It was only then that the altar was recovered and the situation of the Fuxuan altar was carefully sensed.

After discovering that our own Xuan altar can really receive this energy information all the time,
Satisfied nodded to operator returned to purple sweet said
"It’s a good thing that you can practice the sacrifice frequently, whether it’s to defend yourself or to get away for death in the future."
"Thank you!"
Purple sweet smell speech thank humbly will operator baby seems to take it and put it away properly.
Then Lingqing looked at other people’s faces with a faint longing expression and said with a smile
"Now this object is almost perfect. You can choose an animal form from it."
Everyone wants a new thing, a protective device, and he also wants to use everyone’s hands to improve his template ability
Nature is not stingy, so he waved his magic to show all the wild templates he knew.
Except, of course, the ghost will template, after all, that ability is too weird.
I don’t have anything special to avoid.
Before the upgrade, the ghost pawn templates were all released.
However, Xiaoqian and others are ghosts, purple incense and other evil spirits, and ghosts are naturally not interested in it for a while.
And Yan Chixia can’t see that people are interested.
"If you have his ideas, you can also find some blood to be original and make another system."
Lingqing looked at some people hesitate and added.
When Yan Chixia saw him incarnate as a crane before, he was very ethereal and felt very agreeable.
Smell speech also you’re welcome directly refers to the crane design said
"A family will choose this crane."
Others have also chosen their favorite animal forms.
Zhong Xiaoqian chose deer fat jade and white fox, and some other birds, golden carp, tiger leopard and falcon also had candidates.
There are also some people who like a special kind and naturally report it to Lingqing.
And then prepare to search for the corresponding blood.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Refining practice
When Mu Jing was soft at last, she hesitated. Ling Qing said directly to others
"Let’s get busy. We can make this symbol in a few days."
"Thank you, Lord!"
Xiaoqian and others heard the words and thanked them.
At this time, Lingqing, Yanchixia and Mujing Rou were left in the main hall.
"How did Daoyou feel during this period?"
"Life is worse than death …"