The dragon whale king seems to be something difficult to understand. Li Yueling’s idea is strange. He asked the fifth brother, aren’t we going to deal with those Buddhist monks? Why are we going to save them now?

Li Yueling smiled faintly. In fact, saving them is not necessarily a good thing. It is not a good thing to accumulate merits. It is quite possible to bury the hatchet with them. Everything is more expensive for us to mix with Yuan Zong. It will be more beneficial for people to develop and grow in the future.
The key depends on how we can save our lives. Li Yueling, a peerless demon, has to change his plans. Of course, Li Yueling considers the gains and losses from another angle.
The King of Dragon and Whale, who has accumulated merits, touched his forehead and puzzled. Brother Wu, what made you so kind? But now that you have decided on the eldest brother, it is certain.
Does Li Yueling’s language look like such a bad person? It’s okay to be kind once in a while.
In walrus king, they all know that Li Yueling didn’t work with them because the three of them didn’t pose a threat to The Hunger. It might be helpful to attack, but there is no need to say more.
At this moment, Shisheng is on the verge of extreme danger, leaving the scale clock to form a defensive circle, and the crazy attack in The Hunger is gradually breaking away, and Shisheng’s defensive ability is very good because of the huge consumption in the past. It is enough to counterattack The Hunger.
If Shi Sheng can have one or two ancient treasures, maybe he can fight with The Hunger. Unfortunately, it is the strongest magic weapon in Shi Sheng’s hands, that is, the purple Ying sword. Although the other two jiepai bridled needles are powerful weapons, the purple Ying sword is worse than the others, even if it is sacrificed to the enemy, it is also a wave of fairy force.
Boom is another loud noise. The Hunger’s giant palm slammed on the defensive circle of the scale clock. This protective treasure can no longer withstand this extraordinary treasure and fly back to the hands of Shi Sheng.
This time, let’s see how you block it. Haha, The Hunger seems to have been able to taste the scene of the fairy Yuanying Jingxue at a moment’s notice. At the same time, the bloody magic gas around him rolled and coagulated, and Zhang Xu’s wide blood rainbow took the pale stone and went away.
That’s all. Even the explosion of Yuan Ying can’t let the devil succeed. The stone is born with the same heart and mind. It doesn’t flash or avoid fitting the blood rainbow and tries to get close to The Hunger to detonate Yuan Ying.
The gladiator overreached himself. The Hunger saw that Shishengshen Zhou Yaoshan’s bright green mountain was a prelude to the explosion, but he didn’t retreat at all, but he flew very close together.
In the face of the fairy to explode incredibly still dare to this puffed up, it seems that The Hunger is confident in his second yuan god, the ghost of The Hunger.
However, it’s no wonder that if Shisheng knew that the nether world, The Hunger, and the earth, was the purple mansion world, and Jin Xian could not stand it, he might not choose to explode Yuanying, because it was simply to die in vain.
Just as the blood rainbow was about to collide with the stone, three dazzling golden purple flowers fell from the sky and burned and melted the baizhang blood rainbow before the stone blood rainbow penetrated.
Mix Yuan Zong’s palm and teach Li Yueling that the devil dares to run wild in the sacred land, but he doesn’t hurry. be beheaded fu Zhu Li Yueling shows six Yang Qingling’s body and lays a magic armor on his left hand for nine days.
Take off the jade hook with your right hand and step on the pale golden fairy house to escape the light. It’s amazing that the magnificent fairy aura emerges all over your body.
Li Yueling this field is absolutely shocking level.
Let’s not talk about his mixed Yuan Zong palm teaching identity. Just looking at his hand, two ancient treasures and a huge fairy aura have amazed everyone present. Even The Hunger, a peerless fierce demon, is also a Daniel lee spirit. His imposing manner is shocked and he rushes close to the huge body of Shishengdi. A pair of red eyes are also like eyes staring at Li Yueling closely. It is estimated that he is looking at this fierce guy halfway. How strong is it?
It is expected that the stone will die because Li Yueling is lucky to have a good hand.
I feel a surge of passion in my heart. I can hear Li Yueling reporting his name. He is actually the one who mixed Yuan Zong’s palm teaching, that is, he killed the demon king. This can’t help but make the stone wonder.
