Conway wanted to go, but He Shanyun stopped him.

Where are you going?
Go back to pick up Aunt Wu and send someone to clarify the facts. He looks serious and has no joke on his face.
He Shanyun took a deep breath and his face was livid. He grabbed a glass from the small table next to him and lost it.
Crashed and crunched, the cup burst at Conway’s feet, and the scattered residue was like they repaired the crack across the mother.
How did I give birth to such a restless thing as you? Without her, Gu Mengmeng, you can’t live. Don’t you feel sick of her and your brother at all?
He Shanyun was excited again. Qin Jun was so anxious that he walked over and patted her back to help her smooth her breath.
He Shanyun held Qin Jun’s hand and shouted at Conway. You are really a blind baiwenhang, leaving the good girl in front of you not to cherish the fox.
Conway snatched the door.
Ward door Mao a closed behind mask to He Shanyun vitriolic words.
Conway took a deep breath and quickly took the mobile phone to dial home.
Beijing’s late autumn nights are biting cold.
Pieces of withered and yellow leaves were rolled up by the cold wind, whirled around and smashed at the pedestrians’ heads. After the strong wind, a series of curses and sighs echoed in the night along the autumn wind.
Xicheng road school
Su Changqing sent secret Xiao Huang to shake hands with a long expression.
Gu Ji, go home and rest first. If you still ask about it, we will ask for help.
Gu Mengmeng faint smile and then blunt long said thank you for your photo.
Yellow black car is too ugly, but it has always been a low-key Gu Mengmeng, but it has abandoned the idea of getting into the back seat to resist the cold. Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Difficulties
Conway arrived at the party with Great Aunt Wu, and Gu Mengmeng had already been picked up.
Long is secretive about the situation, but he also knows that he dare not offend this tangled and gloomy handsome officer.
Gu Ji has made it clear what happened, and this comrade’s dictation is also consistent, so that she can get away with the crime and release the day, and we have to communicate with the informant. As soon as we can reach an agreement, we will have a private part.
At this time, the policeman who came back from the hospital to handle the case complained when he entered the door.
What’s all this? I reported the case and said it was a misunderstanding and asked to drop the case. Let’s make a trip for nothing. I think that woman is mostly insane
I listened for a long time and then I was happy.
A clap table tightly hold Conway’s hand.
Well, you can go back to Gu Ji and have a good sleep. The informant has not pursued it, so there will be no more situation.
This is the best knot, isn’t it?
But Conway saw Aunt Wu to the hospital, but he felt that everything became unpredictable.
He knows Gu Mengmeng. It’s not that she wants to get married. She doesn’t want to prove her innocence by changing from Liu Chanhui. If the fact is the moral and legal criterion, she will get back the damaged reputation and pride.
It’s like she fell into the enemy’s trap and got hurt, but the enemy let her go. The enemy played with kindness and won the praise of the world, but she could secretly lick the wound in the dark and lost the chance to fight back at the enemy.
Ah Wei, go back and coax MengMeng and Aunt Wu to see her like that. I feel terrible. Aunt Wu put the lunch box already prepared in front of the car in his driver’s seat, earnestly reminding me.
Well, aunt Wu has worked hard for my mother, so just give me something. It’s not that she doesn’t know filial piety. It’s really worrying that she doesn’t accompany and take care of him during her mother’s illness, Gu Mengmeng.
Your brother is in the hospital, so you can go back here with peace of mind. My great aunt Wu still looks at him kindly and lovingly, just like when she was a child, holding him in her arms when she confided in his wronged place.