Qingzhu Ling’s cheeks are changeable, and she is obviously extremely angry. However, she will not go to see the coffin wall without leaving any messages and will not be tossed into this appearance.

Lin Donggong
In Qingzhu Ling’s cheeks, the pure yn gas in her whole body became more and more intense. She stared at Lin’s cold voice and suddenly became softer again.
If ordinary people are treated with such a fairy-like beauty, I’m afraid even the bones will be soft in the past, but Lin Dong feels something is wrong, so he will come as soon as possible and warn the horse
Qing bamboo wants to borrow your body yang. If you solve this problem afterwards, you will definitely give the public a satisfactory reward. Qingzhu Ling said softly.
This is not very good, right? My tutor once told me not to break my virginity before practicing to nirvana.
This is Lin Dong’s nonsense. He has neither any teacher’s guidance nor any rules. He said that he should not die before nirvana, but it also meant to refuse.
Rest assured, men and women don’t need to be together to be able to take the sun be the spirit and clear bamboo. Other means to hear Lin’s words, Qingzhu Ling’s desire to hold hands slightly, and then he smiled faintly.
Be careful when you move around. I’m afraid this woman wants to forcibly extract your yang. If you are extracted, you will definitely hurt your foundation and have a very serious sequela. Suddenly, the sable sound sounded dignified in Lin’s heart.
Hey, hey, if it’s always yin and yang, both sides can benefit a lot, but this woman is obviously so lofty that even young heroes like Lin Langtian are hard to see, but it’s even more impossible that way, you can’t dream that the dreamer will give you her innocence.
His mother this woman is so cruel.
When I heard the sable’s words, Lin’s scalp was numb, so I didn’t hesitate to say, Miss Qingzhu, let’s go find someone else. It’s really not suitable for me to return to Lin Langtian and them outside.
Hearing this, Qingzhu Ling’s eyes became angry in Lima, and Lin’s words were too sharp
Lin Dong Gong Qing Zhu said that no matter how much you lose, I will compensate you several times. However, although I am angry, this Qingzhu Ling is obviously excellent in self-restraint. Even at this time, I still take a breath and try to be gentle.
Not interested in leaving.
Lin Dong didn’t listen to her, but he threw a fist and then shot backwards. At the same time, an ice xuanjian was now at his feet, and the palm of his hand was even more flashing when he held the scales and halberds.
When Lin moved back, Xiaoyan also ran and slammed into the bronze door. The powerful force directly pushed the closed bronze door slowly.
Seeing this, Qingzhu Ling’s eyes are also cold, and she can’t delay any more. When she wants to wave her hand, Violet is suddenly and violently shooting green light, and then she still flies away at Lin Dong.
Since Lin Gonggong didn’t want to cooperate with Qing Zhu, he was offended.
Look, Qingzhu Ling finally started to work, and the moving surface S of the forest also sank slightly. The force of the body suddenly and violently surged, and the ancient halberd broke out in a dark red luster, and the shadow of the halberd surged. The focus was on some green ropes that were swept there.
Spark broke out half-time, and every time the green rope contacted Lin, it felt a strong anti-seismic force storm surge. Although it was dissolved by the ancient halberd of the sky scale, the residual strength was still that Lin directly shocked the throat sharply, and his strength Qingzhu Ling was too poor.
cry of some birds and animals
Before you know it, the mid-autumn shadow is dancing all over the sky, and it has turned green light into a package to move all the forests, and its moving range is getting wider and wider.
As the range of movement is limited, the ancient halberd is also a method to completely display it. One careless move is to be directly tied up by the green rope.
Move Lin and Qingzhu Ling came slowly through the violet. She looked at Lin and got angry. S’s eyes were full but she didn’t speak. She pointed her finger gently on her back forehead, and then Lin moved to feel that he was wearing something very important and was about to burst through the body.
The mink teamed up with her
Eyes flashing crazy Lin in the heart growled, at the same time, he is also ready to pay that just got medium operator after today, even if you throw a lot of pure yuan Dan, you can’t be sucked by this woman’s sun be the spirit.
However, for Lin Dong growl mink is suddenly answered.