Holding back a trace of dissatisfaction, he will ask again, "What is the movement of Belan people?"

The Director of Intelligence replied quickly, "No, they are fighting a war of annihilation in high spirits. There are less than three Chinese mercenaries coming to the west to fill the Beran Defence Force. It is really worthwhile to stay in the military after being transferred. First, the mercenaries of those three divisions are only equivalent to the size of the ordinary infantry division of the Chinese Army, and the total strength will not exceed 50,000. The powerful first regiment can wipe them out in a few hours."
"The world’s first army" will burst into a wisp of fine mans in the eyes. The generals will soon be fighting with the Tiger Wolf Division, which once killed the first regiment by retreating 400 kilometers. If the real soldiers can’t help but have a boiling passion, it’s a pity that the strength of the Yanlong Corps is too small. Only 50,000 people are only equivalent to their two divisions. They will slowly say, "Then the Pentagon will continue to be disturbed!"
Now is the best time. Polar bears and Belan Wehrmacht are fighting a war of annihilation, and it’s over in the rear. Can you keep it by tens of thousands of mercenaries? Although the polar bear entered the army on a large scale, except for a few Sino-Kazakh military bases Su-27 and MiG-29, they are all second-generation or second-generation semi-fighters. If we want to destroy Harding military base, the war will become a one-sided massacre. Without the height of military cover, the Chinese army troops are doomed to be bloodied in front of the overwhelming bomber group. I really don’t know what Washington is hesitating about!
The loud roar almost made people’s ears bleed. A 13 Hercules transport plane descended from the sky, and teams of paratroopers filed out of the cabin. Han Yajie looked at this scene through a telescope and turned to ask his assistant, "Which one is it?"
The young assistant quickly replied, "It’s the eleventh today. Oh, my God, Citigroup probably stuffed all the flying planes into the Montana military base!"
Han Yajie didn’t talk, picked up the telescope and continued to observe that it was quite close to the military base. Every move of the military base was clearly seen. Since the polar bear entered the war, more and more new fighters have landed in this military base in recent days, which is almost full of machines.
In order to see her worried, the double-headed eagle army is called the elite, and it is afraid that the Republic army will not stay and not be their opponents. How can we fight this battle? Alas, it would be nice if this military base could be interrupted. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the ability at all. The base is heavily guarded, which is far beyond ordinary people’s imagination. Just because several agents in her hand want to attack such a strategic military base is simply a death wish. She thought of Liu Weiping, a guy whose mind is always different from others. What would he do if he were allowed to come? Forget it. He’s not cut out to be an agent.
The assistant asked, "Do you think the team leader can fight?"
Han Yajie said, "The difficulty of the first world war in the Soviet Union’s Citigroup depends on when it breaks out … This Belan civilian will suffer even more." Thinking of those refugees who look numb and skinny, she sighed with pity and put on a telescope and said, "Send this information first, I’ll go out for a walk." She wore a white shamao building.
Montana Army Base Qingzhen Squadron Head Office
The instrument lights up with a red light, and a girl cries, "The signal has been captured, and the target has sent the message again!" "
The mid-team leader said, "The horse deciphers! Order the intelligence investigation team to track and lock the target! "
The street is still calm, and no one will notice that some inconspicuous vehicles are spinning around the residential areas.
The deciphering was quickly completed. After all, the password level set by the other party is not too high. The most advanced technology and equipment of the intelligence investigation squadron and the best cryptographers jointly attacked what was deciphered, which made the experts frown for a long time before they were weak and called "What are these things?"
Nothing is finished, it’s just a bunch of random codes, groups of rules to speak of. This is a kind of English alphanumeric list that has never been exposed to passwords. Even those experts can’t squeeze anything out of these random codes that make them dizzy. The squadron leader mumbled, "Do this again!" He has been a little angry. In the past few days, he has intercepted several newspapers in a row, and the location of the newspapers has changed frequently. Even if the newspapers are sent, they are still a fucking bird. No one can understand them! I know that there is an intelligence organization conducting espionage activities near the Montana military base, but I just can’t figure out what they are doing. Can they not get angry?
