But even so, no animal will laugh at the fire-burning ape.

There is no shame in being soft on a chaotic fiend. In today’s era, several creatures rely on cultivation to gain great magical powers. It is common to move around and capture the sun and the moon, but still no creature dares to pretend that he is stronger than 3,000 chaotic fiends.
Everyone knows that the 3,000 chaotic fiends are the original inheritors of the Avenue, and they have been endowed with great power by the chaotic tires before the 3,000 Avenue, and their physical strength is stronger than all creatures in heaven and earth.
With this change, the atmosphere of the battlefield in the silent sea has dissipated a lot, and a sudden sound of Wang Yang has rumbled through the legacy continent.
"I’ve seen friends who abandoned Taoism, but I don’t know what friends said to solve the grievances of our giants?"
The source of the sound is not the monkey who abandoned Wu to burn skyfire, but the huge mysterious and strange beast Tai Chi beast.
Chaos beast was born in chaos and inherited the wild spirit of heaven and earth. He was the ancestor of several wild animals, but one of the animals whose blood is closest to chaos beast is Taiji beast.
Of the four guardian ancient beasts, the most powerful is the Tai Chi beast, and of course it is the Tai Chi beast. When Wu abandoned the mouth of the Tai Chi beast, he knew that the wild ancient orcs had been persuaded by him. Although he did not immediately give up the war plan, he could communicate with each other.
The idea of going back and forth with Wu abandoned the fiend pupil also reflected the shadow of Tai Chi beast with black and white body.
"It’s very simple. At the end of heaven and earth, the catastrophe has started, and most of the continents in Kyushu have been dominated for the time being. Only the fate of heaven and earth is still in the midst of war. At that time, several ethnic groups will want to get their hands on Zhongzhou, whether it’s the ancient orcs or the giants. If this is the case, the two ethnic groups are not aligned and jointly own the legacy, which not only resolves an enemy, but also makes their own strength soar. Can you kill two birds with one stone?"
Wu abandoned his voice, ranging from Taiji beast to answer. Several animals in the silent sea have released angry thoughts to show that they don’t agree with Wu abandoned this strategy. Wu abandoned the fiend to intimidate them. These animals can also release ideas to make his moves.
However, the ancient beast has a beast.
There has been no movement and corrosion. Chu and Wang Yang are carrying ancient beasts, complications, chaotic blood turtles, and their huge bodies move in unison to show their towering roar and roar.
"A total of main heritage continent? No way, the giants can’t be destroyed, but the legacy state must be released. "
"The owner of Yizhou is only my orc!"
One is shrill and horrible, and the other is old and muddy.
At this time, the ape who burned skyfire and abandoned Wu was also suddenly raised his head. A pair of golden pupils also showed reluctance and did not agree with what Wu abandoned as a common heritage state.
Good Wu abandoned early informed that there was such a scene, and there was a dispute before his mouth. He felt the anger of several animals, and Wu abandoned it. He was not annoyed. He smiled and the fiend pupil still stared at the ancient beast, Tai Chi beast.
The strength and wisdom of the ancient orcs are the first, and Tai Chi is the only beast.
Wu abandoned a finger at the ancient beast and said faintly, "If you don’t talk about the benefits, the ancient orcs will bow down and win!"
As soon as Wu abandoned his voice, the ancient beast, Tai Chi beast, also spoke.
"So it’s better to do it before you care!"
Tai Chi beast bites the whole silent sea, and the wild ancient orcs are surrounded by Wu Abandoned fiend’s coercion before the wild, but at this time, when I heard that I wanted to kill a chaotic fiend, I screamed and broke away from Wu Abandoned the coercion.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven chaos beast resurrection
"Woo hoo …"
At this time, there is still a trace of fairy weather in such a silent sea. The waves of fierce animals are tumbling and overturning the heavens and the earth, and it is as frightening as screaming to turn the sky upside down.
Wild ancient orcs are gifted at any one end, and their bodies are no less huge than those of some ancient beasts who have been practicing for many years. They are so fierce that they can break away from the coercion of Wu Abandoned the fiend.
However, it’s also true that heaven is extremely public and unfair. These animals who have been favored by heaven can never be a chaotic fiend, even if they attack in groups, the difference in order from the depths of blood is enough to make these animals’ combat power greatly reduced when they face Wu Abandon.
The ancient beast Zan’s four ancient animals also know that this is because they have made up their minds to abandon Wu after a fight, but they have no plans to attack the four herds, because they know that although the ancient orcs are fierce now, it is because Wu abandoned them without getting angry and really releasing the spirit of fiend. Once they really killed the silence, there was no animal in the sea that Wu abandoned.
It’s Tai Chi beast’s voice is backward. Four beasts move in unison, and the ancient and majestic power in the huge body is suddenly poured into the ancient beast’s banner. It’s as huge as the awning. The ancient beast’s banner has won four different animal forces, but the wind automatically floats slowly.
Suddenly, without warning, the whole silent sea "roared"
The animal is a chaotic treasure, and once it is shaken, it will be a terrible scene.
Just as at this time, a great power was released from the beast’s banner and went to the silent sea in all directions. It was like an unprecedented beast coming to life in an instant.
And the heritage continent was going to have a big movement, but the meta-tire stone in the center of the heritage continent was also a slight tremor, and the chaotic force overflowed, and the great force collided and eliminated each other.
In the depths of the silent sea, a terrible roar suddenly sounded in the depths of the souls of all living beings.
This roar is more real than fantasy, and it is more than all wild orcs. This roar is a kind of fear and reverence that comes out of the depths of their souls and occupies their minds. No matter how powerful they are, they can’t afford a trace of resistance.
All the animals bowed their heads and bowed to the unknown.
This scene is just like the ancient giants’ reaction to chaos fiend, and they are indifferent to their own blood. Wu abandoned the face and couldn’t help but be surprised when he heard this roar.
O pupil, suddenly, open but not to look at the four beasts area but to the depths of the silent sea.
A mysteriously that terrorist roar source.
Unexpectedly, light yi spit out his eyes from Wu’s mouth and reflected the scene. Instead of being unfamiliar, he was familiar with it
There is a black sea, which is quite familiar to Wu Abandon, and it is also familiar to the ancient orcs in the whole silent sea, because the black sea is simply different from the "holy land" for the ancient orcs.
The origin of the bloodline of the ancient orcs is the first beast in heaven and earth called the original ancient beast, also known as chaos beast.
When chaos beast’s 3,000 fiends failed to fight, they finally fell. A chaotic evil spirit thunder, a horrible ancient beast, fell in exchange for a deserted ancient orc refuge, and that black sea was the place where Wu abandoned chaos beast.
After the fall of chaos beast, resentment filled the corpse, and there was no living thing in heaven and earth to bear, so resentment naturally gained those powers.
After a long time, it became silent and a strange "Black Sea" was formed in the sea.
At this time, the source of the horror roar is the ancient beast of the Black Sea. After shaking, it was silent for I don’t know how many years. The Black Sea actually came alive again like a living thing.
"Goo goo goo"
"ho ho"