Qin Changfeng righteousness words continue to drink a way "you of shushan eldest brother first banshee peace this sin; Then, regardless of master’s admonition, she insisted on defending the banshee against her master’s sins. In the end, I personally killed dozens of fellow disciples. This crime is three! "

"All these things can be described as countless. Every one of them is a capital crime. You say yourself whether you should die or not!"
Ginger ghost face upheaval tortured himself for a hundred years, and being told is like being exposed as the ugliest side.
"I’m guilty. I deserve to die …"
"Don’t let yourself go!"
"Don’t let her go!"
"More but I don’t leave me alone!"
"Ah what what! !”
Jiang roared wildly and roared in the sky. He was a prisoner imprisoned by himself. He could neither live nor die. He was immersed day and night. He personally killed all his disciples and tortured himself at that moment.
"What’s the point of being enslaved by evil thoughts like this?"
Qin Changfeng’s heavenly Buddha’s holy power spread like golden ripples to the whole stone room. "Do you know what you should do according to the truth of the world?"
"repay kindness with vengeance … the murderer wants life!"
Jiang suddenly muttered quietly, "The murderer pays for his life?"
"Yes, killing people for their lives" Qin Changfeng once again became a life instructor. "The most fundamental truth of all grievances in the world is that there is a cause and effect, and there is a result. Then the cause will end with the end of the past. You are obsessed with killing your fellow disciples because you have been tortured by this obsession for a hundred years today. If you want to end this fruit, you have to pay them back with your life. This is the eternal truth-killing people for their lives and paying their debts!"
"Death pays off … but I’m already dead."
"Immortality is your body, what really matters is your soul! Now, it is unfair to those who died because their enemies didn’t really die! All your souls have also entered reincarnation, and the world has completely disappeared. Their great hatred is truly over, and your past cause and effect can disappear, and no one will be involved anymore. "
"Otherwise, you need to know that even they will be freed from wandering in hell because of this unfinished cause and effect!"
"Is this really the case?" Ginger fell from it and whispered to the dozens of tombstones.
"This is the case," Qin Changfeng said softly. "Kneeling and kowtowing to them is a confession of the past, and then letting them go and letting themselves go. Let this life end in reincarnation. May you be reborn or be a Shushan brother who will make all Shimen elders and other disciples proud!"
Although this sound is plain, it seems to have inexplicable bewitching ability. After listening to it, Jiang couldn’t help kneeling, bending down, bowing down, and then worshiping and thinking …
After three times, all of a sudden "om"-those tombstones with flying swords suddenly flew out of the middle of the flight and rowed neatly in a certain law, just like there were more than 20 Shushan brothers holding their swords.
In the end, all these flying swords have a slow meal, which is like holding their brothers in Shushan to bow their heads …
Chapter four hundred and fifty False aura
When all the flying swords fell slowly, Qin Changfeng sounded faint again, "They have forgiven you."
"I know, it would be great if all this were true." Jiang knelt before the tombstone and slowly folded his hands. The vicissitudes of tears in the corner of his eyes slowly rolled down. This is the soul tears.
Qin Changfeng once again said, "Now it’s time for you to forgive yourself. Go to reincarnation and let you make up for everything in your life and forgive yourself in this life."
"Let life I forgive this life I ha ha ha ha ha ….."
Ginger suddenly got up and looked peaceful and supported her hands with a smile. "All the weather swings and I’m thriving. All the weather swings and I’m thriving. Hahahahaha …"
A joyful sound suddenly sounded from the door. It was a girl with black hair and wandering freely.
Qin Changfeng didn’t look back and knew that he could call Jiang Dad, probably Jiang Waner, the daughter of Jiang He Nvyuan.
When Nvyuan and Jiang were forced to escape into the Lock Demon Tower, they were already pregnant. Because of repeated hard struggles, they lost their strength. Finally, when they were in danger, the baby was born before she was born.
"Wan’er hasn’t really cared for Dad for so many years. I hope you don’t blame Dad!"
"Wan’er won’t."
"Dad is leaving, you should take good care of yourself." Ginger raised her hand and put it in the corner. The silver-white flying sword was immediately pulled out and floated in front of Jiang Waner. "This is the seven-star sword that Dad had worn as a souvenir for you."
Then he turned to Qin Changfeng and said, "No matter what the reason, I want to thank you for helping me get rid of the evil spirit. There is nothing to thank you for condensing my lifelong kendo practice into a sword pill and giving it to you as a token of my appreciation."
After the ginger was released, it became more free and easy. After the sword pill flew in, it opened its hands and gave off a faint light from the body. The figure gradually drifted away, leaving only a lingering sound, and everyone’s ears circled for a long time.
"A thought of ease, regret and hatred is like dust, hahahaha ….."
Jianwan Shushan’s younger brother, Jiang Lifelong, condensed into an epic disposable prop, and crushed to make an earth-shattering sword break out!
Qin Changfeng looked at the amazing white sword pill in his hand and showed satisfaction. This thing is simply a tactical nuclear bomb. Although there is a blow, its power is definitely a lever. Qin Changfeng is confident that he can kill Yue Bai.
Of course, Yue Bai was unprepared before, and there is one more thing … that is, whether this blow is safe for ourselves or not is also a problem that must be considered.
After Jiang’s figure completely disappeared into this world, Jiang Waner suddenly floated to the front of Qin Changfeng and said, "Thank you for helping my dad get out of his misery. I decided that human beings would find a way to repay you."
"No, your dad has already paid me." Qin Changfeng Yang Yang Jian Wan laughed.
Jiang Waner said seriously, "No, Dad is Dad, I am me, and I intend to make a commitment to repay you!"
"This ….." Qin Changfeng secretly glanced at Chizuru Kagura behind his eyes.
The latter said with an expression, "What are you looking at me for?"
Qin Changfeng sighed with the wave, "Forget it. I already have a wife. Although this is my maid-in-waiting, she will complain when she goes back."
"Then I can’t help it." Jiang Waner turned to think about handing over the sword in his hand and smiled. "Why don’t I give Dad’s seven-star sword to the public?"
Qin Changfeng righteous words refused to this thing is the treasure of shushan, and once he received it, he would never want to get out of shushan again.
Say goodbye to Jiang Waner Qin Changfeng’s evil spirits escort, take the snake demon and fox demon couple back to the original road and enter the entrance of Lock Demon Tower before coming.
Since it is an entrance, it is also an exit, but if you want to fight, you have to go through the approval of the Shushan Sect.
"hey! If I don’t hit the door in a quarter of an hour, I will lead the army of evil spirits to step on the lock demon tower! " Before closing the door, Qin Changfeng shouted at the air because blade master must hear him.
In stepping over the lock demon tower, this kind of words is naturally bragging, but the threat is actually locking the demon tower, which is worse than refining the ghost king. There must be monsters and ghosts, but I’m afraid it’s hard to say what the consequences will be if Qin Changfeng really wants to make a big fuss.
Besides, Qin Changfeng also helped Jiang get rid of blade master’s obsession. According to the truth, shushan shouldn’t be difficult for him.
Blade master, the ancestor of the ancestral temple, and Jiu Jianxian naturally saw this scene.
Blade master, holding three incense sticks, lit three worships, and then inserted Jiang Lingpai before sighing, "Brother, let them out."
"Didn’t you say you wanted him?"
"He has found his own way and no one can stop him."