This is a small town in the desert. Thanks to the help of Citigroup soldiers, the Montana military base was slowly formed. As early as after the end of World War II, it was rented by Citigroup for a limited period of time. The staff of the base kept 3,000 for many years. This is a big market. Locals gathered near the base to find business opportunities and gradually formed this small town. The city is quite prosperous, but the yellow sand outside the city is flying and it is very hot. It is difficult for Han Yajie to drive outside the city.
Wandering around in a girl’s city like her will be in big trouble. Citigroup soldiers are notoriously sexually active, but when they see beautiful girls, their brains will turn green, and sexual scandals will happen every now and then. Of course, her skill is not afraid of these soldiers, but when they fight, they will be exposed. Let’s stay away. The car went out of the city desert and circled around to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the desert sunset. Han Yajie saw some livestock being driven away by herders and eating sparse and yellow grass in the middle of the desert. These animals are very thin. Their experiences represent all animals in this desert. And people’s suffering. Because of the continuous drought in the desert, there are not many pastures, and they have to trudge through the desert in search of food. There is a butterfly forest in front of them. Some goats are greedy to eat these leaves without much nutrients, but they are highly toxic, but when they are tender and yellow, they will be very toxic. They can barely eat them. Han Yajie saw a small camel as thin as an ostrich in the sand, looking around without seeing it with her own eyes. I can’t imagine that a camel could be so thin! She stopped and took out a bottle of pure water and raised it to the little camel. The little camel slowly came over. Han Yajie screwed the bottle cap and fed it water. It drank it all at once and watched the kind woman hope that she could give more food. Han Yajie took out a yellow pear and put it in its mouth. It chewed hard. Because of malnutrition, its teeth almost fell out, and it was so hard to eat a pear.
Han Yajie said, "Poor little animal!" Then he took out a yellow pear knife and cut it into small pieces and sent it into his mouth. The little camel was eating beautifully. This was probably the best thing it had eaten in recent months. Suddenly, a low voice came up. "Is there?" Speaking pure English, Han Yajie ducked to see a man wearing a plain white robe, wrapped in a headscarf and riding a fine horse. Not far away, he quietly watched her. When he saw her, the man pointed to the little camel. "Who will feed it today?" Is there? "
Han Yajie showed a charming smile without moving. "You can’t stop helping it just because there is no one to help it, can you?"
The man thought for a long time before saying, "Maybe you’re right …"
Han Yajie noticed that he carried an ak rifle and raised his eyebrows. "Anti-government army?"
Male laughter "no, we have civilians with legal gun qualifications. What about you? A national agent? "
Han Yajie said, "I’m here to travel."
The man said, "Then your aesthetic outlook is really special, and you should choose such a terrible place to amuse yourself …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Jie said, "Is there?" Pat the camel on the head, and it started the car in its reluctant eyes.
Chapter 20 Rebels
In front of the steed, the car sped behind, and the two men were quickly dumped in tandem for 30 to 40 kilometers. After bypassing a mountain, the destination arrived. This is a piece of water, and there are natural caves everywhere on both sides of the valley. A tribe of one thousand people lived in such a terrible place relying on a little water grass. Han Yajie looked at the ground and saline-alkali was everywhere. Then he looked at the thermometer and came to the conclusion that he would never like this terrible place.
However, this tribe seems to have adapted to this hard life. They have cultivated land, planted things and stocked a number of thin cattle and sheep. However, what they grow is not agricultural products, but poppy, purple flowers, which are extremely enchanting and hot. When the wind blows all over the mountains and swaying in the wind, it is really beautiful but amazing. There are almost no houses here, large and small caves, but there are a few tents in their houses. I am afraid it is the property of chiefs or elders. Ordinary people can’t stand it. If there is anything to prove here, it is simply the original society. They also belong to the literary world, that is, the guns in the hands of tribal members are rampant here. There are two heavy machine guns at the entrance of the valley, and the grazing children are carrying ak submachine guns. Even the women’s sewing baskets are sewing with ak rifles or from type 56 assault rifle and type 56 assault rifle! Han Yajie frowned, and Batu Omoore seemed to see her thoughts and smiled and said, "Sorry, our tribe can be said to be a large-scale drug-making and trafficking group, which is often attacked by Interpol or some countries. Anyone who can afford a gun must wear a gun."
Han Yajie said, "This can also be said to be forced to endure."
