Yes, there are still three days’ journey by sea, so the exact location will be waiting.

In the distance, the bronze warships have taken the opportunity to see the outline clearly. This is still the case that Li Yan has excellent eyesight. By dusk, the base has lost the shadow of the bronze warships. Of course, Xu Tieke slowed down.
Hong Ji doesn’t know that she hasn’t appeared again. It seems that she is resting in the cabin, but it’s best for everyone not to come out.
"Late bronze warships can’t find out what we are. We are tired after a day’s practice. Go to rest early." Li Yan spent a lot of energy monitoring for a day and had to practice for a while, and when the sun star appeared, it was getting closer and closer. He estimated that he would be out of his body in two days.
It was short, and he couldn’t help but get a little nervous.
He was excited to think that he was likely to see the main sun star of the strange stars of the ages.
When I was resting, suddenly the door was pushed a few times, and the light footsteps sounded for a moment, and a childish and weak body squeezed into his arms.
Li Yan didn’t want to know that it was Xu Youyu. He opened his eyes. At the moment, Xu Youyu’s hair was a little wet. It seemed that he had taken a bath and smelled fragrant. He had nothing but a Chinese-style chest covering.
Xu Youyu’s body is a crimson color at the moment because the golden muscle jade bone Dan has been played out. The whole person’s breathing is a little heavy. He twisted in his arms and seemed to want to find a comfortable position, but that kind of friction stimulated her more.
"It’s hard to do, and I almost forgot about Golden Muscle jade bone Dan’s deputy." Li Yan looked at it with a wry smile, but then again, after eating Golden Muscle jade bone Dan, Xu Youyu never felt thin again. Although her body was light, it was slender and smooth, and there was a feeling that people couldn’t put it down.
Xu Youyu blushed and looked up and said, "Xianggong, let’s have a rest. Grandpa told me something about men and women before, and I also asked Xianggong to pity me."
Looking at the woman Li Yan, a gentleman picking in her arms, she is entangled in her heart. She has not been close to women for some time, and in the past few days, Hong Ji has repeatedly seduced her, and there is also a fire in her body. Now there is a person who throws herself at her, but she is also delicate and emotional. If she were a person, she would just can’t hold it.
Is he still feeling guilty that this girl is too young?
"Is it better to be an animal or an animal?" Li Yan mind take up a often speak.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Pirate leader
When Li Yan got entangled, the bronze warship in front of the fishing boat was not very calm.
The huge warship is closely guarded in three steps and one post. These people are pirates. Although they managed to seize this warship, they were scared by the army of the Daqin Dynasty. The panic color in their hearts has not faded. Plus, they received news that there were traces of the activities of agents of the Daqin Dynasty near Crescent Bay. They were even more worried.
"Tell the leader that the fishing boat is still following us during the day, but we can be sure that the fishing boat is coming for the outside," said a monk who came in.
The man called the leader is a man with a bandage on his face. It’s not that he likes to cling to this thing, but that he was hit by an arrow of the Daqin Dynasty a few days ago. Today, the wound is not healed. He immediately frowned after listening to his hand. "It’s time in the daytime to prevent the agents of the Daqin Dynasty from discovering our whereabouts. I have already tended to destroy all the bloodthirsty sharks and left one fishing boat. At this time, we have sailed out of the crescent Bay and the fishing boat is still following us. It seems that nine times out of ten it is the agents of the Daqin Dynasty. It seems that our whereabouts have been discovered."
As soon as he came out of the hall, several people’s faces suddenly changed. I didn’t expect to spend so much money to escape and be discovered again.
"What now? The leader has been killed by the sergeant of Daqin Dynasty. Now you are here in Liao. You have to think of a way. Otherwise, we have less than one hundred brothers left, and even the whole department will die. A monk’s face is dignified.
Liao, the leader of the body, took a puff at the corner of his mouth, and a lot of blood spilled from the wound on his face. He said, "You and I want to be this leader? On that day, I told the leader that we couldn’t take the warships of the Daqin Dynasty, or something would happen. But you just didn’t listen to the fact that the strength of the Daqin Dynasty, the oldest dynasty, could provoke us pirates. Look at this situation. Thousands of brothers died with less than 100 left, and we have become a lost dog. Now we are pegged by the Daqin Dynasty spies. I believe that it won’t be long before the warships of the Daqin Dynasty will be chased, and all of us will be wiped out. "
"Abandon the ship and run away. If this ship is not our life, we will flee the Daqin Dynasty and go to Datang, and they will surely not be exterminated." Liao thought for a moment and said.
"Abandon the ship? No, no, no, this is absolutely not. We brothers worked hard to get this warship, and this warship can sweep the whole sea area with a little armed, and then we can rise again. If we give up so easily, it is really not worth it. "Someone objected.
"We are afraid that a few people from that small fishing boat will fly over to find out. If there are not many experts, we will destroy them, so that we can get rid of the agents of the Daqin Dynasty. Then we will sail to another sea area to hide from the Daqin Dynasty. When the limelight is over, we will stabilize the warship. That is to say, it will be windy and rainy. Didn’t the leader take a fancy to this and fight for this warship?"
Liao Wenwen was also moved. He wouldn’t be a pirate if he wasn’t greedy. He said, "In that case, give it a try. Send some good players to touch them at night to explore their bottom."
"Is that to send the Godsworn to refine the gods or to move the Godsworn to the stars?" Someone asked again
Liao wants to send Godsworn Nuoxingjing to be so safe, but after a big war, the strength of his side is different. Dozens of Nuoxingjing experts are now only six or seven, and this is the last elite ship. They are all talking and sending them there by themselves is probably not going to agree.
"Let the three Godsworn in the past find out and come back quickly. If it is an ordinary fishing boat, it will be destroyed conveniently. If it is not … they will not come back," Liao said.
"Our ship has a lot of strong bows and crossbows, so let them take one each. Facing the monks in Nuoxing less, they can also protect themselves. Maybe they can come back alive and give us the specific news," said a pirate in Nuoxing.