However, after only three hours, Xiao Fan opened his eyes and muttered, "This tempering power is too weak. It seems that there is nothing to stay on the first floor!"

Then he got up and went to the second floor again.
This time, he stayed on the second floor for a little longer, but it was only five hours.
"It seems that … there is also a third layer to satisfy me!" Xiao Fan shrugged his shoulders. The first two layers of quenching effect were not satisfactory to him, which made his strength increase by less than one layer. He had to accept greater quenching force to make himself reach a higher level!
"Well … the first two layers of root method really helped Xiao Fan as the old man said, and finally he reached the third layer …" Qiu Mao, the top layer of the mouth, said to himself, "But this third layer is 937 times more refined than the first one. I wonder how long he can stay in the third layer?"
Ten hours later, sitting cross-legged in the third chamber of secrets, Xiao Fan suddenly opened his eyes.
He was sweating like rain, his veins stood out, his face was black and red, and when he opened his mouth, a cloud of turbid breath spewed out.
"shout! It’ s really energetic. This third floor is really not bad! " Xiao Fan shook his neck. "Although it has been tempered for ten hours, it is as tired as it has been practiced for thousands of years. It really is an excellent place to practice Yuan God and hone a strong-willed soul!"
Soul, Yuan God and consciousness of God knowledge are the most important keys for a spiritual practitioner to be strong or not!
In the flesh, it is just a shell that bears the strength of these keys.
With Xiao Fan’s refinement into fruit, the small world expands again because of the growth of Yuan Shen, which is tens of thousands of miles larger than before, and the pervasion of Xian Yuan’s body has reached nearly five thousand!
"Only five thousand … is not enough!" Xiao Fan frowned, looked at his physical condition and shook his head. "It’s not the limit yet. If you want to surpass all the strong, you must reach the limit!"
Looking around a spacious room, Xiao Fan suddenly turned away. "It seems … it is necessary to try to experience the fourth floor!" "
"oh? He’s on the third floor? Have you reached the limit? " Seeing Xiao Fan walking out of the room, I couldn’t help wondering, "It shouldn’t be. According to my estimation, he can stay for at least 24 hours … Is the old man overestimating him?"
Followed by autumn mau face a change the original cross legs sitting at this time but suddenly got up to reveal the incredible look "no … no? He is going to enter the fourth floor? "
"This ….. this is not nonsense? The fourth floor is a place to train immortals. He is still a quasi-immortal. Isn’t he going to die like this? Will be instantly torn apart by a powerful quenching force! "
However, Xiao Fan has come to the fourth floor at this time and immediately his face suddenly changed "competitive … competitive! This ….. This is the fourth floor? I don’t know how many times stronger than the third floor! "
"But … great, that’s what I want!" Xiao Fan bite a tooth revealed a smile immediately with heavy steps into the room.
"He … he can handle it?" Just going to pull Xiao Fan back, Qiu Mao stopped and planned to observe for a while with doubts.
"I hope he can retreat from difficulties and stay on the fourth floor for too long, otherwise it will cause great harm to himself!" Qiu Mao rubbed the bar and said, "But … I guess he won’t stay long … should it be about the same?"
But the fact surprised Qiu Mao again.
Half an hour has passed since Xiao Fan entered the fourth floor.
But he has no intention of coming out.
In this refinement, everything of Xiao Fan has grown rapidly, and his yuan God, his soul, his will and his knowledge of his small world and immortal power have all increased in an unknown direction.
Xiao Fan’s will root far exceeds people’s imagination. It is necessary to know that he has experienced many hardships, pains and dangers. How can people understand it once and for all in this celestial world?
From the humble starting point, Xiao Fan became stronger and stronger by virtue of his tenacity and unyielding, and finally became strong to the apex of the Six Realms. However, everything he experienced in the Six Realms is the most precious experience for him and the solid cornerstone for him to continue to grow stronger and stronger!
Three days later, Sasuke came again.
"Autumn old man Xiao Fan? I’ve already told my senior brother, and that’s what my senior brother is thinking! "
"Xiao Fan? I haven’t come out yet! " Autumn mau shocked already numb stand palm pointed to the feet and said
"oh? Still honing? What floor is it? The second floor? " Zuo you was a little surprised. "It’s been three days. Did Xiao Fan stay on the second floor for three days? It’s amazing that even those immortal brothers of Haoran Sect are most suitable for them to stay in that layer for twelve hours, which is already the limit. "
"The second floor?" Qiu Mao shook his head with a wry smile. "You underestimate Xiao Fan this time!"
"Not the second floor? That … is it the third floor? " Zuoyou frightened to disgrace way
"The third floor can also keep his footsteps!" Autumn mau sigh a way
"Isn’t it? He ….. Did he go to the fourth floor? This ….. How is this possible? He is a quasi-fairy! Even if you go against the sky, you can’t enter the fourth floor, can you? That’s where the fairy can set foot! " Zuoyou almost screamed.
"Well, I don’t believe it either, but that’s the truth!" Qiu Mao nodded with awe in his eyes. "And he went to the fifth floor just two hours ago!"
"The fifth floor …" Zuoyou gasped in a gasp.
You know, all he can set foot on now is just the fifth floor!
The fourth floor, the fifth floor and the sixth floor are for the elite talents among the immortals and the masters of the fairy stage.
Since Haoran Zongjianzong came, I’ve never heard of any immortal master who can enter, let alone Xiao Fan, who is not even a true fairy!
"This ….. he is a monster? This … this is not too much fate, is it? " Zuoyou couldn’t help laughing.
"Well, that’s how I think this Xiao Fan … is definitely not something in the pool!" Qiu Mao agrees.
An hour later, Xiao Fan escaped from the fifth floor in a state of panic and exhaustion!
Yes, it’s more appropriate for him to escape now
"Hoo … this fifth floor is too powerful. It’s really not a place to stay alone. It almost killed me!" Xiao Fan ran back to the top floor holding the wall panting in one breath.
However, he has also benefited greatly from this quenching stream.
At this time, his immortal strength has reached ten thousand! Can be comparable to every fairy and a true fairy!
Chapter 539 Fairy Pool
See swim and autumn mau are like looking at a monster looked at his Xiao Fan some startled "what’s the matter with the two? What happened to me? "
"Er … no … nothing! Have you finished refining? " Autumn mau calm a shocked mind asked himself.
"Well, it’s really a good place to practice here for a day, even if the outside world practices for a thousand years!" Xiao Fan nodded with satisfaction and smiled. "The effect is good. I have inspired my own potential department. It is estimated that I can go to the fairy pool to condense the refining fairy body in a few days!"
"One day here … is equal to the outside world in one thousand? Why didn’t I realize it? " Assist swim wonder touched the nose moans
"Because everyone’s benefits from this quenching stream are completely different, you don’t realize that you are not qualified and potential enough to decide your yuan God and will!" Autumn mau a slight laughed
"You dead old ghost mean that my qualification is too low?" Zuo you left the mouth to say
"Ha ha, compared with Elder Xiao, it’s much worse. Don’t say it’s your old husband, too. Even the head brother can’t compete!" Qiu Mao laughed.
After leaving Qiu Mao, Xiao Fan went back to Haoran Hall with Zuo You to see him from the dust.
From the dust to Xiao Fan strength growth at this time also frightened to disgrace in the heart more determined to stay at all costs.