changfeng’s accomplishment in Sumi Mountain. During this period, news came from Zhang Xiaofan in central and southern Xinjiang … The beast god was born!
From southern Xinjiang, a great disaster is about to be destroyed, and hundreds of mountains gradually sweep north.
When Zhang Xiaofan returned to Tianyin Temple to see Qin Changfeng, he claimed to be guarding the incense burning valley at the southern gate of Xinjiang. Yun Yilan had to lead the remaining disciples to rush to the North Central Plains to avoid disaster.
Qin Changfeng, who is opposite to the jade stone on the back hill of Tianyin Temple, carved the cliff directly and spent all his time on the top of the Buddha statue.
This is obviously a blasphemy, and now no one in the whole Tianyin Temple dares to do so except him.
This is a way of expressing attitude for Qin Changfeng.
Looking south here, it seems that you can see the terrible bones from southern Xinjiang, which has become the only sight of the monster beast crossing the border …
Square Cliff Method Hands folded Avenue "Teacher younger brother is talking about the real demon for two days, calling for you to suppress the demon that will be extinct, just like …"
"Is it the same as the death swamp?" Qin Changfeng smiled and said for him
"In those days, both things were magic, and Yan Gong’s star was released. No one will ever be there again. You are the heart of your Tianyin Temple, but in front of you, that great disaster is imminent. If people stop it, the sky will be overturned."
Speaking is the abbot Puhong, who walks slowly from a distance. Naturally, he hopes that Qin Changfeng, who has been recognized as the first person in the world, can come out of the mountain.
Qin Changfeng, however, still shook his head and said calmly, "The demon leader, the beast god, was created by the rage of the last generation of black witches in southern Xinjiang and exquisite heaven and earth. He can absorb the rage and transform his own strength. If there is rage in this world, he will be immortal. If there is no such thing, even I can’t transform him."
"What do you mean?" Puhong and Fafa asked the monk at the same time.
Qin Changfeng had an arc around his mouth, and I don’t know if he laughed and said three words "Xuan Huojian!"
"This ….." They were frightened.
"This thing, the same source as the beast god, is the magic weapon of the exquisite witch. Only this thing can summon the power to destroy the beast god."
Everyone said
It is a great irony that Qin Changfeng, who came to ask for the Xuanhuo Jian by burning incense in the Valley of Righteousness, readily gave it back to them now, but it has become the key to lifting the catastrophe, and it will eventually return to Qin Changfeng’s hands.
Qin Changfeng’s eyes narrowed slightly. When did he get what he had?
If there is, it can prove that he is sure that the other party will send it back to him.
Incense burning valley is naturally unwilling, but can they withstand the criticism of the right path and the anger of heaven and earth?
If you don’t give them, you’re an accomplice to the end!
Qin Changfeng mood than calm at the moment because he didn’t lie … It is a fact that it is necessary to kill the beast god.
How will Yu Xianggu decide … Unless they want the whole natural enemy, Qin Changfeng will have no choice after releasing this news.
"Abbot, please give your words to Incense Valley. I took this Xuanhuojian in those days to cope with today’s robbery and whether the whole people can save it or not."
Qin Changfeng’s mental disorder completely cleansed Yan Gong’s identity in this way.
Due to various factors, he’d better be able to wash away all the stains on his body before leaving, after all, to save the heart of Lu Nvxia.
Besides, can this bring back the Xuanhuojian fair and square?
Want to know fierce xuan fire large array is also his brand life star choice one.
This array is definitely one of the best in its power level …
Chapter four hundred and forty-four A return to the teacher’s kindness
After telling the secret of Xuanhuojian, Qin Changfeng fell from the Buddha statue and then showed inexplicable light in his eyes. He turned to say, "Xiao Fan’s bloody case changed the fate of all of us, but cause and effect will eventually end now that it has been started. Let’s go and see him together."
Voice falls field people than jing quiver because all know Qin Changfeng mouth he … Is that year to do Caomiao village murder wisdom!
Qin Changfeng, the world needs to go through four relationships, and only this brotherly friendship with Zhang Xiaofan has achieved the degree that each of them regrets and can feel at ease and accept it.
And now he obviously wants to end the second mentoring relationship …
There are many small courtyards in the back of Tianyin Temple. Among them, there is a small courtyard that looks as simple as its ordinary Buddhist temple.
The only difference between other Zen rooms is that there is a thick black curtain hanging on the door of this room, and there seems to be no other window exits except this door.
With Qin Changfeng coming, Zhang Xiaofan looked at this ordinary and ordinary hut with a thirst in his throat, but his hands were involuntarily clenched. The faces of Puhong and others who came together were also very complicated, and their faces seemed to be sorry and painful. It was a long story.
Only Qin Changfeng calm before lift the curtain and went in.
A chill suddenly came from all directions, and it seemed that a few cold steel needles were going to pierce the skin. It was as if it were cold in this small hut.
The chill comes from a one-foot-square disk, which flows brightly like snow, and braves the dense chill at the same time. This one-foot-square disk is actually sitting with a person who has changed the fate of many people’s lives and made Zhang Xiaofan unforgettable-Pu Zhi.
From a distance, Puzhi’s face is lifelike. Although his skin looks pale and angry at all, there is no sign of dryness after careful observation. More than that, he is still the compassionate and peaceful old monk in Zhang Xiaofan’s memory, but his look is more faint and painful.
It seems that he is dead, and the body is protected by this jade-like treasure.
But Qin Changfeng can feel a very weak but real soul fluctuation from the body. With their arrival, this fluctuation suddenly increased a little.
This means that Puzhi didn’t really die. He was in a state of dying for a long time, and the last thought was still alive.
Zhang Xiaofan’s body trembled even more. His mind sometimes swayed and sometimes thundered like a storm, and all kinds of grievances were so painful that he was suddenly worried …
Qin Changfeng looked at him and pointed to Puzhi’s body and said, "Do you hate it?"
Zhang Xiaofan was silent for a long time and gradually calmed down and asked in a low voice, "Don’t you hate it?"