It is especially worth noting that if the sect cultivators deliberately want to quit the sect, they must accumulate enough contributions before they can leave.

This rule is somewhat unpleasant, but it is also reasonable. After all, it takes a lot of effort for Taikoo Men to cultivate a younger brother.
Almost all the techniques, instruments and pills taught by elders in the sect came from Taikoo Men.
If this younger brother is successful and wants to leave, he should take the initiative to do something even if the sects don’t contribute. After all, you can’t forget to be a man.
Back to the rest house, I glanced around and saw that only Xiangyun came back, but Ye Guhong and Zhao Suyun were still competing in the field.
Xiangyun is closing her eyes and pranayama at the moment. It seems that she didn’t notice the return of the land. It’s inconvenient to disturb the land. It’s a temporary meditation to prepare for healing and cope with a competition.
Chu Yun looked around and said indifferently, "Your elder sister’s old illness has not healed, but at the moment it is forced to display the soul wooden bell. Not only the meridians will be attacked by itself, but even the central nervous system will be hurt a lot."
Lu Li smell speech a surprised is disturbed by ChuYun language mood immediately got up and looked at Zhao Suyun reference.
At this sight, I immediately felt sorry for Zhao Suyun.
If Zhao Suyun’s strength is sixty-four, it is also very likely that some younger brothers will be promoted. After all, her sword tactic is sharp, and with the posture defense method of the bamboo Sect, she will deal with the ordinary master of the holy Buddha level and put pressure on it.
Before Lu Li lent Zhao Suyun his bamboo sword, it was not because of Lotus Fairy that he regarded Zhao Suyun with special respect.
Lotus Fairy once hoped that Lu Li would help Cuizhu send more brothers and sisters to the fairy talk conference.
Only Ye Guhong, Xiangyun and Zhao Suyun in the Cuizhu Sect have a slightly better talent, but they are also constantly practicing hard.
Recalling the lotus flower, I wanted to fulfill her wish and lent out the bamboo sword.
This bamboo sword was originally made from lotus flowers, and it was refined and blended with appropriate Geng Jin aura, Kwai Shui aura, which kept the array of thousands of bamboos with many functions, although it was not gold and iron, but it was equally extraordinary.
Lu Li had previously informed Zhao Suyun of the bamboo sword manipulation method, hoping that she could go further in the fairy tale conference.
Unexpectedly, Zhao Suyun’s opponent is the mysterious Li Zhuran.
Li Zhuran’s hands are not offering the multiplier to compete with Zhao Suyun by his posture and palm alone.
Zhao Suyun also knows that there is a big gap between them. If they can’t muster, they will be suppressed and eventually defeated.
Therefore, she adopted the onslaught strategy, not giving Li Zhuran a breather, and at the same time displaying the array of bamboo swords together. Although it is not as skillful as it is, it also has some power.
Wanzhu array is a research from different places, which integrates two arrays in Wanzhu forest of Yimuqi array. It can be said that the combination of three arrays not only has the ability to trap the enemy, but also can confuse the other side with bamboo shadows.
However, before the strength, even this law has subtly, but it can’t be trapped by Li Zhuran.
Elegant posture is like a fairy Li Zhuran’s graceful posture dancing, but it gives people a sense of pleasing to the eye, which makes many watching brothers forget the competition between them.
At the same time, her appearance is comparable to that of Xiangyun, and she is very popular with her younger brother in the door, but their temperament is slightly different and each has his own merits.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Evil Yun Tianjun
Zhao Suyun’s urging sword tactic is fierce and firm but gentle. The number of sword mans, sword shadows and sword regiments attacking opponents has always been concealed by Li Zhuran, and from time to time, he waved his hand to fight back, which made Zhao Suyun consume a lot of money and suffered several injuries.
Naiji Zhao Suyun finally cast the soul wooden bell, but Li Zhuran’s face almost stopped.
At this moment, Zhao Suyun also suffered great self-loathing, new injuries and old problems at the same time, but she was desperate and still jumped forward and pointed her bamboo sword at Li Zhuran’s eyebrows with the intention of winning or losing.
The elders of law enforcement saw that the momentum was not right, but they saw that Li Zhuran suddenly woke up and showed his posture again. Every figure was filled with stars, which made Zhao Suyun, who was weak at the moment, unable to tell which one was real.
It was also at this time that Chu Yun’s mouth caused a lot of confusion. When Zhao Suyun’s opponent was Li Zhuran, it was natural to feel sorry for her because Li Zhuran was an extremely difficult opponent.
The elders in the off-site spectators are also not far from several people. He also sighed with emotion, "The soul wooden bell is also a reappearance of the once glorious evolution of Taikoo Gate to its present peak, but can it last long?"
Zhao Suyun’s display of the soul, the true element of the wooden bell body, was almost drawn, and immediately fell to the brink of failure.
In this regard, Li Zhuran did not take a step-by-step approach, but took a slight offensive to suppress Zhao Suyun to a certain extent
Lu Li couldn’t bear to look again and turned his attention to Ye Guhong, but he saw that his opponent was Cangshan Sect, and the crane cloud. They didn’t keep a fight, so it was a hearty fight, and from time to time, a younger brother cheered and shouted.
Seeing Lu Li’s distraction, the Aoki Sage came and said, "Lu Li’s immortal meeting is of great importance. Don’t be distracted and concentrate on healing. It is because of your six senior sisters and twelve brothers that their injuries will be dealt with by the teachers themselves. You don’t have to worry."
Lu Li nodded slightly to find out, but he found that his self-cultivation had once again entered the threshold of returning to the fairy realm. Lu Li hurriedly closed his eyes and pranayama will comb through all kinds of fairy realm feelings again.
At the same time, there were fierce battles in each field, and the desire for victory infected every brother in the field.
However, in the first round of 32 competitions, except for the ice marks on the land and the moon, there was little room for fairy masters to collide, but most of the competitors tried to repair the boundary gap, such as Zhao Suyun and Li Zhuran.
Ye Guhong crane cloud strength gap is not obvious, but Ye Guhong has practiced sword tactic very skillfully, and the wooden xuanjian is close to the fairy, but it is gradually catching up with the crane cloud exhibition, and the fierce attack and defense are uncompromising.