In the face of all the monks’ anger, the river god slowly, slowly … I’m anxious to speak at a warm speed. "Do you regret being so loud?" Since you are so honest, I will give you my last regret. "

Even if they are all true and false, the power is definitely different, and the color nine-turn pulley is obviously the most real and powerful one.
After landing, the whole pit was immediately filled with nine colors of divine light, which was too strong to burn and form boiling gas.
The nine forces of fire, water, wind, devil, sorcery, Buddhism and Taoism are raging at the same time. Even if there is no discipline and just a simple collision with each other, it is enough that conan the destroyer is also doped with fate.
Don’t say this blow is Xuanwu Gate. One third of the imperial city was razed to the ground!
After Li Shimin ascended the throne, this world recorded martial arts for nine years, so it was too late for the king of Qi in Li Jiancheng to commit fornication, and the palace palace was furious, shaking the sky and shaking the people. When the people were all in a panic and lost their souls, the king of Qin wept blood and prayed, and finally moved the man of God to punish the first accomplice, 317 people, and the wrath was full of happiness.
Practitioners around the pit, including Li Jiancheng, were killed with one blow.
This destiny is far from being a true fairy, but it is also enough to be called God, and the gap between God and all is always like an abyss.
The only way to live is to have half a life left. The strength of Guanyin Bodhisattva in this world is equivalent to that of ordinary military commanders who can’t resist being unreasonable.
"Young King Qin, the world is beautiful. I hope you can make it better."
The river god lifted the dying Guanyin Bodhisattva from the ground and then smiled at Li Shimin with earnest instructions.
"The seniors can rest assured that the world will not let people down!"
Li Shimin sink a way, now that he has a stain on his body, he can create a peaceful and prosperous time to wash it away, otherwise he will be nailed to the shame column forever.
The river god looked at Shifeixuan again and said, "Feixuan, you’ve finished returning to Jingzhai early."
Shifeixuan has overruled the body itself injury and laughed. "Thank you for waking up, Princess Xuan."
"Well, let’s cheer together. What a wonderful life! Everyone needs to work hard to make progress towards their dreams …"
The river god is nagging and flying, and it seems that he is ready to leave.
Suddenly, the clouds in the sky seem to be brewing something, and there is a great pressure in the air.
At this time, an empty hole in the shape of an eye suddenly appeared in the middle of the school, and at the same time, five lights floated out of it and flew directly into the sky. Not only was it overbearing to squeeze a cloud of gas out of a corridor, but it was condensed into four glittering Chinese characters-willing to gamble and lose!
There is no doubt that this is a 100% Qin Changfeng warning. It goes without saying who the warning object is.
Guanyin was defeated and captured, which was obviously beyond the original calculation of the Tathagata. The goddess of the river was very strange, and it was difficult to judge whether Qin Changfeng had a body or not.
Heaven and earth were silent, especially Li Shimin’s mind trembled. This is obviously that the two giants are fighting again. Once they fight, it will be a terrible disaster. It is hard to say whether the whole Chang’ an can still be.
Whether the clouds in the sky will eventually dissipate or the pressure will disappear with them
It seems that the Tathagata has other plans. It seems that he is not used to this kind of struggle after meeting an opponent who can be tough by himself, or is he playing a bigger game of chess?
Who knows? Qin Changfeng shrugged his shoulders to show a little surprise.
He’s strong, he’s strong, he’s horizontal, he’s horizontal, I’m stronger than him, I’m horizontal!
In the final analysis, isn’t it more sinister and shameless than who?
I lose if I’m scared for a second!
"True respect brother has one thing to ask for" war, the dust settles, the curtain disappears, and Ruyan Liu suddenly says,
"say it!" Qin Changfeng didn’t open his eyes. Actually, he has already carried out the preliminary cultivation of Yuan Shen. "Did you have menopause before? Mother-in-law mother "
Ruyan Liu didn’t dare to argue that she bowed her head and lowered her eyes. "I hope to give the head of Jingzhai to her own long-term companion and concentrate on serving the practice."
"What is not a good job?" Qin Changfeng casually asked where he actually understood such a trivial matter, but it was just a slight question to show respect.