Look at Li Yueling again. How can you sacrifice such a magic weapon if you don’t say that you are holding two ancient treasures in your hand?
Moreover, Li Yueling’s body and Zhou Shi Pei ran’s fairy spirit made Shisheng realize at the first time that the other party was definitely a higher-order fairy than himself.
That means that Li Yueling has soared to the purple mansion, and he has returned to the human world again. One question after another is stuffed in Shi Sheng’s heart, but at this moment it is impossible for anyone to answer it.
Far away, Cher is poised to see Li Yueling’s way of making a big stunt, and she can’t help but shake her head and laugh. The younger brother is really a Grinch, making him like a savior. Not only will the evil two parties be shocked, but even the big devil is scared one leng one leng.
To say that the people present hate Li Yueling the most is not a rock, but Li Yueling once rode an iron horse and a silver bottle. But in such a situation, they can’t send their blood to the Rubik’s Cube, which is the public enemy in the eyes of Buddhist monks. I’m afraid there are not many people left who can go back to Buddhism alive today.
How could he come to save people at this juncture and still save his enemies? This question finally hovers in the mind of the iron fighters and silver bottles.
You’re the one who was sent to encircle and encircle Yuan Zong to teach Li Yueling. The Hunger looked at Li Yueling for a long time, but he couldn’t see through his depth. The Hunger is not an idiot. According to the situation that Li Yueling saved the rocky land just now, this person’s identity is to fight against himself, but this person’s identity is antagonistic. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s best that such an opponent with no depth can not be provoked.
Is The Hunger also don’t rush to start work, but with double asked.
It’s true that the statue is mixed with Yuan Zong’s palm teaching, but the title of encirclement and suppression that was sent is not suitable for the statue. You should be crowned with this big devil. It is the imposing manner that takes the lead. Li Yueling should respond with a condescending attitude.
What an ungrateful guy, Jun, I want to save your life. Since you are not available, just wait for that little fairy to become a delicious meal in the belly of Jun. The Hunger was obviously angered by Li Yueling’s righteous attitude. During the speech, his whole body was full of blood and his throat growled, which covered the sky for a moment. The bloody hand had already taken the lead at Li Yueling.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Together over the magic three
The little devil pretends to be the devil king. Today, I will teach you to see a Taoist avatar, Li Yueling. This remark was intended for The Hunger, but it was deliberately intended to make the Buddhist monks present listen to it.
Li Yueling waved the nine-day Yuanyang ruler and immediately derived several big flowers to meet The Hunger’s giant hand. It is worthy of being a Taoist Yuanyangbao who easily forced The Hunger to take his big hand back. Although Jinyang Purple Flower failed to hurt him, it is obvious that The Hunger’s expression is not as arrogant as before against Shisheng.
Li Yueling didn’t intend to fight against a guy like The Hunger for a long time. Who knows if he’s better, but he’s hiding it? It’s necessary to kill him before he can launch it.
With this in mind, Li Yueling’s impulse has just condensed into six gorgeous golden flowers, which are almost scattered, and attack The Hunger in six directions around Li Yueling’s horsepower and The Hunger’s body. The bloody magic gas is actually a way to stop Jinyang Purple Flower from advancing.
The Hunger was suddenly attacked by Li Yueling, and he was also eager to display his magical powers. There was another movement in Li Yueling’s side.
Obviously, Li Yueling, who deeply analyzed the strength of The Hunger, was not very optimistic about attacking the devil with Jinyang Purple Flower. Almost at the same time when Jinyang Purple Flower approached The Hunger, the ancient water god Gong Gong’s broken jade hook was brazen.
This treasure is not unusual, and its attack power is definitely better than that of Yuan Yang ruler, a magic weapon that can be attacked and defended.
But seeing a green and a gold dragon with a broken jade hook in the sky, and echoing the thunder trend from beginning to end, taking The Hunger straight and going to the bloody magic gas was blocked. This two-color dragon is a roll and it will be smashed after a series of explosions.
The Hunger’s ghostly The Hunger appearance is also exposed.
The magic weapon is not a living thing, but it won’t be afraid that The Hunger will seize the body, bite the yuan, break the jade and hook the two-color dragon with a rainbow, a green and a gold, and two dodgers will cooperate tacitly to encircle it.