See Guo Ning will suppress the scene to heart suddenly know what to do.

Just look at the situation that Ling Qing, a former Guo Ning, has said "the good and the evil".
You can still tell all the ghosts and gods who still have gods and bodies that he used to be arrogant.
So it seems that this mountain ghost will be good or evil in the future, or it will fall on him.
If he can go from evil to good, the rest will follow suit, and it is impossible to disobey him
Lingqing heart with a plan after a wave of his hand brushed the partial temple door lang said
"Come in, all of you!"
Temple gentleman smell speech at one another and all look at Guo Ning.
When he got up behind him, he followed.
Come to the hall to see the sitting spirit, the green body is so dignified that I dare not look at it for a long time and kneel down to worship the temple.
"I’ll see grandpa mountain god!"
"I’m not going to be this mountain god when I’m being original."
Lingqing saw that they swept a tumble in the dust with such a wave of his hand.
"Being original and knowing the truth and being clear in the future, you can just call a sweeper."
The fallen shrines demon ghost looked at each other or Guo Ning first hand call way
"I have seen Daoqing Xianchang!"
"I’ve seen Daoqing Xianchang! !”
He demon ghost also have a rude awakening hand call way
"Well, have a seat."
Ling Qing knew that they didn’t know their sexuality and didn’t dare to be straight. wait for a while called the Taoist priest.
Therefore, I don’t insist on waving and letting me sit down.
Guo Ning and others smell speech sigh tone to thank.
After they elected Guo Ning to sit in the left-hand seat and sat in the front seat.
Lingqing saw that everyone was seated and said
"You are not granted by heaven in the past, nor conferred by the court, nor made vows by the people.
It is because Guo Ning accidentally got this seal that you have this kind of Shinto.
Less dogma, dynasty legal system, and popular support.
Therefore, knowing how to get a higher position, but not knowing how to respect heaven and benefit life.
More because of a moment of greed, it is against Shinto to calculate believers.
Although the people they seek are mostly people who live in a bad position, they still fall into the wrong path.
The wicked man is not unable to be punished, but wants to make the punishment fair and private.
Instead of imposing punishment on one’s own selfish desires. "
"I was wrong!"
To see him say that Guo Ning and others respectfully replied whether they approved or not in their hearts.
Generally speaking, they are good at doing good deeds, and they are as good as Mujing Rou, Xiaoqian and others.
Are all selfish.
But the difference is still the mind kung fu.
The strength of spirit and youth, Xiao Qian and others are from kindness, and their intake of essence and blood from people with ulterior motives is from selfish desires
Although they saved many people in the past, their own merits contributed to this vain merit.
Although it can be blessed for a while when the disaster strikes, it is always the sorrow of the kiln head soil embryo that will not last long.
Besides, there are still some differences in this quest for fairy gods.