"good!" Yang Jing-shuo gave a satisfied smile, and at the same time, the evil fire had already burned up. In his mind, he had already imagined the scene of holding Sun Qingqing down.

A bodyguard was about to follow the floor when she heard Sun Qingqing sound up.
"Yang, my daughter is younger than this bodyguard, isn’t it …" Sun Qingqing begged to look at Yang Jingshuo’s expression, which was like saying that you bullied me! You bully me! But don’t scare my daughter.
"You stay in the building!" Yang Jingxi said to a bodyguard behind him
"Yang little master …"
"Cut the crap!" Yang Jingxing saw a bodyguard dare to refute his words, so waving his hand was a slap in the face.
"I don’t know if I don’t give my face in front of a woman." Yang Jingxing mercilessly scolded in his heart.
Finally, a bodyguard stayed in the building, but five minutes later, a scream came from the fifth floor.
"Help! Killed! "
With the whole building, people were shocked.
Building a bodyguard rushed in and bumped into Xu Guan, who was running away.
"Give me catch him …" The leading bodyguard shout at top of voice.
But before he finished, he suddenly saw a pistol in Xu Guan’s hand, and then his head went to waste.
Bang! Bang!
Then Xu Guan even knocked down two bodyguards with two shots in a row, and the remaining five bodyguards were all one leng and quickly hid, so he had to be shot and killed by Xu Guan. This is what people can do.
Take this opportunity to make officer jumped out of their encirclement and disappeared into the vast darkness.
A black Audi car parked in a dark alley 300 meters away from the garden community, and Xu Guan was covered in blood, but his blood was that of Yang Jingxing and the three bodyguards, and he himself was unscathed.
Hum …
The car sped out of the alley and headed for the intersection of Q City Expressway.
The driver is Yuan Gang. He handed a box to Xu Guan.
"There is 500,000 in it. It’s up to you to live or die after you take it." Yuan Gangyin was calm.
"This ….. you thank Brother Yun for me. How can I accept money from Brother Yun when I can personally avenge my death with Sogeum?" Xu Guan declined.
"If I ask you to take it, you can take it and kill Yang Jingxing. You are also a big help from our Yizitang. This is what you deserve. How can you run for your life without money?" Yuan Gang directly threw the box into Xu Guanshen.
Black Audi drove out of Q city and then the highway rest area stopped.
Xu Guan changed his clothes and washed his face, then got a big express truck and drove away.
That’s all I can do to send him out of Q. Is he dead or alive? It’s up to him.
Xu Guan is a fugitive from now on!
It was his own choice to kill Yang Jingxing, and what he was willing to do included dying.
Chapter 15 The Devil
I really didn’t think about dealing with Yang Jingxing, because I was still in confusion, so I had the heart to do such a thing.
However, it seems that it was God’s will that Xu Guan was caught by me and saved him.
Then, a plan to assassinate Yang Jingxing around Xu Guan and kill Yang Jingxing can’t make the Yang family suspect that Sun Qingqing will scream at the end of our righteous hall. At the same time, Xu Guan met with Yang Jingxing’s bodyguard, which was also designed before.
Is Yu Yi Zi Tang behind it? Let Yang’s guess!
Sun Qingqing’s loopholes were repeatedly scrutinized by lawyers, and she had been asked by her heart to memorize the transcript, and then Sun Qingqing was released.
Then things seemed simple, and many police soon found out that Xu Guan and Yang Jingxing hated each other. After finding out the final qualitative vendetta, the police issued a wanted order to chase Xu Guan.
In a luxury box of Holiday Inn, I was sitting alone drinking tea. Soon Shenyang Obsidian came in with Sun Qingqing. At this time, one and a half months have passed since Yang Jingxing was killed.
Shenyang Obsidian brought Sun Qingqing in and turned away and gently closed the door.
"I’m sorry to scare you!" I said to Sun Qingqing
"That’s Yang Jingshuo. He did it himself. If he didn’t mean anything to me and didn’t follow me home, these things wouldn’t have happened." Sun Qingqing’s expression was cold.
"alas!" I sighed and knew that this time I had completely offended Sun Qingqing. She promised to help at that time, that is, to return a favor, and we would become strangers when we had done our best.
"Always thank you for having any difficulties to tell Yangyao." I took a look at Sun Qingqing and told her.
"Thank you. It’s okay. I’ll leave the restaurant. There are still many things to do." Sun Qingqing looked cold.
If a woman is grateful to you, you will see her gentlest side, but if a woman hates your heart, you will see her coldest side.
At this time, I saw Sun Qingqing as her coldest side.
The atmosphere is very uncomfortable!
"Sorry to bother you!" I don’t want to stay in this atmosphere anymore, so I let Sun Qingqing leave.
Yang Yunde was livid and cruel at this time!
"Jing Shuo’s death must be inextricably linked with Yizitang!" He secretly thought in his heart
"Send me a killer and shoot Li Xiaoyun’s family." Although there is no evidence that Yang Jingxing’s death is related to the righteous word hall, Yang Yunde still remembers his son by rote.
I accompanied Rong Rong for a walk along the Liutian River. In another month, Rong Er will almost be born.
Chen Chao and little June are almost ten meters apart from us in tandem.
Suddenly there was a sharp brake on the side of the road