At the very most, there are fifteen people who can apply immediately, less than half of the enemy.

Add so many ghost soldiers, and it is foreseeable that it will be a hard battle.
"Tiemou then played the command of Lord Xu to send more men and messengers to lead our six-mansion city god department to deal with this disaster." After saying these things, Tie Xuan recruited the master book of the express newspaper department to make him write an official document and present it to the city god department of Yanjing.
Yanjing City God is the founding father of the country, General Xu Da.
After Xu Da’s general Hongwu died ten years ago, he was awarded the title of "Wuning" by the King of Zhongshan.
Later, he was awarded the title of "Chengtian Jianguo Simin Sheng Fu Ling Wang" and has been in charge of the Tiancheng God ever since.
"unknown that Yinshan ghost king besides taiyue yin and yang channel will attack from where?
Xu report even if you can send someone to be afraid of it, it won’t be too much. Therefore, Tiemou has a bad feeling. Please hope that the two can help me wait for an arm. "Tie Xuan looked at Lingqing and Li Changyang, and another one bowed to the ground to thank him.
"This is intended to iron the duke don’t have to be so" two people will help give way.
"Now I don’t know how many demons will find another way to expand the cracks of Yin and Yang. The duke must inform him of the investigation of each government department.
But it is foreseeable that Taiyue Yin-Yang channel must be the main channel for them to transport the ranks. "
Lingqing gave a slight meal and then said, "When you get to be original, you will lead your brother to guard. Don’t dare to say that there are a few people who are my master and apprentice, and you will not make a ghost pawn walk out of it."
"Not Taiyue Yin and Yang channel must be the most dangerous. Can we push the real mentoring?
Or a real person with an order to help me protect the city and protect the people. The channel of Yin and Yang is still left to us who have died. "Tie Xuan smell speech suddenly changed his face and then sincerely encouraged him.
"Iron the duke rest assured being original is not to make fun of his own life" Lingqing see Tie Xuan still to talk to know that he is worried that he can’t keep this channel of Yin and Yang, and he is not at ease with himself.
Immediately before the mouth, he continued, "When the Duke of Iron was guarding Jinan City, he commanded Shengyong Covenant to defend the city to the death."
Today, being original is also an iron pledge made by the duke. Being original and mentoring will surely defend this channel of Yin and Yang to the death, so that there is no opportunity to seize the opportunity.
If the duke worry about being original strength also don’t have to "
With that, Lingqing shook his body, holding the Emperor of Merits and Wheels, the Emperor of Splendid Phase with the Royal Spirit Whip, the Emperor of Splendid Spirit with the Star River Map, the Emperor of Wonderful Yuan with the Wanbao Wonderful Tree, and all the emperors appeared behind him.
Looking at this, there are four immortals and five incarnations, Tie Xuan and Li Changyang, who are not stunned.
People in fairyland have also seen a lot of trials and incarnations.
But there are four incarnations of immortals, but I have never seen them.
This kind of incarnation is not the kind of physical exercise, and the body and mind are all physical exercises.
And this incarnation is to be able to act independently, think independently and practice independently.
Body and mind are not the same.
So the four incarnations of Lingqing, plus the two disciples of Lingji and Wen Jun, have seven immortals.
It is equivalent to half of the whole Shandong fairy.
That’s not all. Before two people return to absolute being, they will see the map of the Milky Way in the hands of Emperor Miao Ling.
Dazzling star beads fall off one after another to make a statue of a spiritual god.
In an instant, the 365-year-old statue of Fix the Truth will emerge behind the peak spirit, which will set off more mystery.
Also let Tie Xuan and Li Changyang completely froze.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-one Taishan Yin domain
In the morning, Li Changyang, Ling Qing, took a brainwave and Qin Renli, and they walked on the Chaoyang trail to Taiyue.
Last night, after seeing the strength of Lingqing, Tie Xuan Lingqing made an oath and agreed to his request to guard the Taiyue Yin and Yang channel.