Han Yajie’s arrival in the tribe caused a sensation. Many children gathered around and watched curiously as people ran fast. There were four-wheeled monsters. I guess they had never seen a car before. Han Yajie took out a bag of toffee and gave it to them. As a result, she found that many children stuffed it into their mouths and chewed the poor children.
Deep in the valley, the white fog is rolling. Batu didn’t lie. It’s really a poisonous production and processing place. Of course, Batu won’t take the guests to visit that shady place. He just gave the horse to a child and asked Han Yajie to sit in the tent. Han Yajie didn’t breathe until he entered the tent. There was solar energy in the tent. It was so cool.
However, there were too many people, and several skinny old people seemed very narrow inside. Alas, I’ll make do with it. After sitting down, someone brought drinks and food. The drinks were milk food with cow blood. Han Yajie almost didn’t spit it out, but it was a big plate of cooked and dried worms! I’m afraid these worms are as thick as index fingers. I can imagine how scary they were when they were alive.
Do you think there’s nothing to eat? Batu smiled and said, "This is the only meat we can take out and eat casually." I took a piece and bit it into my mouth. I ate it to several elders. Old men also took dried worms and ate it. I can see that this kind of food is dry and hard. But they are precious protein. They ate it with relish. Han Yajie didn’t intend to try it. Even if Batu didn’t want to talk, a tribal elder took a long mouth. After Batu translation, Han Yajie realized that he was asking himself.
The elder oh a didn’t speak again.
Han Yajie asked, "Who are you?"
Batu said, "Aren’t you the one who tried to associate with us to hire us to do things for you?"
Han Yajie smiled. She did join forces with some tribal armed forces through secret channels, hoping to accumulate some strength and deploy early in case the threat of Montana military base is too great. Moreover, there are so many strategic bombers deployed here. In case Citigroup decides to go to war, it can’t kill this military base at the first time. The Yanlong Corps and the Belan National Defence Force are afraid that blood will flow. She must prepare for the world police to be bullying and obedient, but there are many people who gnash their teeth and fight with them to the end. Yesterday, she sent a message. It really paid off. A tribal armed force is willing to accept her employment, but the reward is not low. A total of 30 million dollars is not worth it compared with a strategic military base. Han Yajie agreed in principle to come with Batu now just to find out the details of each other. Of course, it is best to kill the price. After all, the country is not rich
"Yes, I want to hire a group of soldiers, but I have to know your origin. How else can we get along?"
Batu bowed his head and drank goat’s milk without talking. An old man with towering cheekbones and a thin skeleton said leisurely, "It doesn’t matter where we come from. It’s important that we will faithfully perform our duties when we sign an agreement ………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Han Yajie’s heart is slightly shaken. Storm Commando is well-known in Africa. This is a mercenary group composed of tribal armed forces and refugees who have fought on the African continent for many years. Where there is war, there is a figure of them rushing to the front. Africa’s war is extremely frequent. Therefore, the storm commandos almost never fight every day. This untrained mercenary group has accumulated nearly astronomical practical experience in the war, and its fighting capacity is so strong that even the regular troops of African military powers have to retreat! They killed people without blinking an eye, but they were born in war. They were a group of bloodthirsty butchers who made many people gnash their teeth. Han Yajie has been famous for this mercenary for a long time, and he didn’t know about it until today.
It’s an exaggeration to say that they are just a group of poor people struggling in the war and trading their lives for a meal. They are just making drugs and selling drugs. It seems that they are just earning a little money from their sideline business.
It’s really … not expensive for 30 million to hire such a strategically strong and trustworthy mercenary!
Batu Omoore said, "I am the captain of Storm Commando and the chief of the whole tribe. If you trust our Storm Commando, then we can negotiate."
Han Yajie said, "Of course I trust Storm Commandos, but I have to stop this transaction. Don’t worry, I will pay the liquidated damages in full."
Several elders showed a trace of anger on their faces. They must feel that they have been fooled. Batushen asked, "What?"
Han Yajie pointed out that "those children killed those women" outside.
Batu said, "People who can give genuine sympathy to a camel lamb who is about to starve to death will definitely not fool others. I believe you, but please tell me your reasons. You know that this business is very important to us, and we will live on this income for half a year."
Han Yajie said, "That’s why I can’t sign a contract with you, because if you take this business, even if you succeed, you will face genocide!"