"Oh, why is the little one sitting here with such a fierce beast? Did he catch it himself?"

"There are people who should be invited by the little one to tell the heads of the families quickly and then let the wives prepare more dining tables to entertain the guests …"
O with all the villagers quickly enthusiastically surrounded after landing.
"This is Little Master. His name is Peacock Changfeng."
"This is my grandfather who took care of me when I was a child."
"This is my brother after Shi Qingfeng."
"This is a fiend who likes to eat brains. Take him out hunting after you. Remember to leave his prey head to him …"
One-inch knew that the villagers were curious and introduced them one by one at the first time. Even the fiend didn’t leak. The villagers’ hospitality also hurriedly marveled at the ferocious and proud fiend at the sight of the ceremony, and they were very curious about Qin Changfeng, the little master.
"The distinguished guests have come from afar. Let them go to the village to wash up and have a good rest. Let’s hold a feast tonight."
A white-haired old man came out with a smile and let the villagers scatter their wise eyes and fall on Qin Changfeng.
The old man is the village head of Shi Cun, and he was also the most powerful warrior in the village. He once went out of the wilderness to travel to the outside world. It was the time that made him stronger than the strong man.
"I came in a hurry and didn’t bring any serious gifts. Take these as my little gifts."
Qin Changfeng smiled and waved his hand to take out the elixir in the object, and landed on the ground. Because all these spiritual roots are still alive, the whole village immediately filled with a strong smell of horrible medicine by gently shaking his head.
Everyone in Shi Cun is boiling up, especially those children are more excited than so many elixirs. They usually can’t see one, which will dazzle their eyes.
There is a bear child holding a weeping spirit root, so he has to chew it well and be slapped away by the head of the clan, or even a small mouth can make up for his nosebleeds all night.
"These are too expensive. Let’s take them back. We really can’t afford them." The old clan looks serious. He has seen the world, and he can’t help but tremble at the moment. Can people who can casually take out so many elixirs be ordinary people? He is afraid of making a terrible mistake with a little carelessness.
"It’s okay, grandpa, the head of the clan, the little master promised to give me less to eat and leave more for others after eating radish." One-inch generously said that he had accepted Qin Changfeng, the master, and since he was a member of the family, he naturally didn’t care about each other …
"This ….." The old clan looked at Qin Changfeng and still hesitated.
"take it"
At this time, an ethereal sound came from a willow tree at the head of the village. It was a huge lightning tree with a diameter of more than ten meters. Only the only willow tree in the trunk shone brilliantly.
This is … Liu Shen!
Chapter five hundred and fourteen By way of Liu Shen Zhu tired of prostitution.
"I have seen my predecessors!"
Qin Changfeng took a deep breath and walked to the front of the willow tree to salute respectfully. This used to be a fairy king. It was simply impossible to look up to. Although the strength of Nirvana was temporarily reduced, the knowledge and experience there were the first time that Qin Changfeng felt as clever as a primary school student.
"You are special. You seem to be invisible in the past, present and future, but you are real."
Liu Shen to the first sentence Qin Changfeng got a fright, the in the mind straight drums should not be found to test identity? Fortunately, the brain did not send a warning.
"It’s true that I was born sacred and came from the world!" Qin Changfeng solemnly explained, "When I was born nine days ago, there was golden light, and I was baptized with dragons and phoenixes. I celebrated that the earth had white lotus flowers that spread from the mountain to the top of the mountain, and I led the way with colorful holy light …"
Liu Shenyin is slightly cold. "Tell the truth!"
Qin Changfeng how clever tunnel "is the eggshell has five words-born fiend"
It happened that the little one walked past the original place and listened to the ear and left the pie mouth, secretly revealing a shame expression.
"Peacock clan is barely a big family, but it’s not enough to get a causal chance of detachment. You don’t want to say that I’m not forced, but your Tao is mysterious and different. Did you create it yourself or did you come from some mysterious and unknown ancient inheritance?"
Glittering willow branches swaying yagyu said calmly that he was not as tall as most strong people, just like an ordinary friend who just met, or that an elder had a normal attitude towards his younger generation.
Qin Changfeng secretly took a deep breath. Although he had no illusions about Liu Shen, the meeting was just with the mentality of paying tribute to the top strong, but some things still need to be given a reasonable explanation.