Ruyan Liu looked up at his eyes and said, "I want to see that if I can’t live forever, something beautiful is just a dream bubble."
"Ah! I really can’t stand you mortals, and I don’t know what’s good about immortality. One by one, sharpening your heads and asking for it, especially if you women have lived alone for a long time, and it’s very painful. Do you know? "
Qin Changfeng, a n experienced person, disdained to whisper, saying that Ruyan Liu was speechless and blushing. It was neither left nor left.
"All right, I promise you to arrange it yourself." I really waved my hand generously and finally agreed to come, but I didn’t open my eyes. That’s why such a small matter is enough to make him look at it seriously.
"It’s like smoke thanking the true respect."
Ruyan Liu saluted respectfully and then moved her lips lightly, with a little smile. She stood proudly in a purple gauze skirt, and her beautiful buttocks were rounder than her whole body. A head of hair streamed like black jade, lining out a delicate and charming figure, and a dignified, strange and sexy flow from her eyebrows.
But when she turned her back and left, the indescribable complexity reappeared in her eyes, which was much more complicated than the second time.
What’s she worried about …
The biggest regret in life is that beauty is like jade but people appreciate it?
Or is it that she has gone from a widow who almost froze to death to a noble practitioner, and there is still hope for the winner of a long life, and there are also unknown troubles?
Factual theory, ghosts and gods, or human beings, immortals and buddhas all have different distress.
But it’s tolerable to have something, but it’s better to accept it than to die
At this time, Guanyin Bodhisattva is facing such a situation.
"Uber, what do you want?"
A bodhisattva imprisoned in a cave by seal practice is not much different from ordinary prisoners at the moment. Although she still maintains the dignity of bodhisattva, she has also given birth to fear in her heart.
"Dear Guanyin Bodhisattva, I want you to fulfill your big wish-equality of all beings."
In a slightly dim cave, the river god smiled and said, "Think about it. There have always been fairy buddhas who can receive monster mounts or secretly killed them to eat meat to satisfy their appetite, or they practiced blood and Dan without monsters doing this to fairy buddhas. What is the equality of all beings?"
"And reproduction is the most fundamental thing in life. Every living thing should have a mortal, but men and women can’t love each other and they will be separated. It’s so cruel. It’s so unfair to the gods and buddhas. So I want the Bodhisattva to show the world what is the true equality of all beings."
After listening to this long speech, Guanyin cried and felt a chill from the back to the top of his head, not because the other empress had a bad voice, but because she was shocked when she fell.
"You … what are you going to do?" Salvation Guanyin Bodhisattva is strong and calm on the surface at the moment, but her heart is like fright.
"What do I want to do?"
Emperor stepped on the peak and Qin Changfeng smiled faintly. "I want this sentient being to be free and equal except me."
The cave river god smiled a long time. "I want to ask the bodhisattva to follow the example of the Buddha and feed the eagle to feed the demons." I want to ask the Bodhisattva to sacrifice herself to save a mortal woman who lost her body. I also want to ask the Bodhisattva to show a monk a touching love … 10% of all beings are equal! "
"How noble, how great and how respectable, Bodhisattva, are you already a little excited?"
"Amitabha, after you die, you will have ten hell." Guanyin has completely given up her struggle with her hands folded. She doesn’t blame Tathagata for her sudden realization-these sufferings are all a practice for her, and if she can achieve positive results, she will be particularly unknown if she proves that she is a Buddha.
She has accepted everything that has come to her.
The river god doesn’t care so much and smiles. "If I go to hell, the king of Yan and the evil spirits will have to be equal together."
Guanyin "…"
At this time, the river god held out the evil palm and pointed out Guanyin’s eyebrows, cutting her Yuan God into three parts and erasing her memory together, and then putting this little Yuan God and Bodhisattva’s body into a ring.
This is Qin Changfeng’s real store. When you see it, you can exchange it when you don’t need it. It is a direct living thing.
When the river god came out of the cave, he drove a white cloud and flew to the place where Zhu Gang lived according to the map in his memory-the third of the three brothers had seen it, but now it was his turn to be the second?