Lu Chen hesitated, "I may go to a special war later, and if I win, I will get a qualification to go to a mysterious world."

"It sounds like winning will be a good thing."
Chu Hang is a declarative sentence.
"So it is said that there will be many opportunities to make people strong, but I have recently realized a problem …"
Liu Chen paused, "… my world may be divided with you."
It’s a special qualification battle. If he can go after qualification, others can’t.
And it won’t stop when he returns. Once the time is over, painting pear clothes will be a world. They may be wrong.
In the world of pear-painted fox demon, it has also completed the advanced stage, and now it is a second-order explorer.
If we look at the realistic power of the second-order explorer, it’s really not enough for her to fight for a million dollars, but the problem is to allocate the world according to her own experience and pay more attention to comprehensive strength
Even with the seeker’s mark, lowering the world will not be easy.
Pear-painting is a smart girl, but she has no intention and is too kind. She is afraid that pear-painting will suffer.
And now he’s talking to Chuhang, and it’s not so obscure. The origin said that he can disclose certain information to people who are going to bring in. After all, pulling people has to deal with consent.
"Brother Lu said that we can’t travel together every day, is that right?"
Chuhang understood Liu Chen’s meaning.
Lu Chen is also embarrassed. He agreed to take the other side to "fly", but he didn’t just pull people into the first world of origin.
"Brother Lu, don’t worry. Although I’m not as strong as a pear painter now, I’ll take care of her."
Chuhang guarantee way
"Well, I’m relieved to have Brother Chu. You can enter the world together after joining the league. Because it’s the first world, you and Xia Mi should lower the difficulty and it won’t be dangerous. It’s not necessarily that you can plan something good with more brains."
Liu Chen’s mind has secured a lot of strength in painting pears and clothes, and her rank is even more outrageous than her own "in those days". Plus Chu Hang’s mind is definitely an enemy combination of "novice village"
Oh, and Xia Mi?
E … Xia Mi is a little weak.
However, Xia Mi’s good girlfriends have left money to help Xia Mi watch the strengthening things, and when the little dragon girl who has been humiliated for many years finally rises.
He saw the eye ChuHang Yin and Yang spirit eye exploration feeling ChuXiong is uniting the quarrelling genius.
At this time, Chuhang’s physique and strength attributes have exceeded 100 points, and several of his attributes are also extreme values of 1 point, which makes Lu Chen have some lingering thoughts that Chuhang’s charm value is as high as 3 points!
He touched his face. Why do I feel that we are almost handsome?
"Brother Lu?"
Chuhang confused that he felt Liu Xiong just had a special ability to look at himself, which was like seeing through him all over.
"Oh, you’ve reached the top of your training, haven’t you? Don’t worry, there are other ways to rise after entering."
Lu Chen said that there is still room for strengthening Chuhang lineage, although it is waiting for dragon lineage, but it is far from full level.
"I look forward to it."
Chuhang nodded, but the look in his eyes revealed his thoughts.
After half a year, Lu Chen and several people were ready to leave for home.
When he entered the dragon world, although he had to pay 1 point of origin money every day, he could enlarge the current speed ratio to 1000 times at most, and it didn’t take long for him to go back there after playing for half a year.
Xia Mi went to Castle to find Fenrir a few weeks ago, saying that he should spend more time with his stupid brother before leaving, so that he would cry for his sister.
I just got back today because they are going to leave for the origin.
Lu Chen signed a primary extradition contract with two people. When the white light flashed, several people appeared in Lu Chen’s room.
It’s the same as the painted pear clothes. Because it’s the first time to enter his room or the extradition room directly.