So he blurted out the real rhetoric that had already been prepared in his mind. "Does the elder know the sky?"
"pale? !”
Liu Shenyin suddenly rose a few minutes, showing that even if she appeared a little throbbing.
In fact, this is a world where only the strong know the name. This world is facing each other across the bank. In addition, there is a higher level of fairy land, but all these places are really in one place-Cang!
There is a dam boundary behind the fairy land, and behind the dam is the mysterious unknown sky. That is the real origin or the perfect world in real theory.
But so far, no one in this world has been there, and Qin Changfeng is also curious about it. He really wants to know what will happen if this world story really breaks through there one day.
Can a perfect world really appear in a mere fantasy world?
Or … There may be a secret in the core of the trial tower? !
Qin Changfeng has a lot of speculation in his heart, but he can hide it in his heart. He can tell Liu God that it is another story.
"To tell you the truth, since I was born, some strange pictures have always flashed in my mind. It seems that there are all kinds of strange and powerful creatures in the eternal memory, such as pure sky, bright sunshine, holy and full of vitality. Some of them told me that I came from there, where I was born, grew up, fought and fell … and there is called Cang!"
It is obvious that the sky is true, but Qin Changfeng refers to the trial tower and the real world, which makes the original lie very true.
The voice fell into silence all around, and everyone else was far away. Tiny was shocked and dared not go out. Liu Shen also seemed to be lost in thought.
It wasn’t until a long time later that her voice rang again, "So you are in a state of reincarnation and all the strange Taoism comes from the sky … well, you said … can you lend me a look?"
Qin Changfeng’s face was slightly surprised because this tone was somewhat embarrassed, just like an adult robbing a child of candy.
"Don’t worry, I won’t see it for nothing." Liu Shen then added, obviously afraid of Qin Changfeng misunderstanding.
"Is Liu Shen a cute girl?"
The tie Qin Changfeng suddenly popped up with such an idea in his mind, but he didn’t tell the truth. He always wondered whether Liu Shen was a man or a woman. Because he didn’t look carefully when he was on the earth and remembered it for a long time, he vaguely remembered where it seemed that Liu Shen was a woman, but he was not quite sure.
"It’s good to say that there are two kinds of energy sources in my way, and the star road is the way of sending stars, but I can see it by the way of sending stars; One refined body way … "
Qin Changfeng didn’t hesitate to know that Liu Shen said, "I won’t look at it for nothing." The world is a fairy king-class giant, and friendship can’t be exchanged for anything.
What’s more, he won’t lose anything. If Liu Shen can learn something from it to make himself stronger, it will naturally be better, because the enemy will be too strong in the future, which is simply desperate. He and Liu Shen have the same goal and are destined to become comrades-in-arms.
Even Qin Changfeng was vaguely expecting Liu Shen to see through the mystery or flaw of the trial tower’s life star road root because he was convinced that there was a relative perfection in this world and there was never a truly perfect way.
Isn’t there a flaw in the trial tower that stipulates the way for the testers?
Or isn’t it a means for the trial tower to control the testers? ! !
Qin Changfeng has never forgotten how powerful he is and how many people he can look down on since he entered the trial tower. There will always be a place above his head that can deprive him of his life at any time, and he has never forgotten that resistance is always hiding his heart when he is weak.
No matter how the trial tower is, whether it is really lifeless and has no self-will program, he can endure the feeling that his life is controlled by others.
Therefore, he gave expectations here in Liu Shen, hoping that the strong can help him spy out a trace of life and hide secrets, but everything can’t be secretly guided.
Qin Changfeng, the important nine-turn-to-heaven punishment sutra and the immortal work of the five elements, came clean to Liu Shen.
The former is immortal and exquisite when the nine-turn heaven wheel is gestated, and the achievement method created by the combination of heaven and earth is called immortal sutra 2.
Even now Qin Changfeng actually didn’t understand a small part of the mystery, and the process of three disasters and three disasters finally melted into one punishment actually went through interest.
When Liu Shen meditated on the road represented by the two achievement methods, Qin Changfeng took the little one and retreated quietly.
The whole of Shi Cun is rich in antiquity, simple and peaceful. It is hard to imagine that there is such a paradise-like treasure in the wild and dangerous wilderness.